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Coolaroo Umbrellas Reviews – Market, Cantilever, Beach, Bases

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Coolaroo Umbrellas (cantilever, market, or beach umbrellas) are made by Gale Pacific, an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne under the brand name Coolaroo.

Gale Pacific has other brands such as Zone Interiors (retail), Gale Guard™ (reusable face masks), and also makes commercial agricultural, architectural, mining, and high-performance industrial fabrics.

Coolaroo Umbrellas

Apart from shade umbrellas, Coolaroo has other domestic and commercial products such as shade sails, screening, gazebos, exterior window coverings, weed mat/garden covers, synthetic turf, pet beds, and so on.

Gale Pacific isn’t just in Melbourne, Australia. It has manufacturing operations in Asia (Ningbo, China, where knitting occurs) and the US (Florida). Also, the company has global sales and marketing divisions in the Middle East (Dubai), the US (Orlando), China (Shanghai), Australia (Melbourne) and New Zealand (Auckland), and other parts across Europe.


In the USA, Coolaroo sells three-round umbrellas, one market, and two cantilevers. Also, they sell one fillable cantilever base.

In Australia, they sell ten umbrellas, i.e., three-round market (one with LED solar lights), two square market umbrellas, two cantilevers (one with LED solar lights, two wall-mounted, and a half umbrella. Of the cantilever, there is one.

Besides umbrellas, you will also get four bases in Australia. Three fillable (one for cantilevers, one for market, and one for beach umbrellas) and a granite one.

Finally, some, like Coolaroo California Sun Shade Cantilever Umbrella Round (made of polyester fabric and aluminum frame), sold in the USA, and Coolaroo Melaleuca Umbrella are no longer available in the market.  which is no longer in the market

Canopy fabric

Coolaroo umbrellas sold in the US have a knitted 165 GSM high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric which offers 90% UV protection. This fabric is approved by Melanoma International Foundation as one able to protect against the harmful ultraviolet rays linked to skin damage and cancer.

This knitted polyolefin or olefin canopy is breathable (allows air to pass through it or unrestricted airflow, thanks to its patterned knitting) to help lower temperatures beneath it by up 32°. This feature makes it a favorable choice for people living in areas with intense heat, just like Australia. 

Therefore, the umbrella can keep you cool, reducing the need for an air conditioner while you are outside your home.

Additionally, did you know that the Coolaroo knitted fabric has a 5-year warranty, and this material can withstand the harsh conditions in Australia without degrading quickly?

That is not all. Coolaroo knitted fabric doesn’t grow mold, is mildew resistant, doesn’t fade quickly, and is very easy to clean.

However, compared to other solid umbrella canopies like polyester, Sunbrella (acrylic), or olefin, this knitted fabric does allow filtered rains and sun, meaning it cannot protect you entirely from sun or rainfall.

If you are in Australia, you will have a broader range of canopy fabric choices, including polyester, olefin, and premium Xceltex (100% recyclable polypropylene).

While it is good, has UV protection, and doesn’t allow filtered lights, polyester fades faster. On the other hand, olefin is a good choice and considered the second-best after Sunbrella when it comes to colorfastness.

Finally, premium Xceltex is an excellent choice and, like knitted high-density Polyethylene (HDPE), comes with a 5-year warranty.

The frame (pole and ribs)

All Coolaroo umbrellas sold in the US have a powder-coated aluminum frame. Aluminum is an excellent choice of frame material as it resists corrosion or rusting and is lightweight. Powder-coating makes it even better at ensuring no chipping, rusting, peeling, or corroding.

However, aluminum isn’t as strong as steel and tends to break or snap, a reason why you must close your umbrella when it is windy. A commercial-grade aluminum, which Coolaroo doesn’t use, would be the best choice.

Besides the pole and ribs, these structures have some plastic parts, including the crank casing and some joints in cantilevers

On the other hand, people in Australia can opt for anodized aluminum, powder-coated aluminum, or steel frames with one, the Coolaroo Shanghai 2.5m Round Market Umbrella having 24 fiberglass ribs.

Fiberglass is flexible and makes a better choice for wind-resistant umbrellas, while anodized aluminum tends to resist rusting or corrosion better than powder-coated ones.


