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Abba Patio 22″ Round Umbrella Base Weight Bag 50-55 lbs Review

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If you have an umbrella stand whose inner diameter is less than 6.5″ in diameter and you need more weight to stabilize it, Abba Patio Round Umbrella Base Weight Bag is all you need. It will add 50-55 lbs. of weight when filled with sand, making your stand more stable, especially for those with massive umbrellas or if they keep topping.

You can use it with your Abba Patio cantilever umbrella or even the market type since it is meant only to add more weight, i.e., this is only a weight bag and not a stand or base.

Abba Patio 22'' Round Umbrella Base Weight Bag Up to 55lbs
Color: Black

Details and specification

Ideal forAny umbrella base with an inner diameter less than 6.5 inches and up to 22-inch bases
Material of constructionPolyester
Dimensions22-inch diameter with an inner diameter of 6.5 inches
WeightUp to 55 lbs. when filled, and 2 lbs. when empty

What we like

  • The durable, fade-resistant, water repellent and weather resistant polyester fabric will ensure it lasts for long without fading.
  • The bag is easy to clean
  • Easy to use. As Abba Patio notes, “fill with sand, close the zipper and loop fastener flaps and fit on top of your umbrella base and around the umbrella pole by securing the hook and loop fastener strip together. Two bags of 25 pounds of Sandtastik Sparkling White Play Sand or any other will work well.

What users are saying

A recent purchase, yet VERY satisfied with the value for the money. I was able to fill it with ease & fairly full with a 50lb bag of Quikrete Play Sand & was able to lift it by the side handles, over the tube the umbrella pole goes into, without any trouble or “strain.” I feel confident it will hold up well in the KS outdoor elements & plan to get years of use from it by garage storing it in the “off-season”. Great purchase & glad I found this for additional weight on my umbrella base!!” Amazon.com

Great product! Inexpensive, easy to fill, and adds just enough ballast to the base of an umbrella stand to keep it upright in relatively strong breezes. Amazon.com

Our verdict

Abba Patio Round Umbrella Base Weight Bag is a must-have if you have a base that keeps toppling over each time there is a breeze. It is durable, easy to use, and very affordable.

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