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Abba Patio Side Table Umbrella Base with Wheels, 60 lbs Review

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This Abba Patio Square side table freestanding umbrella base is an excellent choice if you need a stand with a place to place your phone, ice-cold drink, or notebook as you relax under the shade. It is a real beauty made with powder-coated steel and an aluminum top.

Abba Patio Side Table Umbrella Base with Wheels, 60 lb
Color: Black

Details and specifications

Ideal forMarket umbrellas, including half patio umbrellas. It will work with most Abba Patio market umbrellas.
Pole diameter1″ to 1-1/2″ with two mounting positions with a hand tightening knob
PID or model numberAPWBASE51B or APWBASE51T
BrandAbba Patio
ShapeCuboid (table)
ColorBlack  or brown
Material of constructionAluminum panel top and a TIGER Drylac powder steel base
Weight60lbs when with a bag of sand
Dimensions20L x 20W x 18H inches
Extras4 lockable wheels and a sandbag
PriceStarting $173.99

What we liked

  • The two mounting options, one at the center and the other one on one side, gives you a chance to use the entire table when you need it mostly for half umbrellas. Use the top cap cover it comes with to close the hole.
  • Moving it from one place to another is effortless, thanks to the 4 wheels the base has. You don’t have to remove your umbrella.
  • The TIGER Drylac powder coating prevents chipping, peeling, rusting, or corrosion making this stand good for most outdoor conditions since it is weather-resistant
  • heavy duty.


  • It is costly.
  • Some people have reported challenges while trying to assemble it.
  • The visible sandbag is unattractive.

What users are saying

“First, you have to know how to put things together to assemble this. Things like not tightening screws until you get a plate in place. And getting the final cap on required a few taps of a rubber mallet. Great design. Very well made. Heavy construction. Good welds. great materials. I love the design. You can also mount the umbrella in the middle. I came back to buy a second one, but now they are unavailable. Too bad. The price was good too.” Amazon.com

“I have some chairs out on my pool deck in the sun, that I cover with a 9-foot umbrella, but was struggling to move the umbrella as the sun shifted. I also needed a small table near the chairs. This product met both needs perfectly! Rather than using sand, I simply placed 8 standard bricks I had laying around inside the unit. This added enough weight that the umbrella is very stable, even in relatively strong winds. Having the ability to lock and unlock the wheels makes it sturdy when locked, and easy to move around when unlocked. The product pairs great with the dark brown resin Adirondack chairs too!” Amazon.com

“I was disappointed that the weight for this was a big plastic bag you have to fill with sand. Then you can see the bag of sand coiled around the pole every time you look at the table. Not impressed. Otherwise, the table is nice & rolls well.” Wayfair.com

Our verdict

If you want to bring more function and beauty to your patio, deck, lawn, poolside, or garden, this is Abba Patio base that serves as a side table a perfect table choice. It is durable, sturdy, and heavy-duty. It will be a perfect place to place your drink, iPad, phone, and so on.

However, buy it if you have a small umbrella, not more than 7.5 feet since it is a free-standing base (cannot be used with a patio table).

We needed one of these tables but couldn’t find it at Abba Patio or Amazon. If still unavailable, you can go for Ulax Furniture Patio Outdoor Wicker Umbrella Stand Bistro Table, Side Table.

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