Coolaroo umbrellas sold in the US come with some basic features such as a crank lift for opening or closing them, a wind vent (for safety – allows wind to escape and giving way for faster hot air escape), and a 360-degree rotation. Also, some have a loop and hook fastener to hold the canopy when you close the umbrella.

Besides the above features, Coolaroo umbrellas available in Australia have additional features such as height-adjustable canopies (with some cantilevers having vertical and horizontal canopy adjustment) and push-up operation (for closing and opening) instead of a crank.

Also, some have LED solar lights to keep your events going after sunset, among many other features we will mention while looking at each.

Size guide – what size to buy

Coolaroo umbrella sizes range from 2.5 m (8.2ft) (round) to 9.8 ft (3m) by 13.1 ft (4m) (rectangular) and are ideal for medium to large patio spaces.

Suppose deciding on the right size to buy troubles you, here is a quick guide to help you decide. We have included measurements in ft and meters.

Size in ft (m)Shade size sq. ft. (sq. m)Ideal for
8.2 ft (2.5m)52 (4.85)A 40-48-inch (1-1.2m) round, square or rectangular table (round, square, or rectangular) with about four chairs
8.9ft (2.7m)55 (5.15)48-56-inch (1-2-1.4m) wide (rectangular, round, or square table with 4-6 chairs or two pool loungers.
8.9ft (2.7m) half umbrella22 (2.08)A small table for two people
8.9ft (2.7m) by 8.9ft (2.7m) square78 (7.29)Up to 56 inches (1.4m) rectangular or oval table with chairs for 4-6 people
9.8 ft (3m)68 (6.36)  Pair with 62–68-inch (1.5-1.7m) oval, round, or square table with 6 to eight chairs or two pool loungers.
10ft70 (6.5)62-72-inch (1.5-1.8m) tables with 6-8 chairs or two pool loungers.
9.8 ft (3m) by 9.8 ft (3m)96 (9)Up to 68-inch (1.7m) rectangular tables with 6-8 chairs or two pool loungers.
9.8 ft (3m) by 13.1 ft (4m)129 (12)Use up to 100 inches (2.5m) wide rectangular or oval tables with 8-10 chairs.
11ft85 (7.94)Up to 84-inch (2.1m) wide table with 6-8 chairs or two pool loungers.
11.5 ft (3.5m)93 (8.66)Up to 90-inch (2.2m) wide table with 6-8 chairs or two pool loungers.
12ft (3.7m)101 (9.38)Up to 96 inches (2.4m) wide table with 8-10 chairs or two pool loungers.

Instructions and assembly

Each umbrella comes with an easy-to-follow assembly manual. Also, you can get a downloadable version at their websites, and you don’t need any special skills or tools, except for a wrench required by cantilevers.

Coolaroo umbrella replacement canopy and parts

Except for the canopy, which they may replace or compensate you an equal amount if degraded by UV light,

 Coolaroo doesn’t sell replacement parts, including the small pieces that often get damaged. Lack of replacement parts is one thing that makes many owners of Coolaroo umbrellas are unhappy.

Customer support

There are many complaints of non-responsive customer support, i.e., many efforts to contact Gale Pacific go unattended to by their technical and sales team.

However, this shouldn’t discourage you. You can always get in touch with Coolaroo’s customer service department via a toll-free number 1-800-560-4667, Monday to Friday, 8 am – 5 pm EST.

Alternatively, you can write them via Gale Pacific USA, Inc. PO Box 162625 Altamonte Springs, FL 32716-2625, or Gale Pacific Limited, PO Box 892 Braeside, Victoria, 3195, Australia, especially if you have an issue with their warranty.

Care and maintenance 

Proper Coolaroo umbrella care or any other brand can tremendously increase its lifespan. Some of the routine care needs include the following:

  • When washing it, brush off any loose dirt or debris with a soft brush, hose it, scrub it using a mild soap using a non-abrasive cleaner (brush or sponge), rinse and let it air dry. Don’t bleach (including using chlorine), machine-wash, or iron its canopy fabric.
  • Close it during gusty winds, when not in use, and if not in use for a long time, keep it indoors or store it. However, ensure it dries well before you store it.
  • Please don’t open it forcefully or overwind it once it has fully extended to avoid damages. For the market umbrella, stop opening it further when the runner touches the fixed plastic stopper on the upper part of the pole.
  • Don’t lower your cantilevers while in the open locked position, as it can injure you or damage it.
  • Avoid placing it in open fires such as your fire pits, barbecues, grills. Doing so may damage your umbrella’s canopy, rendering its warranty invalid.
  • Ensure you use the suitable base weights, including pavers, for your cantilevers if you don’t want to screw them to your deck.

