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Best Choice Products Outdoor Wicker Patio Side Table Accent Furniture w/Umbrella Hole Review

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Best Choice Products Outdoor Wicker Patio Side Table Accent Furniture w/ Umbrella Hole and Steel Frame (SKY2475) is a good pick for people who need a table that rounds up as a base. It is classy and very charming and will look great in your garden, patio, backyard, poolside, deck, or anywhere you will use it.

However, since this umbrella stand/side table weighs only 21 lb, we find it ideal for small market patio umbrellas. However, if filled, it can hold a larger umbrella, but you will do some modifications.

Best Choice Products Outdoor Wicker Patio Side Table Accent Furniture w Umbrella Hole
Color: Brown, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

Ideal forMarket patio umbrellas
BrandBest Choice Products
UPCSKY2475: 810010027788
ShapeSquare table
Material of constructionWicker, wood, and steel
Fits (diameter)Up to 1.5 inches poles
Overall size/dimensions21.5″ x 21.5″ x 18″ (Length x Width x Height)
Table top dimensions 21.5″ x 21.5″ x 1″ (Length x Width x Thick)
Wicker side frame dimensions17.75″ x 17.75″ x 10.25” (Length x Width x Height)
Umbrella pipe dimension2″ x 16″ (Diameter x Height)
Overall height18 inches 
Weight21 lbs

What we liked

  • This Best Choice Products umbrella base/stand is constructed to last for a long time. i.e., it has weather and UV resistant wicker, a heavy-duty frame that can withstand various elements, and a robust wood tabletop.
  • The handwoven wicker on the sides and natural wood finish top create a unique contrast that is very appealing. It will blend well with your other outdoor décor.
  • Besides supporting your umbrella, it offers you a place to put your food, beverages, small electronic gadgets like phone and iPad, and so on.
  • Easy to assemble. You need only 10-15 minutes


  • It is lightweight and will hold any patio umbrella, especially if it is windy unless you have one less than 7.5 feet.
  • It doesn’t have a knob to secure the umbrella pole to the table. When it is windy, the umbrella may be blown (lifted) away.

What users are saying

“This table was exactly as described, and it looks great, but it is too light to hold an umbrella if there is even a slight breeze. The breeze that knocked over the table was barely moving my hair, and we had a much sturdier base underneath the table holding the umbrella. My recommendation is to buy it for its size and looks, but don’t use an umbrella.” Amazon.com

“This is a nice well-constructed table. We like the top of it, which is very sturdy. It’s just the right size for a small area on our patio.” Best Choice Products

“It’s perfect for what I wanted–a small umbrella table for my deck, and it doesn’t require an umbrella base. Some assembly is required, but it was easy. It isn’t very heavy, and a strong wind blew it over. If you’re expecting a storm or a windy day, remove the umbrella from the table. I would definitely recommend this table.” Walmart.com

“Awesome table if you use your base. I took another reviewer’s advice and left the bottom slats out, then put my base underneath…worked out perfectly! My husband said it was easy to put together.” Amazon.com

“It does not have anything to secure umbrella, so if the wind blows, the umbrella pulls up and blows away.” Best Choice Products

“I like the look of this table. It coordinates well with our existing patio furniture. The price was great, but now I wonder if spending more (much more) might not be necessary. The table is too lightweight. When the umbrella is set in place, any and every wind blows the table over. We are now looking into ways of weighing this base. If it was designed with a container built into the base in which to add sand, that might solve the problem.” Walmart.com

Our verdict

This Outdoor Wicker Patio Umbrella Stand Table Accent Furniture w/ Steel Frame is an excellent addition to your outdoor décor. However, its lightweight makes it not ideal for holding larger patio umbrellas, especially if you live in windy areas unless you do some modifications to include a base.

It would have been an excellent buy if the bottom is covered, and you could fill it with rocks or anything to make it heavier.

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