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Best Choice Products Rectangular Twin Market Patio Umbrella 15x9ft Review

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15x9ft Best Choice Products Rectangular Twin Market Patio Umbrella available in SKY4699 (green), SKY4698 (red), SKY2837 (white), or SKY4697 (white) canopy colors is perfect for people with a large area to cover, including your pool, deck, garden, patio, or even commercial spaces.

It will provide a 135 square feet shade area ideal for oval or rectangular dining set for 10-14 people, 6-8 deep seating, or three swimming pool lounge chairs.

Best Choice Products 15x9ft Rectangular Twin Market Patio Umbrella
Color: Green, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

TypePatio market umbrella
ManufacturerBest Choice Products 
UPC(s)SKY4698: 842957112357
SKY2837: 816586021458
SKY4697: 842957112340
Size15 ft. by 9 ft. (L x W)
Canopy shapeRectangular
Fabric type Polyester
Fabric colorWhite, green, red, and beige
Pole material and diameter1.89 inches
Wind ventTrippel vents for wind escape and aid in keeping the umbrella cool
Ribs 12 steel ribs
Base or standBuy separately
Opening mechanismCrank
Tilt mechanismNone
Overall height7.83 ft (94″)
Crank heightAbout 45 inches
ClosureTouch fastener    
Price range$104.99

What we liked

  • The large shade it offers will work well for people with substantial rectangular or oblong tables.
  • The vibrant colored canopy is made with UV, water, and fades the resistant polyester fabric.
  • Sturdy and durable frame with 1.89 inches pole to ensure it carries the whole umbrella weight and can withstand wind.
  • Best Choice Products rectangular twin market patio umbrella has three vents to allow wind to escape without blowing it over. The vents also help keep the umbrella cool.
  • Easy to open or close via the crank mechanism.


  • Being so large, it is now easy to get a stand with enough weight if you intend to use it as a standalone.
  • Can stand wind gusts.
  • It cannot be tilted

What are users saying

“I bought this for my brother and family as they have our family get-togethers each weekend throughout the summer. They have a new large concrete patio, and this umbrella is perfect. It’s so large that it spans over both patio tables. A great deal and a wonderful product!” Walmart.com

“This umbrella was certainly easy to put together but much heavier than I anticipated, and the pole is not a standard diameter. Luckily, I had recently ordered a side table from BCP, and the umbrella fits in the table with no problem.” Amazon.com

“Love this umbrella! We use it over our 8ft picnic table, and it covers the whole thing. Note this is not a standard pole size. We had to cut a 2-inch hole in our table. It holds up well in light winds, and we just chose not to put it up if it’s windy due to its size. I’d hate for it to get damaged.” Best Patio Products.

“I purchased this a few weeks ago and have only used a few times. It is so heavy it is difficult for me to manage. We don’t leave it outside, as it is so huge, we are afraid it will be caught by the wind even when it is folded up. In our last use, we noticed one end doesn’t pop up like the other end now, and it’s barely been used. We are completely disappointed in the function of the hardware of this product. The size is amazing, & we were very eager to use, however now we question the quality.” Walmart.com

“Very frustrated! I bought this specific brand because it describes the pole as being 1.5 inches. It is actually between 1.8 to 2 inches in diameter, making it too wide of a pole to fit in my umbrella stand. This is a huge item to return. Poor customer service when the description is carelessly written.” Amazon.com

“It blew over in a very light breeze and broke the first time I used it.” Best Choice Products

ideal stand

It has been matched Best Choice Products 81lb. Heavy Duty Concrete Umbrella Base Stand w/ Wheels by the manufacturer is ok if you are using it through your outdoor table. Otherwise, for standalone use, go for a much heavier base. A good pick we recommend is Best Choice Products Portable Steel Umbrella Base Stand Up to 150 lbs w/ Fillable Planter, Wheels.

Our verdict

People who need a large shade, such as the kinds to cover picnic tables or large dining sets, will find this Best Choice Products rectangular twin market patio umbrella an excellent buy. However, ensure your base can hold umbrellas with a 2-inch diameter.

Also, since it is enormous, always close it whenever it is windy or raining heavily to avoid blown away or breaking.

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