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Best Choice Products 9ft Half Market Patio Umbrella w/Crank Review

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This 9ft Best Choice Products half umbrella is a good pick for people who have narrow spaces, sidewalks, small courtyards, or want their outdoor umbrella to stand against a flat wall, including on your balconies and decks.  It will provide a 28 square feet shade area ideal for a patio set for two people.

Best Choice Products 9ft Half Market Patio Umbrella w Crank
Buy It: $42.99, Amazon (brown)

Details and specifications

TypePatio market umbrella
ManufacturerBest Choice Products  
UPC(s)SKY3729: 816586028990
SKY3731: 816586029010
SKY3732: 816586029027
SKY3728: 816586028983
Size8.75 ft by 4.5 (L x W)
Canopy shapehalf octagon or semi-circular  
Fabric type Polyester
Fabric colorTan, red, blue, or brown
FrameRust-resistant steel
Pole material and diameter1.5 inches steel pole
Wind ventSingle vent for wind escape and aid in keeping the umbrella cool
Ribs 5 ribs
Base or standBuy separately
Opening mechanismCrank
Tilt mechanismNone
Overall height7.625 ft (91.5″)
Crank heightAbout 45 inches
Price range$42.99

What we liked

  • The innovative and stylish half umbrella gives people with space limitations to enjoy the shade. Just pushed flush up against any vertical surface.
  • The vibrant polyester canopy is water, fade, and UV resistant. It will make your balconies, patios, or decks to look fabulous.
  • It has sturdy heavy-duty construction with a steel frame withstand various weather elements, including wind gusts.
  • Easy to open, thanks to the crank mechanism found on the umbrella’s front side once you have placed it against the wall.


  • It doesn’t have a tilt mechanism that would help block the sun from all angles.
  • The fabric of this half patio umbrella fades quickly

What users are saying

“This half umbrella is just what I needed for a small patio where we sit! I never knew they made ” half” umbrellas! What a great idea! It’s perfect!! And you would never know by looking at it. That it’s not a ” half” of the umbrella. Great for those areas where you want it flat up against the house, wall…, etc., A+ Love it!” Amazon.com

“I love this umbrella! I have just received it and put it up right away. The color is vibrant, and it was very easy to assemble. I purchased it to use in an apartment patio, which is very limited in space and does not fit regular full umbrellas due to the large hanging beam. This umbrella fits perfectly. It is very sturdy and keeps the sun’s rays from hitting my patio and bedroom window, preventing the apartment from heating up to the 100’s. My hopes are it will help control costly utility fees this summer.” Walmart.com

“High quality half umbrella and stand! We used this as a small overhang on the front door of our cottage. Keeps shoes (and our heads) dry when it rains. Love this unique item!” Best Choice Products

We like the half Umbrella for the space that we have. If only it had the button to tilt. Overall it will serve our purpose. Walmart.com 

“It’s ok. Ordered color blue, but when it arrived, it was more purple than blue.” Best Choice Products

The color and dimension were fine. I put it out on the deck in early May, which gets a few hours of direct sun exposure in the summer. We had a rainy spring, so I didn’t open it until today, 6/29, so it was in the closed position. When I opened it today, I found that the interior folds that weren’t exposed to any daylight looked fine, but all the areas exposed to sunlight were badly faded. Poor quality fabric Amazon.com


We love this half market patio umbrella and must-have if you want something that stands against your all or has a small narrower space. It is very sturdy, can withstand strong wind gusts, and exceptionally durable.

Ideal stand

Best Choice Products 19in 20lb Resin Half Patio Umbrella Stand Base will complement your half-umbrella perfectly since it can also be placed flush against the wall. It can also work with any other base, including Best Choice Products 81lb. Heavy Duty Concrete Umbrella Base Stand w/ Wheels.

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