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Blissun 7.5 ft Patio Umbrella, Yard Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Crank Review

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Blissun 7.5 ft patio umbrella will provide a shade of about 36 square feet, suited for a 24-36-inch table with 2-4 chairs.

It comes in 7 fantastic canopy colors, five solid and two stripped, making it a beautiful addition to your residential or commercial spaces like your patio, garden, pool, deck, balcony, outdoor restaurant or bars, etc.

Blissun 7.5 ft Patio Umbrella, Yard Umbrella Push Button Tilt Crank (Navy Blue)
Color: Navy Blue, Buy at Amazon.

Details and specifications

TypePatio market umbrella
ASIN (Amazon)B07M72H9LM, B085QH75RF, B07B54CC4L, B07B54QGY1, B0834Q87JH, B0834P9JJT, B07B5426Y9
Size7.5 ft.
Canopy shapeRound (hexagon)
Fabric type 100% polyester
Fabric colorLight blue, navy blue, red, tan, black and white stripe, blue and white stripe and cream white
FrameRust-free powder coated finish
Pole material and diameter1.42-inch (36 mm) aluminum pole
Ribs 6 steel ribs
Opening mechanismCrank
Tilt mechanismPush-button tilt
Overall height7.15ft.
Height to ribs
Crank height3.35 feet
Wind ventSingle vent
Price range$37.99-$38.96
Base or standBuy separately


This Blissun umbrella has colorful and charming canopies made with 100% polyester. While this fabric isn’t the best in the patio umbrella industry leader, it will serve you well.

While noted as water-proof, we have seen lots of complaints reporting that 100% water-proof, and while it offers UV protection, there is a need to state the SPF rating.  You can’t tell how well it protects you from the harmful sun rays.

We love polyester because it is chemical resistant, easy to clean and dry, doesn’t shrink, stretch or expand, resists rot and mildew, is durable and smooth, among other qualities. It also offers good colorfastness, especially if solution-dyed.

Unfortunately, Blissun 7.5 feet patio umbrella doesn’t use a solution-dyed polyester, meaning it will fade after some time. If you want something that will not fade soon, consider looking for brands made with Sunbrella or Olefin. Also, solution-dyed polyester will perform better.


This umbrella has a sturdy and firm frame with an aluminum pole and six steel ribs for extra strength. Both are rust-free and powder-coated to prevent peeling, chipping, corroding, or rusting.

While the aluminum doesn’t rust or corrode easily and is light-weight, it may warp, break, or get dents. Therefore, consider closing it during strong winds or storms. 

Finally, the aluminum pole looks a little flimsy. They should have it much thicker or a commercial grade aluminum pole.


Blissun 7.5 ft Patio Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Crank has standard features, i.e., crank for opening or closing, push-button tilt, and an air vent.  However, these parts look fragile, with many people noting they may yield too soon.

One crucial feature it lacks is a securing strap to hold it together while it is closed. However, you can modify one at home.  


This 7.5 ft. umbrella is competitively priced, i.e., at a price below $39. It is a good bargain and worth every penny you put in it.

Our verdict

The Blissun 7.5 ft Market Patio Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Crank is among the well-rated smaller patio umbrellas and among the most popular 7.5 ft. umbrellas you will find.

In terms of quality and pricing, it competes well with other popular brands like Sunnyglade, Best Choice Products, and Cobana. However, it does not match up with a brand like California Umbrella with a fiberglass frame and more expensive.

Since it fades quickly and the aluminum pole is a little flimsy, having an umbrella cover and closing it during a storm or strong winds may increase its lifespan and reduce fading.

Finally, while Blissun has charming stands. Besides the Blissun 26.5 lbs Outdoor Living Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Patio Umbrella Base, which is their heaviest, the rest are too light, especially for standalone use. Go for bases about 60-80 pounds if you use it standalone.

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