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Best Choice Products Patio Umbrellas Reviews

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Best Choice Products (BCP) is one of the leading companies that sell affordable and excellent quality patio umbrellas and stands.  

Besides patio umbrellas, BCP also has a wide array of other patio and garden products and home, toys and games, musical instruments, pet supplies, fitness, seasonal décor, and gifts products. See their Best Choice Products catalog.

Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Lighted Market Patio Umbrella
(burgundy), Buy at Amazon

BCP has its headquarter at 15101 Red Hill Ave, Tustin, CA 92780, and you can get them via their customer telephone number 1-844-948-8400, 24/7 Live Chat, or their self-support help center.

Our assessment discovered that the BCP umbrellas originate from Guangzhou, China. However, BCP doesn’t reveal this information but notes they work with other leading global manufacturers.  


BCP has 13 patio umbrellas, four cantilevers or offsets, and nine market types. At Amazon, 9 of the BCP umbrellas are among the top 100 sellers in patio umbrellas.  It is hard to avoid BCP unless you opt for high-end brands.

Of the four Best Choice Products offset umbrellas, two are 360-Degree Rotating (one with solar-powered LED lights) while the other two are not 360-degree rotating cantilevers (one with solar-powered LED lights).

If you opt for the market type, you can go for the two 10 feet (one with LED solar-powered lights), two 7.5 feet (one with LED solar-powered lights), 9 feet (full and a half), 16 feet, or two rectangular ones.

The two rectangular umbrellas are the 7×10 feet and the 15×9 feet twin, both without LED solar lights.

Finally note that BCP’s 9ft and 16ft and 9ft market umbrellas are not available on their catalog, but you will find them at Amazon and other stores.


All BCP umbrellas are made with polyester fabric, which is an excellent choice of material ranked below Sunbrella and olefin in terms of colorfastness.

The fabrics they use vary in GSM grams per meter, with some such as 10ft Offset Hanging Patio Umbrellas (with solar LED and without) and the 16 feet having 210gsm. Others, like the 10ft and 9ft market patio umbrellas, have 180.

On the other hand, the 8x11ft Rectangular Patio Umbrella w/ Easy Crank, UV-Resistant Fabric has a 210g spun polyester (much softer).

Grams per meter influence the thickness of the fabric. The higher the value, the thicker and the better the quality of the material.

We understand that while BCP claims their polyester fabric doesn’t fade, the truth is that it does fade after some time. If you want something that won’t fade quickly, consider going for a solution-dyed polyester that would perform much better if you don’t wish to buy Sunbrella or olefin.

However, please don’t write off polyester fabric yet because it is strong, doesn’t shrink, stretch or expand (will retain its shape), durable, and smooth. Also, polyester is resistant to rot and mildew, chemicals, among other features.

Finally, Best Choice outdoor umbrella canopy fabrics are available in many lovely colors. You cannot fail to get something that you like.


Most frames are made with aluminum, steel, iron, fiberglass, stainless steel, wood, or a combination of any of these materials.

BCP umbrellas have mainly a steel frame, with some having aluminum or a combination of these two materials. Of course, some parts like the crank lift have plastic.

Aluminum vs. steel

If you are uncertain whether to go for aluminum or steel, you should know that aluminum is lightweight, doesn’t require much maintenance (doesn’t rust or corrode), beats steel in very low temperatures but is expensive than steel. However, it warps, gets dents, and may snap.

On the other hand, steel is stronger than aluminum, cheaper, doesn’t warp, bend or deform. However, it becomes brittle in sub-zero temperatures and is vulnerable to rusting and corrosion.

Therefore, if you live in a windy place or don’t want something that may break, consider one with steel.

On the other hand, aluminum will be a better choice if your primary concern is corrosion. Although the material used is rust-free and powder-coated (helps prevent chipping, peeling corrosion, or rusting), you can’t be guaranteed that it won’t rust.

Are they sturdy?

Best Choice patio umbrellas are sturdy. However, they are not the type of outdoor umbrellas designed for windy places. Did you know that breakages and fading are the two most commonly reported problems, the third being the plastic parts yielding too soon?

