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Best Choice Products 16ft Extra Large Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella with Cross Base and Crank Review

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This 16ft extra-large patio umbrella by Best Choice Product is a good choice if you need a large shaded area, i.e., it can provide about 181 square feet of shade.

You can pair it with a square, round or triangular table measuring up to 144 inches, including large dining sets, picnic tables, and so on, or use it with your sofa or other conversation seats.

Best Choice Products 16ft Extra Large Outdoor Polyester Patio Market Umbrella
Color: Tan, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

TypePatio market umbrella
ManufacturerBest Choice Products  
BCP  SKY4670
Size16 ft.  
Canopy shapeRound (octagon)
Fabric type 210gsm Polyester
Fabric colorGreen, red, and tan
Pole material and diameter2.275” aluminum pole
Wind ventSingle vent
Ribs 8 aluminum ribs
Base or standCross base without weights
Opening mechanismCrank
Tilt mechanismNone  
Overall height7.83 feet (94 inches)
Crank heightAbout 45 inches
ClosureTough fastener
Price range$229.99


This extra-large Best Choice Products patio umbrella is available in three canopy colors. The canopy has a fringe and is made with a heavy-duty (210gsm) polyester fabric protected from UV (offers UV protection).

Also, the fabric is waterproof, and the manufacture notes that it doesn’t fade quickly. However, from our experience, it does fade quickly.

If you want something that won’t fade fast, consider going for Sunbrella (will make the umbrella costly), olefin, or solution-dyed polyester.


This BCP umbrella has eight ribs and a 2.275 inches pole made of powder-coated aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, rust, and corrosion-resistant. Also, it can withstand very low temperatures where steel would begin failing and so on.

However, aluminum is prone to warping, breakages, dents, and breakages, which are often noted issues with this umbrella.

Yes, the frame is sturdy and will keep the umbrella standing. However, it is not strong enough to withstands wind gusts. Being a huge umbrella, a more robust pole such as steel will do much better.

Finally, steel will also do better for the ribs to give them the extra strength they need. A good alternative is the fiberglass ribs, as they are flexible and are unlikely to break.


You will find some standard features in this umbrella, such as the crank system for closing and opening and one air vent (allows hot hair and wind to escape). It also a touch fastener to hold the canopy in place when not in use.

We know you are wondering if it can be tilted or not. The answer is no. You cannot tilt it, and we would recommend such a feature on this large umbrella because it will be a point of weakness.

Finally, one feature we found intuitive is the decision to have a cross base and make it compatible with cantilever cross base weights. Otherwise, it will be impossible to find a weight sufficient to hold it down.


The umbrella goes for $228 at Walmart, and it isn’t available at Amazon or many other stores that sell online. Considering the large size and the 210gsm canopy, we feel the price is fair enough.

Ideal weights

You can pair it with the 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base Stand w/ Carry Handles (SKY5274) or Best Choice Products SKY3257 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Stand Square Base Plate Set. These two weights are compatible with this patio umbrella.


If you want a colossal market patio umbrella, Best Choice Products 16ft extra-large outdoor patio market umbrella with cross base is one of those to consider. However, considering it is made with an aluminum frame, you need to be aware that it may break sooner than you expect.

Should you decide to buy it, always close it with it is windy, not in use, and overnight. That way, it may serve you for a longer time.

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    1. Thanks for your inquiry. It is true that Amazon doesn’t have this umbrella at the moment. Neither does Best Choice Products. Fortunately, you can find it at Walmart. I hope that helps.

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