5 Year limited fabric warranty

Coolaroo umbrellas come with a limited warranty for their fabric against degradation (tear, cracks, or splits) resulting from UV light exposure only on their HDPE knitted fabric.

The warranty doesn’t cover not fading, or any other damage sustained due to negligence, not following given warnings, cleaning it wrongly, placing it near an open fire, and so on that happen under your usage.

The warranty applies to only the canopy fabric, not any other part(s), and the fabric replacement will be done free of charge, or you will get an equivalent cost of replacing the canopy.

However, you must have purchased it from Gale Pacific Limited ACN082 263 78 (“Gale Pacific”), an authorized dealer or a Gale Pacific.


Depending on the exact umbrella you buy, most Coolaroo umbrella prices range from $133-$700 (USD). We find this price competitive when compared to other brands of the same caliber.


Coolaroo umbrellas with HDPE knitted fabric are a perfect choice for people in hot areas as they have a cooling effect. Also, many users are happy about durability, price, design, and looks. They are worth every penny you spend on it.

While people who bought their cantilever umbrellas earlier on are much happier, recent purchases come with so many complaints of breakages, no replacement parts, poor customer support, and so on.

Buy these umbrellas if you intend to use them in places with very mild breezes or close them when it is windy. Also, follow the care instructions we have given you.

Coolaroo Umbrella review (USA)

For people in the USA, there are three Coolaroo outdoor umbrellas they can buy. Two cantilevers and one market type

If you need these Coolaroo patio umbrellas, you can get some of them at Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Bed Bath and Beyond, Hayneedle, Overstock, Tractor Supply, Cabelas.com, etc.  

Here is a review of each of these umbrellas.

1. 11 ft Coolaroo Market Umbrella review

This Gale Pacific, USA 317171, COOLAROO 11′ Market Umbrella is an octagon or round umbrella with Coolaroo knitted shade fabric and a powder-coated aluminum frame (pole and ribs). It is ideal places no to light breezes or winds, i.e., it can withstand wind breezes.

Many people are pleased with its cooling effect, large size, durability, and value for money. Also, the canopy will not fade quickly and can withstand UV degradation for several years.  

Also, you can tilt it in three-position, and there is no assembly required or special tools to assemble it.

However, tilt button and mechanism issues (rocks, fails, and breaks), pole breakages, weakness on the upper pole and lower pole screwing points, and the fact it allows filtered rain doesn’t appeal to some people.

Finally, there are concerns of the pole being too large to fit in most standard holes on most patio tables, code breakages, among other issues.

Details and specification

  • Canopy fabric – Mocha, smoke, or terracotta 165 GSM HDPE knitted fabric capable of blocking up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. 
  • Frame/structure material – Powder-coated aluminum frame (pole and 8 ribs).
  • Dimensions – Overall dimensions: 132″ diameter by 96″ Height, Pole diameter: 1.75″,
  • Features – Crank lift, a wind vent, and 360-degree rotation but only at fixed 90 degrees points.
  • Base: At least a 110 lbs base if used standalone and half the weight when used with a table. Not included, buy separately. Just ensure it fits a 1.75 ft pole.  
  • Price: $133.99-$173.66
11 ft Coolaroo Market Umbrella
Color: Mocha

3. Coolaroo Cantilever Umbrella 12 ft Review

If you need a large, super sleek umbrella for your garden, backyard, deck, poolside, and so on, Coolaroo Cantilever Umbrella 12 ft with a 3-year fabric warranty is an excellent pick.

It is easy to assemble (needs only a wrench), has colorful canopies that will look so great, and allows just the right amount of light without entirely blocking the sun.

However, while the plastic food pedal works well, it looks cheap, and the lock doesn’t keep it in place. Also, a slight breeze may disorient it, and since the pole leans forward, it makes the umbrella hang lowly.

