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Best Choice Products 50lb Plastic Patio Umbrella Base Water or Sand Fillable Review

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This Best Choice Products fillable plastic patio umbrella base stand pole holder for outdoor market umbrellas has a weight of 50 pounds when filled with sand, and 37.6 pounds when filled with water. It will work well with a 6-10 feet umbrella used with a table, i.e., and up to 7.5ft standalone umbrellas (when filled with sand).

It is one of the very affordable and popular picks that will look amazing on your patio, deck, garden, backyard, or poolside.

Best Choice Products 50lb Plastic Patio Umbrella Base Water or Sand Fillable
Color: Black, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

Ideal forMarket patio umbrellas
BrandBest Choice Products
UPCSKY4527: 842957108558
Material of constructionHDPE plastic and steel (holding tube) with a hand-turned knob
Fits1.5-1.9″ poles
Size/dimensions19.5″ x 19.5″ x 5″ (L x W x H)
Overall height12-1/8 inches 
Weight50 lb (sand) or 37.6 lb (water. It has a 15-liter water fill capacity)  

What we liked

  • This Best Choice Products umbrella stand for market umbrellas is very durable. The rugged, heavy-duty HDPE plastic and a solid steel pole tube will serve you for a long time while retaining its original color and looks.
  • It can hold various umbrellas with poles ranging from 1.5-1.9 inches and have a hand-adjustable knob to hold the pole securely.
  • Easy assemble, use, and store. When not in use during winter, just empty it, remove the steel tube and store it. It is compact and won’t take much space.
  • Value for money


  • Unless glued to the plastic, the breeze will make the holding tube to keep rotating.
  • There are complaints of leakages as well as those of the holding steel tube rusting.

What users are saying

“We live in a windy area, so we were looking for an umbrella stand that would stay upright. This stand gives the option of filling with water or sand. We tried water, but the wind blew it over. Replaced water with sand, which weighs more, and it has remained upright since. Just make sure you fill it where you want it placed because it is not easy to move once filled.” Amazon.com

“This umbrella base looks so much better than the broken one we replaced. We filled it with sand instead of water. So far, it is withstanding our occasional 50 MPH winds in Oklahoma City.” Walmart.com

“You get what you see. It is a strong plastic umbrella base that fills with water or sand. Has a handle for carrying (but when filled, it is heavy and a little awkward with the handle – need two hands, at least for me). Delivery was as promised. No problems at all.” Best Choice Products

“Works fine, not sure how long it will last as the plastic seems cheap. Hopefully, get a couple of years.” Best Choice Products

“While the product itself looks well made, the seller has not listed the dimensions correctly. I have a table with a clearance of 11 inches, so the fact that this is advertised with a height of 10.75 inches was one reason I chose it. When I received the stand and went to set it up, it was actually 12inches tall. I have contacted the seller to let them know, but they have not corrected their description.” Amazon.com

“When this umbrella is filled with water, it appears to be very heavy. However, we had an umbrella fall over several times. Not to mention, we purchased this umbrella because we thought it was all plastic. However, it rusts on the bottom and leaves marks around the pool deck. We now have to place a towel underneath it. We are very disappointed with it. We have purchased a different and cheaper umbrella base at Walmart that works much better and less heavy. This base is very heavy and difficult to move, but it does not prevent the umbrella from falling over.”  Walmart.com

Our verdict

Best Choice Products 50lb Plastic Patio Umbrella Base Water or Sand Fillable is much love, an excellent quality umbrella stand that will last for a long time. However, only use it through a patio table since it doesn’t have enough weights to serve as a standalone umbrella stand.

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