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Best Choice Products 19 in, 20 lb Resin Half Patio Umbrella Stand Base Review

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Designed for up to 7.5-inch half market patio umbrellas with pole diameters of up to 1.5 inches, this stylish Best Choice Products umbrella stand with floral accents is crafted to last long. It will look good on your patio, balcony, deck, backyard, or anywhere you place it.

Best Choice Products 19 in, 20 lb Resin Half Patio Umbrella Stand Base
Color: Black, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

Ideal forHalf market patio umbrellas
BrandBest Choice Products
UPCSKY3216: 816586025036
Material of constructionResin with a steel holding tube
Fits (diameter)1.5 inches pole
Size/dimensions19″ x 12.5″ (Diameter x Height)
Overall height12.5 inches with a hand-turned knob for securing the pole
Weight20 lbs

What we liked

  • The trendy floral finish and black color finish makes it easy to match with another outdoor décor.
  • This heavy-duty, weather and rust-resistant Best Choice Products umbrella base will serve you for extended periods.  
  • It is perfect for placing them flush to the wall, making it the ultimate choice for people who have a half-market patio umbrella.
  • The compact design makes it very easy to store once you have removed the holding or receiver tube.


  • You can use it for full umbrellas, as it will be unstable.
  • It has received complaints of topping when it’s windy.

What users are saying

“It’s a half stand meant for a half umbrella; meaning is meant to be placed flush against a wall equating to stability. If you place a full umbrella in it and/or do not have it flush against a wall, as intended, yeah, it will likely fall over. Sorry to sound testy, but I hate it when people write bad reviews for products simply because they don’t know how to use them as directed. This is a great product.” Amazon.com

“Received this item quickly, and it is solid! I wanted to wait to write a review to see how this holds up, and I am super pleased. It has been two months of flip-flopping between harsh heat and humidity and downpours, and this stand is still in perfect condition.” Walmart.com

“Heavier and sturdier than I thought it would be but with the half umbrella, you really need to close when not in use or if expecting heavy winds. Love it and would recommend” Best Choice Products

“Not the best choice. Tips over whenever there is any kind of wind. Better use under a table. I wanted behind a seating arrangement.” Walmart.com

“I bought a half umbrella and also bought this half base. The umbrella is nice and is what I wanted. But the base is very unstable, and any little wind blows the umbrella and base over. The base is nicely made, and good looking, but I bought this to put it against my house. If I do not remove the umbrella every night and get a little wind (not a big wind, almost any wind), the whole thing blows over against my house. Almost had it hit the patio door. That is when I got rid of this base and got a full round base. Much more stable.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

Buy this stand only if you have a half patio umbrella and not a full one. It is affordable, compact, and very gorgeous. We recommend using it with an umbrella up to 7.5ft with a table and not standalone. Otherwise, it may fall from, especially when it is windy.

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