Details and specification

  • Canopy fabric – Mocha, terracotta, or smoke 165 GSM HDPE knitted fabric. 
  • Frame/structure material – Aluminum frame (pole and eight ribs) with a black powder-coated finish and some plastic parts.
  • Dimensions – Overall dimensions: 144″ diameter by 100″ Height, Pole diameter: about 1.75″
  • Features – Crank lift, manual tilt, a wind vent, loop and hook fastener, and 360-degree rotation.
  • Base – Any base or weights for a cross-base cantilever umbrella, including the one by Coolaroo fillable with sand or water. However, since the umbrella is huge, go for a heavier base to prevent it from toppling over.
  • Price: $373.95 – $522.97
Coolaroo Cantilever Umbrella 12 ft
Color: smoke

2. Coolaroo Cantilever Umbrella – 10 ft review

This Coolaroo offset umbrella’s fabric comes with a 3-year warranty against UV degradation and has a powder-coated aluminum frame.

It has a superior canopy quality, looks great, and some people have reported many years of service. However, there are some aspects we didn’t like, such as:

  • It is not durable, i.e., it will hardly last more than one season. Earlier versions seem better and lasted long.
  • The joints (plastic brackets) that connect the cross arm to the central pole are plastic. They are vulnerable to breakages and keep swaying even when there is a mild breeze.  Also, Coolaroo doesn’t sell replacement parts, in case yours breaks.
  • The sidearm is flimsy, and it may bend
  • Coolaroo’s umbrella opening and closing string attached to the crank breaks quite often.

Details and specification

  • Canopy fabric – Mocha, terracotta, or smoke 165 GSM HDPE knitted fabric capable of blocking up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. 
  • Frame/structure material – Aluminum frame (pole and eight ribs) with a black powder-coated finish.
  • Dimensions – Overall dimensions: 120″ diameter by 100″ Height, Pole diameter: about 3″,
  • Features – Crank lift, manual tilt, a wind vent, and 360-degree rotation.
  • Base – Cantilever cross base so long as it has sufficient weight to hold it down.
  • Price: <$186.99-$299.00
Coolaroo 10 ft cantilever umbrella
Color: Terracott

4. Coolaroo Umbrella Base – 4 Piece Cantilever Base Set 

People with any cantilever umbrellas with a cross-base will find this 4-piece Coolaroo cantilever umbrella base set a perfect choice.

It comes with a 3-year warranty, has a total weight of 105 ft and 130 lb when filled with water and sun, respectively.

Coolaroo Cantilever Umbrella Base
Color: Black

Coolaroo Umbrellas (Australia)

People in Australia can enjoy a more extensive selection of elegant and stylish round, square, and rectangular Coolaroo cantilever, wall-mounted, and market umbrellas available at Bunnings Warehouse, Mitre 10, or Homehadware.com. Also, you will get portable Coolaroo beach umbrellas.

All these umbrellas offer a 90+% UV block, and most of them are endorsed by the Cancer Council (Australia) and are very durable.

Here is a quick overview of the various umbrellas you will find from Coolaroo in Australia.

1. Coolaroo Chelsea 2.7m Round Market Umbrella

Coolaroo Chelsea 2.7m Round Market Umbrella is endorsed by Cancer Council (UV protected), uses the push-up opening and closing mechanism, and is height adjustable. It comes in charcoal (Product code 494476) or Terracotta (Product Code 494407)

it comes with a unique triangular pole with 48mm pole diameter, UPF 50+ polyester canopy with a 98% UV cover factor and an anodized aluminum frame, and a 1-year warranty are an assurance that the umbrella will serve you well.

Pair it with Coolaroo Granite Base or any other heavy base that can accommodate 48 mm poles.

Coolaroo Chelsea 2.7m Round Market Umbrella
Color: charcoal

2. Coolaroo Torquay 2.7m Square Market Umbrella

If you need a square umbrella for one or the other reason, Coolaroo Torquay 2.7m Square Market Umbrella is an excellent choice. It is made with a polyester canopy (UPF50+ protection rating and a 98% UV cover factor) available in lovely charcoal (Product Code 491352) and aqua (Product Code 491444).

Also, it has a powder-coated frame with a 33 mm pole diameter, it is easy to open via a push-up operation, you can adjust its height from 2060 to 2700mm, has a 3-year warranty, and the Cancer Council has endorsed it.

Coolaroo recommends it with the Coolaroo Granite Base. However, you can buy any that can accommodate a 33 mm pole.

