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Abba Patio Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base Plate 4-Piece Set B00Y7TZQUY Review

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This 4-piece Abba Patio cantilever umbrella base is all you need to stabilize your Abba Patio cantilever umbrella or any other matched type with a cross base. Each piece holds 38 lb – 44 lb wet sand, and all four will have a total weight of 150 pounds when filled with dry sand or 180 pounds if you use damp sand.

Abba Patio 4Pcs Offset Umbrella Base Plastic Cantilever Base Weights Plate Set 150-180 lb
Color: Black
B00Y7TZQUY Abba Patio Cantilever Umbrella base- 4 plates dimensions stand
One plate dimensions

Details and specification

Ideal forWorks with matched cross base offset umbrella stand Cantilever umbrella
PID or model numberAPBASE6B
BrandAbba Patio
ShapeEach piece is triangular and together, they form a square.
Material of constructionHeavy duty, UV protected plastic
WeightHave an effective weight of 150-180 lb for wet and dry sand respectively and 4 triangular pieces each 38-44 pounds of wet sand
Dimensions27.6 x 15.2 x 19.7 inch
Extras9 screws for fixing matched abba umbrella cross base Fill sprout  
PriceStarting $69.0

What we liked

  • They have a sturdy and durable construction made with heavy-duty plastic which is waterproof, UV protected, and weather resistant. You can use it anywhere, and it will still serve you for a long time.
  • Their color black color, elegant design, and crosshatch texture make them aesthetically appealing compared to other brands in the market, including concrete discs, paver stones, or weight bags.
  • They are easy to clean and store. If you need to keep these weights, empty the sand, clean and store them during off-seasons.
  • The plates don’t bulge, fit perfectly well, and are very well made.


  • The filling spout is hard to use, especially with wet sand. You may need to use your finger to unclog it from time to time.
  • Some may leak when used with water instead of sand.

What uses are saying

This worked like a charm and fit the Abba 11′ umbrella base perfectly. Here’s the trick to fill it quickly with sand: 1) Use DRY sand, so it doesn’t clump. I used Quikrete 1962-51 medium sand, and it says right on the package “kiln dried” 2) Tape the funnel to the plate opening. The funnel doesn’t fit inside the opening, for some reason. So just place it against the opening and tape it all the way around. Then you can pour the sand in quickly. It should take about a minute to fill each. Amazon.com

I was pretty happy with this product. The four sections are well made and look good. I read some reviews complaining the sections are difficult to fill. I bought 160lbs of dry “Play Sand” from Home Depot in plastic bags. I took a 1-gallon plastic bottle and cut it in half to make a funnel. Fortunately, the funnel neck fitted tightly into the weights’ filler neck, so the funnel did not need to be held in place. I filled all four by myself in less than ten minutes without rushing. I agree with others. The supplied “funnel” is quite worthless! Amazon.com

The pain in the rear to fill with sand, can’t use water due to cap design. Still used sandbags to stay on top of the base to hold an umbrella with a light breeze. Should have built my own. eBay.com

Our verdict

If you are looking for something functional, with the right weight to hold your Abba Patio offset umbrella stably and is aesthetically appealing, look no further than this Abba Patio base. It will last-long in any use environment and will not topple easily.

If filling it with sand a challenge, consider getting an alternative funnel and dry sand. However, dry sand will provide a lesser weight. Similarly, asking for a hand in helping hand will make the work much more manageable.

Finally, going by the many reviews and the high rating, it is without a doubt that this base is a good pick. If you need a larger one, go for the 240-260 lb Abba Patio alternative.

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