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Best Choice Products 38.5lbs Patio Steel Umbrella Base Stand Review

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If you have umbrellas up to 8 feet in size and you intend to use them through a patio table, this elegant, very stable, 38.5-pound market patio umbrella stand will look amazing. Don’t give up yet if you have a larger umbrella or want to use it standalone. You can still screw it into the surface for added stability.

Best Choice Products 38.5lbs Patio Steel Umbrella Base Stand
Color: Black, Buy at Amazon.

Details and description

Ideal forMarket patio umbrellas
BrandBest Choice Products
UPCSKY4683: 842957111107
Material of constructionSteel
Fits (diameter)1.5-2″inches poles
Size/dimensions24.5″ x 24.5″ x 14″ (Length x Width x Height)
Overall height14 inches 
Weight38.5 lbs

What we liked

  • This Best Choice Products umbrella base comes with four holes, one on each corner, which you can use to bolt it down to the ground, such as your deck, and so on for extra stability.
  • It can fit umbrellas of various diameters, ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches with multiple (three) caps or bushings for different pole diameters. You don’t have to buy another one each time you change your umbrella.
  • It is made with a powder-coated steel material will prevent peeling, corrosion, chipping, rusting, or starches. It will look the same after many years of service
  • It will look elegant in your patio, garden, backyard, deck, or commercial locations.


  • Some orders have a weak screw that connects the pole to the base plate, making the umbrella lean or keep rotating during breezes.

What users are saying

“Arrived early, a pleasant surprise! Base in perfect condition. It is a large, heavy 38-pound square but supports a heavy 11-foot umbrella. No more tripping over thick obstacle umbrella bases. I primed and painted mine to match powder-coated furniture. This base is big, beautiful, and flat. I have ordered another one. I recommend this product.” Walmart

Love this stand. It can be bolted to a deck or other flat surface or used without bolting. The flat profile allows more placement options and can be covered with potted plants. I would not recommend this stand on a grassy surface unless it was being used to hold a table umbrella. Great stand. Worked well for our needs. Amazon.com

“I wanted something for my dock that would not tip over if windy. I was able to screw the base to the dock and solved all my worries.” Best Choice Products

“Worst experience ever with this stand. It didn’t hold up its umbrella and toppled over, bending the metal on the stand and the umbrella. We had to put sandbags on it to keep it down until we finally bought a replacement. I have tried for WEEKS to return this stand, and they are impossible to work with…they will just send you an email asking why the problem is over and over again – no point in even responding cause when you do, they don’t do anything.” Amazon.com

“Purchased 3 of these bases, but after a few weeks outside rust started to show on the bottom of the base and inside the tube. So much that it stained my pavers! I had to spray paint the bottom with rostellum to stop the staining, but for me to do this a few weeks in, I don’t have high hopes for these to last long.” Best Choice Products

“I was so disappointed when this stand turned out to be defective, and the seller did not respond to my request for help through Walmart’s contact seller. Like other reviewers, the stand would not allow the umbrella to stand straight up but instead caused a very noticeable lean that could not be corrected. Returned to Walmart”. Walmart.com

Our verdict

With an option of mounting it to the ground, Best Choice Products 38.5lbs Patio Steel Umbrella Base Stand is an attractive base worth every penny you put on it. Only use it for up to 8 feet umbrella through the table or if you want to use it as standalone or with a larger umbrella, mount it into the surface.

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