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Best 4 Foot Patio Umbrellas with Reviews

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4-foot patio umbrellas are not easy to find since they are small, and not many people want them as they may be a little too small, even for a bistro restaurant or bar.

If a narrow space is the main reason you are considering a 4 ft umbrella, we recommend trying some of the best half patio umbrellas. Just couple them with a good half patio base, and they will fit in that narrow alleys, patio, decks, balconies, street café, restaurant, bar, and so on.

Best 4 ft outdoor umbrellas

As already hinted, 4 ft patio umbrellas are not readily available. After a thorough search on 4ft tiki, cantilever, market, half, and beach umbrellas, we were only able to find very few, which are as follows:

1. Above All Advertising Best 4 Feet Brolliz Square Wood Market Umbrella – Outdoor Garden Patio Umbrella (Red)

Do you need a super sleek, durable, and sturdy small patio umbrella, about 4 feet in size? Look Above All Advertising Best 4 Feet Brolliz Square Wood Market Umbrella is the best brand to buy.

This small market umbrella has a wooden frame (pole and four ribs), a polyester canopy fabric, a pully opening mechanism, and a wind vent. It will offer a shade of about 23 square feet, perfect for compact or small tables for about two people, especially with your picnic, patio, bistro table.

What we liked

  • The sturdy brown wooden frame makes it look superb. Don’t worry about wind as it will not break easily.
  • It is ideal for commercial use because it is not tiltable and uses the pulley opening system instead of a crank lift. Crank lifts and tilt mechanisms are vulnerable to damages in places with high traffic.
  • The UV and water-resistant vibrant colored available in two colors will add charm to your residential or commercial sites where you use it.
  • Wind vent to allow hot air and wind to escape
  • Excellent customer support

What we didn’t like

  • it is not tiltable, i.e., you can tilt it to block the sun at different times of the day.
  • The polyester fabric fades quickly

Additional information

  • Type: market
  • Shape: Square
  • Canopy colors: Red, black, beige, and Yellow
  • Pole color: Brown
  • Dimensions: Overall height: 7ft (84 inches), canopy size: 58 inches by 58, (Length x Width) and pole diameter: 1.5 inches.


This authentic small wooden patio umbrella will look great in your garden, patio, deck, poolside, café, restaurant, resort, and so on. It is the best 4 ft market umbrella to buy.  

It is sturdy, durable, and worth every penny you spend on it. Also, the seller is very responsive to any questions or concerns you may be having.

Above All Advertising Best 4 Feet Brolliz Square Wood Market Umbrella - Outdoor Garden Patio Umbrella (Red)

2. Rio Brands Beach Clamp-on Umbrella, 4′, Blue

Yes. This is essentially a beach umbrella. However, it could still be a great addition to your patio, especially on the poolside. However, please don’t feel limited. You can still use it on your patio, deck, lawn, garden, balcony, or even commercial spaces.

It is made with a 75-denier polyester fabric with 50+ SPF/UPF sun protection and zinc plated aluminum pole and ribs. To use it, you only need to clamp it at the back of your beach or patio chair.

What we liked

  • The colorful polyester fabric offers 50+ SPF/UPF sun protection.
  • Zinc-plated aluminum frame (pole and ribs) will not rust or corrode even in salty water where rusting and corrosion are high.
  • Affordable

What we didn’t like

  • The clamp isn’t effective
  • It doesn’t work with all patio or beach chairs

Additional information

  • Type: beach clamp
  • Shape: Round (octagon)
  • Canopy colors: Blue or turquoise
  • Dimensions: Canopy size: about 4 ft


This 4 ft beach umbrella is an excellent pick for people who prefer a type you will clamp on their patio or beach chair. It is durable, looks impressive, and affordable.

Rio Brands Beach Clamp-on Umbrella, 4', Blue

3. Blue Star Group Off-The-Wall Brella Sunbrella Half Umbrella, 9′-Width

Due to the scarcity of 4 feet patio umbrellas, we thought it wise to introduce you to half-patio umbrellas as they take narrower space and stand flush against a vertical wall, sliding door, or windows.

 If you need one, Blue Star Group Off-The-Wall Brella Sunbrella Half Umbrella, 9′-Width is the best pick. This half-round umbrella measuring 8.83ft by 4.5ft (Width x Depth) has a sunbrella canopy fabric, an aluminum frame (pole and five ribs), a wind vent, and a crank lift.

What we liked

  • Best canopy fabric in fabulous colors. Sunbrella is simply the best when it comes to canopies. This fabric will not fade quickly, is durable, thick, waterproof, and offers UV protection.  
  • The sturdy aluminum frame won’t corrode or rust easily, making it suitable for use even by your poolside.
  • It has a crank lift for easy opening or closing
  • Great customer support

What we didn’t like

  • Costly, with a considerable price variation from one canopy color to another.
  • Not tiltable

Additional information

  • Type: Half-round
  • Fabric colors: black, pacific blue, walnut, teak, yellow, and antique beige
  • Dimensions: Overall height: 99 inches, canopy size: 106 inches by 54 inches, and pole diameter: 1.5 inches.


This brand by Blue Star will surpass your expectations. It will last long without fading, can withstand wind well, and canopy colors perfectly complement your patio fittings and furniture. Just pick the right color.

Blue Star Group Off-The-Wall Brella Sunbrella Half Umbrella, 9'-Width, Black

What else

If you still don’t find a 4 ft umbrella that suits your needs, we recommend you go for a custom-made one. Many manufacturers will be willing to make one. However, as with any other product, customization will cost you more money.

Ideal bases

A 4-foot umbrella requires a 20 lb base or stand when used with a patio table or a 40-pound stand if standalone. If you live in places that are not windy, you can go for a slightly lighter base.

If you are buying a 4 ft patio umbrella with a stand, ensure it is heavy enough. Otherwise, it may tumble down from time to time.

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