Coolaroo Torquay 2.7m Square Market Umbrella
Color: Aqua

3. Coolaroo Bondi 3m Round Solar LED Market Umbrella

If you want to continue with your event after sunset, this 3m Coolaroo Bondi market umbrella will be fantastic. It is easy to open via a hand crank, has an anodized aluminum frame with a 2-year warranty with a 33 mm pole diameter, and an overall height of 2470 mm.

The all-weather premium Xceltex (100% recyclable polypropylene), water-repellant canopy fabric, has a Cancer Council endorsement, a 5-year warranty, and offers a 98% UV cover factor. It comes in black (product code 491369) and natural (product code 491451) colors with you will like.

We don’t think the recommended Coolaroo Granite Base is large enough to stabilize Coolaroo natural Bondi solar led market umbrella. Try getting a larger one.

Coolaroo Bondi 3m Round Solar LED Market Umbrella
Color: Black

4. Coolaroo Stradbroke 3m Square Market Umbrella

This Coolaroo market umbrella features a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame with a 48 mm pole diameter backed with a 2-year warranty, a rope and pulley closing, and an opening mechanism. It has an overall height of 2400 mm.

Its premium Xceltex water-repellent canopy offers a 98% UV cover factor, comes in charcoal (product code 491468) and natural (product code 491475) colors, and has a 5-year warranty.

Coolaroo Stradbroke 3m Square Market Umbrella
Color: Charcoal

5. Coolaroo Brampton 3x4m Rectangle Cantilever Umbrella

Like most other Coolaroo umbrellas, the Coolaroo 3 x 4m charcoal Brampton cantilever umbrella is endorsed by Cancer Council. It has a powder-coated aluminum frame with a 2-year warranty that can rotate it 360 degrees just by stepping on the foot pedal and turning it. To open or close it, use the crank.  

Its all-weather, water repellent premium Xceltex canopy fabric has a UPF50+ protection rating, and it has a 5-year warranty, and it is available in charcoal color (Product Code 491383)

Coolaroo Brampton umbrella measures 3000 by 2800 by 4000 (Width x Height x Depth) and you get a Coolaroo umbrella cover. Pair it with at least a 100 kg base weight if you want it to be stable.

Use it with Coolaroo Water Filled Base Set or any other base plates for a cross-base cantilever. However, kindly ensure they are compatible.

Coolaroo Brampton 3x4m Rectangle Cantilever Umbrella
Color: Charcoal

6. Coolaroo Brighton 3.5m Round Solar LED Cantilever Umbrella

With the Cancer Council endorsed Coolaroo Brighton 3.5m Round Solar LED Cantilever Umbrella, you can do outdoor events or activities even after sunset. The adorably looking solar-powered LED lighting has battery backup is one feature we like.

You can settle for Coolaroo 3.5 m black Brighton solar cantilever umbrella or the one with a neutral canopy color, i.e., (product code 491390) natural (product code 491482) respectively.

This cantilever has a durable, anodized aluminum frame with an overall height of 2680mm. It is easy to open or close with a crank lift, rotate 360 degrees, and adjust its canopy horizontally and vertically.

Furthermore, its anodized aluminum frame and Premium Xceltex fabric are durable, and they come with two-year (structure) and 5-year (canopy fabric) warranties.

Finally, when you buy, you get not just a fillable base but also a protective cover. Doesn’t that sound like a real deal?

Coolaroo Brighton 3.5m Round Solar LED Cantilever Umbrella
Color: Black

7. Coolaroo Lindeman 2.7m Round Wall Hung Market Umbrella

This round Coolaroo wall-mounted umbrella boasts Cancer Council endorsement, an ideal pick for deck, balcony, or patio use. It is easy to open and close, has an adjustable arm, recyclable charcoal (product code 491345), olefin fabric with a UPF50+ protection rating, and an anodized aluminum frame.

With an overall height of 700 mm, it features a quick-release bracket, and you will get a two-year frame warranty and a three-year fabric warranty.

Coolaroo Lindeman 2.7m Round Wall Hung Market Umbrella
Color: Charcoal

8. Coolaroo Portland 3m Round Wall Hung Cantilever Umbrella

if you intend to place your umbrella next to a wall, buying this Portland 3m Round wall-mounted umbrella will be a noble idea. It is easy to open or close, and you can fold it when you don’t intend to use it.

