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Best Choice Products 55lb Round Wicker Style Patio Umbrella Stand w/Blackened Bronze Finish Review

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Featuring a wicker weave style decoration with a blackened bronze finish, this 55lb Round Wicker Style Patio Umbrella Stand w/ Blackened Bronze Finish (SKY3784) is very beautiful and durable stand to buy. It is ideal for up to 12 feet umbrellas used through a table. However, if you intend to use it as a standalone, do so in places that are not windy and with smaller umbrellas such as those 6 feet.

Best Choice Products 55lb Round Wicker Style Patio Umbrella Stand w Blackened Bronze
Color: Bronze, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

Ideal forMarket patio umbrellas
BrandBest Choice Products
UPCSKY3784: 842957101146
ColorBlacked bronze finish
Material of constructionResin with a steel pole
Fits (diameter)1.5 to 1.75 inches poles with a hand-turned securing knob
Size/dimensions20″ x 14.5″ (Diameter x Height)
Overall height14.5 inches 
Weight55 lbs

What we liked

  • The beautiful design wicker design and blackened bronze finish give it the most natural finish that will blend in with most of your other décor.
  • This Best Choice Products umbrella base is a durable, weather-resistant stand that won’t rust and will serve you for a long time.
  • It comes with two couplers to enable you to use it with two pole sizes (1.5 and 1.75 pole diameters), and the knob will ensure the umbrella pole is fastened securely.
  • Easy to store when not in use. It is compact, and the still tube is detachable.


  • Since it doesn’t have wheels, it is difficult to move it unless you drag it on the surface.

What users are saying

“It would have gotten 5 stars if it had wheels. It’s tough to move, but we love the color and the style!” Walmart.com

“Nice looking and heavy. This has held our umbrella in stiff winds combined with a rubber cone table insert. I highly recommend this umbrella base.” Amazon.com

“Heavy! Tricky to tip a 55lb base up to guide the screw from the bottom center to the top. Otherwise goes together fine, and it holds the umbrella well.” Best Choice Products

“Nice, heavy stand but can fall over with really heavy wind if the umbrella is not fully secured. Additional ties for pole are recommended if you live in a windy area. Otherwise, it does its job!” Walmart.com

“I bought less than 2 years ago. The part that holds the umbrella no longer attaches solidly to the base and wobbles! Several people have tried unsuccessfully to fix it! This was a waste of money!” Best Choice Products.

“Literally came home to find my umbrella in the yard, and the glass patio table shattered all over my deck. It was not raining today, and barely any wind. The base did not do what it was supposed to, and now I’m spending Sunday night cleaning up thousands of glass shards.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

This resin base is worth every penny you spend on it. It is heavy-duty and durable, won’t rust easily. Also, the wicker style of decoration makes it very charming. However, please don’t use it as a standalone unless you use it with a small umbrella such as 7.5 feet or less.

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