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Best Choice Products 9ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella w/ Crank Tilt 1.5in Diameter Pole Review

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This Best Choice Products umbrella available in seven colors will provide a shade of 57 square feet perfect for round, oval, rectangular, or square tables measuring between 42 and 52 inches. You can also use it with two pool loungers.

Best Choice Products 9ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella
Color: Tan, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specification

TypePatio market umbrella
ManufacturerBest Choice Products  
Size9 ft.  
Canopy shapeRound (octagon)
Fabric type 180g Polyester
Fabric colorGray, green, beige, red, light green, brown, and light blue
Pole material and diameter1.5 aluminum pole
Wind ventSingle vent
Ribs 8 aluminum ribs
Base or standBuy separately
Opening mechanismCrank
Tilt mechanismPush button tilt
Overall height7.83 feet (94 inches)
Crank heightAbout 45 inches
Price range$42.99-$44.99$


We loved the colorful canopies made of 180g polyester that offers UV protection. It is also water-resistant. The many colors will add charm to your patio, garden, poolside, balcony, deck, lawn, porch, or wherever you will use it, including in your commercial spaces.

Polyester is a good fabric for patio umbrellas since it is strong, doesn’t stretch, is easy to clean, dries fasts, resists chemicals, is affordable, and so on. However, it doesn’t give the best colorfastness when compared to olefin or Sunbrella.

Additionally, since the particular polyester fabric that Best Choice Products uses isn’t solution-dyed, expect it to fade quickly.

Besides fading, the fabric looked a little thinner than what we expected of a 180g polyester fabric. Also, Best Choice Products should mention the level of UV protection the umbrella offers.


The 1.5-inch pole and eight ribs are made with aluminum. As you know, aluminum is rust and corrosion resistant, making the umbrella very light.

However, the pole looks so flimsy and thin, making breakages one of the issues that concern everyone. A better bet would be a commercial grade aluminum pole or going for steel as it is much stronger and resistant to warping, dents, and breakages

Should you decide to buy this BCP umbrella, please ensure you don’t leave it open when it is windy as it may break, something that may harm someone, or damage other valuables.

Finally, one issue we noted about this umbrella is that the plastic parts are a little fragile. Kindly handle them with care and don’t force the umbrella to open or close.


The umbrella has basic features you will find in most of the other brands in the market that include the following:

  • Crank mechanism – It makes closing and opening very easy. You need to crank it clockwise to open it and anticlockwise to close it.
  • Primary air vent: Helps in venting hot air beneath the canopy and allowing wind to escape. Otherwise, it will get so hot and be blown away when it is windy.
  • Push-button and tilt – As the sun changes its position in the sky, you will need to tilt your canopy to block it. Just push the button and tilt it to various angles.
  • Strap– A separate touch fastener will help you tie the canopy after you close it.


Best Choice Products 9ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella w/ Crank Tilt 1.5in diameter is very affordable, i.e., its price ranges from $42.99-$44.99, making it compete with other similar quality brands like Tempera, Blissun, and Sunnyglade.


Best Choice Products 9ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella w/ Crank is reasonably well-made, great looking, and affordable. It is worth every penny you put on it, and it can serve you for a few years.

However, this is not the kind of umbrella you leave open when not in use or at night since its pole is thin and weak. Also, it is not an excellent choice for people who live in windy areas.

Finally, don’t keep your hopes so high. You are only spending about $40. Don’t expect it to resemble those that you buy for hundreds of dollars.


This patio umbrella has been matched with B07B48V8LH base (Best Choice Products Heavy Duty 26lb Outdoor Steel Square Patio Umbrella Base Stand w/Bronze Finish, Decorative Basketweave Pattern) and B01J98OEVE (Best Choice Products 18in Round Heavy-Duty Steel Umbrella Base Stand for Patio, Garden, Lawn w/Rustic, Rust-Resistant Finish)

Only use these bases with a patio table. Otherwise, don’t the standalone because they are too light to hold any umbrella larger than 6.5 feet without a table, i.e., standalone.

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