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Abba Patio 4 Piece Offset Umbrella Base Plate Set Heavy Duty Weights B07G34MH9T Review

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This heavy-duty Abba Patio cantilever offset umbrella base plate B07G34MH9T (4 Piece) weighs 240 and 260 pounds when filled with dry and wet sand, respectively, is ideal for any of the Abba Patio offset cantilever umbrella outdoor patio hanging umbrella with a cross base or any other matched brands that have a cross base with matching dimensions.

They are aesthetically appealing, durable, and will work much better than the pavers or other weights you are using.

Abba Patio 4Pcs Offset Umbrella Base Plastic Cantilever Base Weights Plate Set
Color: Black
Ideal forMatched cross base offset or cantilever umbrella
PID or model numberAPBASE6B-N
BrandAbba Patio
ShapeEach piece is triangular shaped with trimmed edges. Together, the four  will form a square with trimmed edges.
Material of constructionHeavy-duty, durable plastic with a UV coat
WeightFour packs each 60lb and 66 lb or a total equivalent of 240 and 260 when filled with dry and wet sand, respectively.  
DimensionsOne plate dimension measures 27.6 x 17.7 x 17.3 inches
Extras9 screws for fixing matched abba umbrella cross base Fill sprout
PriceStarting $98.10

What we liked

  • They are made with UV-protected and weather-resistant heavy-duty plastics to ensure they last longer in your outdoor weather conditions. They will not fade even after years of use, and you can use them on any surface.
  • Their combined 240-260 pounds weight and, when well secured, will hold most of the cantilever umbrellas without tipping or the need for additional weights.
  • Easy to clean and to store them. Just pour the sand, clean, and these plates.
  • You can use them on any surface, including near your swimming pool, on your deck, lawn, patio, both in your residential and commercial areas. Just fill them, and you are good to go.


  • They are costly
  • The provide fill sprout is cumbersome to use.
  • People who use them with water note they leak. However, the manufacturer only recommends them for wet or dry sand.

What users are saying

Most users are happy with the design, durability, and the fact that this base holds down even large cantilever umbrellas. However, some of the most commonly noted issues are:

  • Filling difficulty with the funnel or fill sprout it comes with, especially with wet sand.
  • They leak when you use it with water. A better screw may prevent water leakage. However, Abba Patio recommends it for only dry or wet sand and not water.
  • The base is expensive

Typical statements in this Abba Patio umbrella base in their reviews:

“I used the Abba Patio Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base to weigh my cantilever umbrella down. Once I filled the sections with 200 lbs of dry playground sand, my umbrella didn’t budge! So glad I bought this base and read the reviews. Oh! I did buy my own funnel and cut the end to fit just inside the opening rings of the weights. The funnels were less than $1 at Home Depot. It took my husband less than 15 minutes to fill all 4 sections.” Amazon.com

“This Abba heavy-duty base weight is just PERFECT! I will buy this again for every outdoor umbrella that I purchase!” Abbapatio.com

“Stop and just buy this to hold down your cantilever offset umbrella. I had purchased a different stand prior to this one, and it did not do the job and was too complicated. This Abba heavy-duty base weight is just PERFECT! It will take you some time to fill each of the four bases ends with sand, but after a few hours of doing that, it will hold down your umbrella very well. I have an 11 ft. in diameter umbrella. It is very heavy, and with all four weights filled with sand, it is holding it down. I no longer have any worries at all about it blowing over. I will buy this again for every outdoor umbrella that I purchase!” Amazon.com

Our verdict

Abba Patio offset umbrella base plate set heavy duty weights is a perfect choice and a must-have for anyone with Abba Patio cantilever umbrellas or any other matched type. Paving stones or other weights may not work and look aesthetically appealing as this base.

Being very heavy when filled with sand, it will firmly hold your umbrella and prevent topping, especially if you live in a windy place. However, if you have a smaller cantilever umbrella, you can go for the smaller Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base Plate Set that weighs 150 lb and 180 lb when filled with dry and wet sand, respectively, to make a saving.

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