Best Choice Products umbrellas features

BCP patio umbrellas have some of the basic features you will find in many other brands that include the following:

Air vent

All the BCP umbrellas have one air vent except for the 15x9ft rectangular twin that has three.

An air vent serves two purposes, i.e., it helps vent hot air under the canopy out and gives way for the wind to escape. Otherwise, your umbrella will be hot or will trap wind, something that may make it be blown away.

Crank lift

BCP umbrellas have a hand crank lift for opening and closing the canopy, i.e., both the market and cantilever have a crank lift.

Tilt mechanism

Except for the 16ft extra-large market umbrella, the rest of the BCP patio umbrellas can be tilted to block the sun at various angles.

The market types have a push-button tilt mechanism, while the cantilevers have an easy to glide handle which you squeeze and lift or lower it to various locking positions.

Touch fasteners

They come with a separate touch fastener (hook-and-pile fasteners or hook-and-loop fasteners or what you call velcro) to help secure the canopy in place when not open.

LED lights

One of the 7.5ft, 10ft market, 10ft cantilever, and 10ft 360-degree cantilever patio umbrellas have solar-powered LED lights and an ON/OFF button. These lights recharge during the day with the solar panel mounted on top of the umbrella during the day, and they will run for several hours at night.

One thing you should know is that LED lights don’t burn hot, don’t attract insects, and last for a long time, making them the right choice. However, their light is subtle and not good if you need focused light.

What is lacking

None of the umbrellas have an auto-tilt mechanism where if you continue cranking it after it has fully opened, it begins to tilt. Auto-tilt is convenient and more comfortable to use than a push-button tilt mechanism.

They also don’t have a USB charger, Bluetooth speakers, and other advanced features you may find in some high-end brands.


BCP umbrellas can serve you for a few years. However,  keep them clean and cover them when not in use or you want to store them (during off-season). When it is windy or during storms, kindly close and secure them with the touch fastener.

Some of the things to expect include their canopy fading, the plastic parts breaking or yielding with time, and the pole may fail in some cases.

Instruction and assembly

For each umbrella you buy, you will receive easy-to-follow instructions to guide you through assembling it. They will also tell you how to close and open it.

Also, they have a downloadable instruction manual for each type of umbrella they sell to help you.

You don’t need any special tools, save for a screwdriver for people who decide to buy the offset umbrellas.

Best Choice Products umbrella replacement parts

BCP offers refunds or replacements for any defective or damaged parts within 60 days from the shipping date. You will get a one-time courtesy replacement if they have the same umbrella in their inventory.

Any returns must be in the original packaging, and you need to fill a replacement request form. You will not meet any inventory charges, and if you bought them directly from the website, they would be eligible to free return shipping.

However, if you purchased them from a marketplace (Amazon or Walmart), any returns are subject to the marketplace’s return policy

However, once the return or replacement grace period has elapsed, they will not do a replacement. Also, they don’t sell replacement parts.


BCP has a competitive price that closely matches competitors of the same irk such as Tempera, Blissun, Sunnyglade, etcetera.

Their umbrellas cost from $39.99 to $149.99, with the huge one 16ft going for $228 but not currently available in BCP’s inventory. You may get it at Walmart or Amazon.


You can use BCP umbrellas in residential or commercial spaces, including at your patio, lawn, garden, porch, balcony, outdoor restaurant, poolside, outdoor café, and so on.

However, we wouldn’t recommend them for places that have high traffic. Instead, go for commercial patio umbrellas that lack some features like tilt and crank mechanisms.

What size should you buy?

When deciding on an outdoor umbrella size, you need to look at the available space and the size of shade you need, i.e., the number of chairs and table size.

Below is a typical recommendation. However, note that the size and chair design may affect how many people use it.