It measures 3000 mm diameter by 2700 mm height, has a pole with an adjustable height, a frame that rotates to the right or left, both made with powder-coated steel and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Don’t worry about the canopy as the Premium Xceltex, all-weather fabric in charcoal color (product code 491437), offers 98% UV cover factor, has Cancer Council endorsement, and a 5-year warranty.

Coolaroo Portland 3m Round Wall Hung Cantilever Umbrella
Color: Charcoal

9. Coolaroo Shanghai 2.5m Round Market Umbrella

Coolaroo Shanghai 2.5m Round Market Umbrella looks stylish and elegant. It has 24 fiberglass ribs and a 38 mm pole diameter. Its polyester canopy comes in red (product code 494445), charcoal (product code 494414) colors, and a UPF50+ rating UV rating.

This charming umbrella has overall dimensions of 2500 Diameter x 2330 Height, is easy to open via a crank, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Coolaroo Shanghai 2.5m Round Market Umbrella
Color: Red

10. Coolaroo Airlie 2.7m Half-Round Market Umbrella with Base

Half patio umbrellas can stand flush against a vertical surface, making them an excellent choice for balconies or places that have narrow spaces, including in your porch, patio. If you need one, this Coolaroo half market umbrella with Base is a great pick.

This semi-circular umbrella measures have a powder-coated frame with a 33 mm pole diameter and a UPF50+ canopy in charcoal color (product code 494452) and come with a half patio umbrella base.

Coolaroo Airlie 2.7m Half-Round Market Umbrella with Base
Color: Charcoal

11. Coolaroo beach umbrella – 1.85m, assorted colors

While our primary focus is on patio umbrellas, we felt it a good thing to let you know more about beach umbrellas, and a good choice you can go for is this 1.85 m (product code 317218). It will protect you from the sun’s harmful rays and keep you cool during hot summers at a beach, park, or during picnic.

It comes in various color combinations to help you create a unique style, i.e., blue/orange, blue/green, red/white, and blue/green. You cannot miss something you like.

Coolaroo beach umbrellas measure 1.85m, offer a UV protection factor from 84% up to 90%, lightweight (2.85kg) if you want to carry them around, and are breathable to help keep you cooler.

They are easy to assemble, tiltable, and easy to open with a pop-up operation. Also, the powder-coated steel frame in white finish looks impressive. The Knitted HDPE UV stabilized fabric with a 5-year warranty against UV degradation does not grow molds or mildew, and cleaning and maintaining them is a breeze.

Coolaroo beach umbrella - Blue Green
Color: Blue/green

12. Coolaroo Jumbo 2.3m Round Beach Umbrella

This bigger Coolaroo beach umbrella (product code 488635) is a perfect choice. It has a polyester canopy that offers 50+ UPF. You can adjust its or height to locking positions.

It has a powder-coated steel frame with a two-piece 28mm diameter pole (portability) and measures 2.2 meters high.

Coolaroo Jumbo 2.3m Round Beach Umbrella
Color: Multiple

13. Coolaroo umbrella bases

If you need a base or stand, people in Australia can choose from the following options:

a). Coolaroo 17kg Market Umbrella Water Fillable Base

This charcoal (product code 494483) water fillable base with a powder-coated steel locking tube and a hand-turned knob measures 47 centimeters in diameter and features a stylish rattan decoration.

You can use it with 38mm-48mm pole diameters with the help of a tube adaptor it has.

Coolaroo Market Umbrella Water Fillable Base

b). Coolaroo Water Filled Umbrella Base

People with a beech umbrella should consider this off-white (product code 448868) portable base that has carry handles. Just fill it with water.

Coolaroo Coolaroo Water Fillable Base

c). Coolaroo 25kg Granite Market Umbrella Base

This 25kg elegant-looking concrete base stand is compatible with most market umbrellas and features a compact design with dimensions 38cm x 38cm x 6.7cm to ensure it doesn’t take much space.

It comes with a 12-month warranty and has a 304-grade stainless steel tube with two hand-turned tightening knobs.

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d). Coolaroo Sand and Water Fillable Cantilever Umbrella Base Set

This base works with most cantilever umbrellas with a cross base. The 4-piece base set has a total weight of 80kg (20 for each plate) and 100kg (25kg for each piece) when filled with sand and water, respectively.

Each plate measure 50cm x 50cm x 7cm (L x W x H), has adjustable carry handles. and comes with a year’s warranty.

Coolaroo Sand and Water Fillable Cantilever Umbrella Base Set

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