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Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree LED Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella w/ Tilt Review

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Keep your party, get-together, dinner, BBQs, conversation, or any other event going on after sunset with this adorably charming BCP 10ft 360-Degree LED Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella w/ Tilt.

With a shade of about 70 sq feet, this umbrella is good for two pool loungers or a round, square, or rectangular table that is up to 72 feet wide with 6-8 chairs.

Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree LED Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella w Tilt
Color: Tan

Details and specification

TypeCantilever or offset patio umbrella
ManufacturerBest Choice Products
Universal Product Codes (UPCs)SKY5255: 842957117116
SKY5250: 842957117062
SKY5249: 842957117055
SKY5256: 842957117123
SKY5251: 842957117079
SKY5254: 842957117109
SKY5253: 842957117093
SKY5252: 842957117086
SKY5248: 842957117048
Size10 feet (116 inches) – not exactly
Canopy shapeRound (octagon)
Fabric type Polyester
Fabric colorTan, navy blue, red, light blue, orange, burgundy, green, brown, and gray
FramePowered coated aluminum frame (pole, arm, and ribs)
Pole material and diameter1.89 inches powder-coated steel pole  
Ribs 8 aluminum ribs (one makes part of the arm)
Overall pole height 8.41ft (101 inches)
BaseHeavy-duty cross steel base without weights
Wind ventSingle vent for wind and heat venting  
Base weightsBuy separately
Opening mechanismHand-crank lift 
Tilt mechanismGliding handle (to tilt your umbrella, move it to any of the five locking positions)
ClosureTouch fastening strap 
ExtrasSolar panel mounted on pole top, 36 LED lights, umbrella cover.
Price range$149.99


This Best Choice Products 10ft solar led patio offset umbrella has a polyester canopy available in nine attractive colors you are going to love so much. Additionally, it offers UV protection and is waterproof.

Contrary to what the manufacturer says, the canopies do fade after some time. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from buying it since polyester is a strong, stretch resistant, durable, and chemical resistant fabric. Also, it is easy to clean, dries fast, among many other qualities.

If colorfastness is an important consideration, we would recommend you go for Sunbrella or olefin. You can also go for umbrellas that have solution-dyed fabrics as solution dying does improve colorfastness considerably.

Finally, kindly note that the canopy is not 10 ft but 9.67 ft (116 inches) if you want to use it in exact places.


This BCP umbrella comes with a powder-coated aluminum frame and steel cross base. Aluminum is a good choice of umbrella pole and rib material because it is lightweight, doesn’t rust or corrode easily, and can withstand subzero conditions.

However, compared to steel or iron, it is less strong and tends to get dents, warps, or break a little easy.

We are happy with powder-coating as it prevents peeling, chipping, rusting, or corroding. Steel is particularly vulnerable to rusting and corrosion.

However, we have an issue with the aluminum frame. Best Choice Products should consider a commercial-grade frame or go for one made of steel since the arm or pole often break or snap during wind gusts.


The first feature we love about this umbrella is the solar-powered LED lights. It has a small solar panel on the pole top, NiMH batteries, five LED lights on each of the 7-rib, and a center light, making a total of 36 LED lights.

As you know, LED lights are long-lasting, don’t burn hot (won’t damage your umbrella fabric), and don’t attract many insects. However, their glow is subtle, making them unsuitable for any task that needs a focused light.

These LED lights have an 8-hour charge time (during the day) and run for 4-5 hours with is enough but low compared to other solar-powered LED bulbs.

Besides the solar-powered LED lights, you can rotate it 360-degrees by stepping on a foot pedal and using your hands to turn the umbrella. This way, you can cover multiple places without having to move it.

To open or close it, you will use a hand crank lift system. You can also tilt it via its smooth gliding handle to 5 locking positions to help block the sun from any angle.

More features include a touch strap for fastening the canopy when closed and an air vent to allow hot air or wind to vent out. Otherwise, it will get hot, and the wind may blow away.

One thing we didn’t like about the umbrella is the hand crank system. It looks fragile. So many people have reported it getting damaged sooner than they expected.

Recommended weights

Any 4-piece weights meant for a cross base stand will work well. However, ensure they match this umbrella’s cross-base that measures 34.5 inches.

A better option is buying Best Choice Products 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Stand Square Base Plate Set SKY3257 or SKY587 or (black or grey) or Best Choice Products 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base Stand w/ Carry Handles (SKY5274).


You will agree 10ft, solar-powered LED lights cantilever patio umbrella is a great bargain considering it goes for only $149.99. At this price, you still get a thick cover. However, it doesn’t come with weights.

Our verdict

From its colorful canopies available in nine solid colors to the solar-powered LED lights to the 360-degree rotation feature, we love almost everything about this BCP 10 foot offset umbrella with LED solar lights.

It is an excellent buy if you are looking for something affordable yet well-made and durable. However, don’t expect it to match those cantilevers that cost several hundred to even thousands of dollars.

Buy it if you don’t live in a windy place, and ensure you close and cover it when not in use, during storms or high winds.

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