Size (ft)Shade size (sq. ft.)Ideal for
7.536A 24 to 36-inch table (round, square or rectangular) with 2-4 chairs
95742-54-inch rectangular, round or square table and 4-6 chairs or two pool loungers.
107062-72-inch tables with 6-8 chairs or two pool loungers.
15×9135Up to 132-inch rectangular or oval tables with 10-12 chairs or 4 pool loungers.
7×1177A rectangular table is up to 84 inches long with 6-8 chairs or two pool loungers.
16181Large dining sets, picnic tables, around pools, or with a conversation sitting sofa

Customer service

BCP offers excellent customer service with several contact channels that include a 24/7 live chat, a help center, or a customer phone number, +1-844-948-8400.


BCP umbrellas are affordable, well-made, and great-looking umbrellas. You will get a wide variety of canopy colors to choose from aluminum, steel, or aluminum and steel frames.

Since they are not high-end brands, expect the polyester fabric to fade after some time and breakages if placed in areas with high winds. However, with proper care and use, they can still serve you for several years.

Finally, ensure you pair them with the right stands or bases. You don’t want a weight that will topple when the wind blows as this will cause damages.

BCP Umbrellas at a glance

You know what to expect if you buy BCP umbrellas. It is time to look at what they have briefly. We don’t intend to go into much detail since we have reviewed each separately.

Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Lighted Patio Umbrella w/Tilt Adjustment

Ranked 7th in Best Seller in Patio Umbrella at Amazon, this Best Choice Products 10ft solar LED lighted patio umbrella comes in 13 attractive canopy colors, i.e., tan (SKY3790), brown, navy blue, burgundy, gray, black, light blue, red, lime, rust, light green, green, and yellow.

Also, this BCP solar umbrella has 8 steel (ribs), an aluminum pole, a push-button tilt, and a crank lift system. You will love its solar-powered LED lights with an ON/OF switch, sturdiness, and affordability. See full review.

Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Lighted Market Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Outdoor Solar Patio Umbrellafor Deck, Pool w/ Push Button Tilt, Crank Lift

Suppose you need a smaller market patio umbrella for a 2-4 dining set with solar-powered LED lights to keep your party, dinner, conversation, or any other event going after sunset. In that case, this BCP’s 7.5 feet is a perfect pick. It is available in Navy blue, cream, navy stripe, burgundy, tan, green, sky blue, red, black, gray canopy colors, and a steel frame.

Besides the LED lights, you will love its sturdy steel frame with a bronze finish and low prices. It is an excellent addition to your deck, pool, patio, garden, lawn, porch, or anywhere you use it. See full review.

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Outdoor Solar Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella w/ Push Button Tilt, Crank Lift

BCP is a leader in affordable, well-made, sturdy patio umbrellas, and you can’t miss its brand in any list. This heavy-duty Best Choice Products LED umbrella’s canopies are navy blue, cream, navy striped, burgundy, tan, green, sky blue, red, black, or gray and have a steel frame.

It is affordable, will last a few, and has a very sturdy frame. It is an excellent buy for people who need a small shaded area for dining sets with 2-4 chairs. Kindly check to ensure everything is working well, including the lights, before the return time expires. See full review.

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 10ft Outdoor Steel Market Patio Umbrella Decoration w/ Tilt, Crank Lift

For shades about 70 square feet ideal for up to 72-inch round, square, or rectangular tables, look no further than this 10ft Outdoor Steel Polyester Market Patio Umbrella w/Crank.

It has a 180g polyester canopy in nine vivid and bold colors, i.e., tan, burgundy, grey, blue, brown, green, light green, yellow, and orange, a sturdy steel frame, and is very affordable. See full review.

Best Choice Products 10ft Outdoor Steel Market Patio Umbrella
Light green

Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella

Cantilever patio umbrellas have many benefits, including not causing obstruction, allowing for any sitting arrangement, and so on. If you need one, you got a double jackpot with this Best Choice Products 10ft solar LED patio offset umbrella with an ON/OFF switch.

The steel frame is sturdy with a 1.89-inch pole diameter, the canopy has a 210g polyester fabric available in navy blue, sky blue, burgundy, gray, tan, black, red, deep taupe, cream, and navy stripe, and it won’t cost you a fortune. See full review.

Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 10ft Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella

This Best Choice Products cantilever umbrella is made with a heavy-duty 210g polyester canopy that may be navy blue, sky blue, burgundy, gray, tan, black, red, deep taupe, cream, and navy striped, a 1.89-inch aluminum pole, and 8 aluminum ribs.

