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Abba Patio Round Steel Umbrella Base Stand with Wheels 55 lbs Review

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This Abba Patio base is an entirely solid steel, powder-coated, ultra-thin, round umbrella base weighing 55 pounds, perfect for market umbrellas measuring 6-11 feet, especially those in busy places including your decks, patio, lawn, garden, or commercial areas.

It has two tubes with two hand-turned knobs that will support your 1-1/2″ or 1-7/8” diameter umbrella poles to ensure it doesn’t topple even in reasonably strong winds. You can use it through the table or stand-alone.

Abba Patio Round Steel Umbrella Base Stand with Wheels 55 lbs
Color: Brown

Details and specification

Ideal for6-11 feet patio market umbrellas with pole diameters of either 1-1/2″ or 1-7/8”
PID or model numberAPBASER27B
Material of constructionPowder-coated steel
Weight55 lb
DimensionsThe base diameter 27.2 inches, overall height 14.1 while poles have 13 inches and 13.7 inches overall height for the 1-1/2″ and 1.9″ diameters, respectively.   
ExtrasTwo inbuilt wheels
PriceStarting 127.88

What we liked

  • Great engineered design. The base ultra-thin base gives you a lot of legroom and heavy-duty, and wide diameter makes it hard to tip even in places wind gusts.
  • Yes, steel is vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. However, the brown powder-coated finish makes it resistant to weather. It won’t corrode, rust, peel, or chip and will serve you for an extended period in various outdoor conditions.
  • Easy to move around with its two tiny built-in wheels. You don’t have to lift it.
  • It will accommodate umbrella poles of two diameters, and the two knobs will firmly secure the pole to avoid tilting, especially if you have a thinner pole.


  • It is costly. However, don’t be sent away by price since it is worth every penny you spend on it.
  • The wheels don’t function optimally, primarily in run surfaces. While larger wheels will help, it will make it less attractive and bulky.

What are users saying?

“I wish I had it sooner to avoid what happened in the picture. I just got it today and ordered another. It is heavy, which is the point but having wheels is a genius. Now I can move my umbrellas as the sun moves. Awesome! Being flat is another plus for freestanding umbrellas and just having a nice clean look. It may be expensive, but not when you could lose an$800 tables like I just did from the umbrella being pulled from the wind.” Amazon.com

“It is really big, really heavy! High-quality construction. And, as of this past weekend, seem to be able to withstand 25-30 mph wind gusts.” Scotty, Abba Patio

“This is my second – I wouldn’t buy any other. I’ve Had the first one for about three years, and it is still in great condition. It’s heavy and has a very big base, making it the most stable base I’ve seen. I now have 11-foot umbrellas in both of mine, and they are very solid. If the wind is blowing hard enough to tip these, it is way too hard to be outside.” Walmart

“We have a raised deck on an east coast barrier island. The wind can be fierce. We need very heavy bases for our six umbrellas. This is a really heavy base, which is good, but it is difficult for me to move around. I’m 5’2″, my husband is 6′. It is much easier for him to move the base around on its wheels – so it could be personal size or strength. But I am not happy with the difficulty I have maneuvering this base. I am keeping it because it will keep the umbrella on the deck.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

If you need a patio umbrella base that will add charm to your outdoor décor, give you enough leg space for your guests and not tip, and last long, this is undoubtedly the best brand to buy. It will work well with your Abba Patio market umbrellas too.

Besides the round, Abba Patio has two steel square bases with wheels a 78 lb and 53 lb, and another round steel 55 lbs. base one that doesn’t have wheels, perfect for those who don’t like them.

Finally, if you find out that this Abba Patio Umbrella base or stand isn’t stabilizing your umbrella, buy the Abba Patio 22″ Round Umbrella Base Weight Bag 50-55 lb.

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