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Best Choice Products 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base Stand -SKY5274 w/Carry Handles Review

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Best Choice Products 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base Stand w/Carry Handles (BCP SKY5274) has a total weight of 158.72 lb and 114.64 lb when filled with sand and water, respectively, making it perfect for large cantilever umbrellas. Its fan style shape will look amazing in your patio, deck, garden, poolside or commercial locations, and you have two colors to choose from, grey or black.

Best Choice Products 4-Piece Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base Stand w Carry Handles
Color: Black, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

Ideal forCantilever or offset patio umbrella with a cross base
BrandBest Choice Products   
UPC (s)SKY5274: 842957117260
ColorBlack and grey
Material of constructionHDPE Plastic
Total weight158.72 lb when filled with sand or about 114.64 lb when filled with water. 
One plate weight39.68 lb when filled with sand, 28.66 when filled with water (15 liters of water per plate)
Overall dimensions39.7”x 3” (Diameter x Height)
One plate dimension19”x 3” (Radius x Height)
Extras4 Interlocking hooks

What we liked

  • The heavy-duty, HDPE Plastic that is weather-resistant and has a UV protection coat will last long without breakages, cracks, or color changes (fading).
  • The beautiful fan-style look and the gray or black color choices. You have a chance to pick the color that best compliment your other outdoor décor.
  • This Best Choice Products umbrella base can stabilize even large cantilever umbrellas even during wind gusts, thanks to the high weights and the interlocking hooks to ensure the plants remain in place.
  • When empty, you can use its handles to carry them easily.
  • Compatible with most cross-bases. However, note that it may not fit well in some cross-bases.
  • It has easy to fill spouts and a leak-proof twist cap.


  • There are many complaints of the base leaking when filled with water.
  • While it has an easy-fill spout, filling it with sand isn’t a walk in the park.
  • The connector pins may not work well if your cross-base is thicker or higher than the intended cross-base dimensions.

What are users saying

“I was a little bit hesitant to purchase due to the mixed reviews but so glad I did. I filled it up with water! Super easy, the caps and all items came in. I’m not sure why others say that the metal pegs don’t fit. Perhaps it was a different umbrella stand, not sure. Mine fit perfectly! I love it and glad I pulled the trigger. Couldn’t beat that sale price!” Walmart.com

“This base is very sturdy once filled with water or sand. It can be windy where we live, and while the umbrella may move around a bit, the base is very sturdy, and there are no worries about the umbrella falling. The pieces latch together easily with the provided hooks. Assembly is quick and easy. Highly recommend!” Best Choice Products

“Filled these with sand. That took a little while, but it would have gone faster with a really big funnel and help. Instead, I used a kitchen funnel and worked alone. They installed and look great. Had to push a little to get the locking bars on, but they will hold the weights in place nicely. I was concerned that the pedal might not be clearance that activates the turn mechanism or that the really wide shaft might not fit, but these turned out to be non-issues. The end result is that the weighted stand looks like it was made as part of the umbrella.” Amazon.com

“The clips are too short. There is no way to secure it. Customer service was of no help. Also, note this was the recommended base for the umbrella we bought, so there is no reason for it to not work. In the picture, you can see we can only do 2 of them across from each other. There is no way the one on the bottom could ever reach.” Walmart.com

“I love the look of the base, and I filled mine with sand, but the crossbars to hold it together are not deep enough and pop off. We leveled the ground, but that did not help either. They do hold the umbrella down but just doesn’t look good when the crossbars are off.” Best Choice Products

“I wanted to like these. I was super excited about them. It would be one less thing outside I would have to worry about when the weather was bad. I agree with others that the corners should fit under the stand. At least it would look nicer and be more secure. I’ve had these a few months now and filled them with water, which 3 out of 4 leaks. Not sure how my umbrella didn’t go over yet. Perhaps because I have it up against the house. Disappointed.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

If you have an offset umbrella, this fan-styled BCP umbrella base is a great buy. However, while it is purported to be universal, ensure it matches with your cross base well. Otherwise, the interlocking hooks may not fit if the cross base is broad or higher, i.e., will hand or not fit.

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