It is affordable (costs below $80), sturdy, and will last for a long time so long as you don’t use it in very windy places. (it will snap). See full review.

Best Choice Products 10ft Offset Hanging Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 9ft Half Market Patio Umbrella w/Crank 

Half umbrellas take a small space and stand against a wall or vertical surface, making them the right choice for narrow places, including your deck, balcony, small courtyards, or narrow pathways. If you need one, we would recommend BCP’s half umbrella.

It is sturdy, well-made, and very affordable, and you get a chance to choose a tan, red, blue, or brown canopy color. See full review.

Best Choice Products 9ft Half Market Patio Umbrella w Crank

Best Choice Products Rectangular Twin Market Patio Umbrella 15x9ft – SKY4699, SKY4698

If you have an extra-large oval or rectangular outdoor dining set or picnic tables, you will need a huge umbrella such as this 15x9ft by BCP. It is large enough to seat 10-14 people on dining sets, four pool loungers, and 4-8 people deep-seated.

Best Choice Products rectangular twin market patio umbrella, come in four colors, i.e., SKY4699 (green), SKY 4698 (red), SKY2837 (white), or SKY4697 (white) canopy colors.

Besides being affordable and very sturdy, this double-sided rectangular outdoor twin patio umbrella has a 1.89 steel pole and 12 steel ribs, three air vents, and much more. See full review.

Best Choice Products 15x9ft Rectangular Twin Market Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 8x11ft Rectangular Patio Umbrella w/ Easy Crank

Furniture, deck, patio, lawn, balcony design for personal preference may be a reason why you need a rectangular umbrella. BCP 8x11ft can be one such brand you purchase.

Its heavy-duty 210g polyester canopy comes in tan, navy blue, red, green, orange, light blue, burgundy, brown, and grey. This parasol is affordable and very sturdy. See full review.

Best Choice Products 8x11ft Rectangular Market Patio Umbrella

Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree LED Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella w/ Tilt

This BCP 10 foot offset umbrella 360-degrees with solar-powered LED light is by far the best that Best Choice Products solar umbrella.

You can rotate it 360 degrees by stepping on a foot pedal and rotating the pole. It comes in attractive colors, i.e., tan, navy blue, red, light blue, orange, gray, burgundy, green, and brown, and still very affordable.  See full review.

Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree LED Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella w Tilt
Color: Tan

Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree Rotating Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella w/ Tilt

If you want to easily cover 360 degrees area around the cantilever umbrella without moving it, buy this BCP 10ft 360-Degree Rotating Cantilever Offset w/ Tilt.

It is affordable, has a canopy available in many elegant colors, and has most of the other features you will find in cantilevers, including tilting, crank system, and so on. See full review.

Best Choice Products 10ft 360-Degree Rotating Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella w Tilt
Color: Tan

Best Choice Products 9ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella w/ Crank Tilt 1.5in Diameter Pole

People living in areas prone to rusting should always consider fiberglass, wooden, or aluminum frames and this BCP’s Outdoor Market Umbrella w/ Crank Tilt is a good match. While it is not currently on BCP’s inventory, you may be lucky to find it at Walmart, Amazon, and other market places.

It has attractive canopy colors (gray, green, beige, red, light green, brown, and light blue), is affordable, and will last longer if you don’t use it in places with high winds. See full review.

Best Choice Products 9ft Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella
Color: Tan

Best Choice Products 16ft Extra-Large Outdoor Patio Market Umbrella with Cross Base and Crank

With a total shade area of 181 square feet, this extra-large outdoor Patio Market Umbrella w/Cross Base and Crank is ideal for up to 16 people dining set, including picnic tables or 10-14 people in conversation sitting.

It has heavy-duty polyester canopy (210gsm) fabric available in green, red, tan, a 2.275-inch pole, and 8 aluminum ribs. However, its large size and weight make it very vulnerable to breakages even in slight wind gusts. See full review.  

Best Choice Products 16ft Extra Large Outdoor Polyester Patio Market Umbrella
Color: Tan

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