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Grand Patio Umbrellas Reviews – Deluxe Napoli 11ft, 11.5ft Curvy, Parts, Bases

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This Grand Patio umbrellas review has information on Grand Patio Deluxe Napoli 10 ft, 11ft, 11.5ft, 12ft curvy aluminum offset hanging umbrella and their 9ft market GRAND PATIO 9′outdoor market umbrellas.

We will also give you an overview of their features, frame, canopy, assembly, replacement umbrella parts, and a lot more before looking at Grand Patio bases and covers.  Are they worth your investment?

Grand Patio Deluxe Umbrella
Grand Patio Deluxe Umbrella

About Grand Patio

Grand Patio designs and manufactures affordable yet superior quality outdoor living products such as patio umbrellas, patio furniture, patio lighting, covers, among other patio products and accessories.

They boast of over 20 years of experience, and all their intuitively designed, and durable products have won many people’s hearts

We will discuss the various umbrellas, including the Deluxe Napoli 11ft, 11.5ft Curvy offsets or cantilevers, and their 9ft market type.


Before we go to umbrella reviews, we need to overview what you expect if you buy any of these umbrellas.


When selecting an umbrella, you need to consider the frame material and the accessories on the frame as they have a massive impact on durability.

Grand Patio umbrellas come with either an aluminum frame or an aluminum pole and steel ribs (of course, there are some plastic parts on the frame). Both these frames are powder-coated, meaning they will not readily chip, corrode, rust or peel.

Aluminum is a good choice of umbrella frame material. It is durable, lightweight, and doesn’t corrode or rust easily, making it suitable for outdoor use, including beach or poolside. However, it is not so strong and tends to warp, snap or even ding easily.

On the other hand, steel is stronger, doesn’t ding, warp, or break easily. However, it is heavy and tends to corrode much more quickly.

While both aluminum and steel are excellent frame materials, Grand Patio needs to go for a high gauge for both the steel and aluminum to ensure the umbrellas don’t break. Breakages are the most reported issue, especially by people who live in windy places.


The various canopy materials used on outdoor umbrellas include Sunbrella, polyester, olefin, Coolaroo, thatch, etc. Sunbrella is the market leader, followed by olefin then polyester. However, Sunbrella is costly.

Secondly, as you pick a suitable fabric, consider the thicker or heavier ones to offer better protection and last long.

Most Grand Patio umbrellas have a 240G double PU coated canopy fabric, with some having a 180G or 250G. Some of the Deluxe Napoli 12 ft curvy umbrellas have double-coated Sunbrella.

Polyester is a good choice. It is affordable, easy to clean, chemical resistant, doesn’t shrink, dries quickly, retains its shape, and is very strong. However, it fades rather quickly when compared to Sunbrella or even olefin.

Therefore, expect your polyester umbrella to fade quickly. Instead, the company should consider solution-dyed polyester as it has a better colorfastness.

However, if you select those with Sunbrella canopy, they will not fade quickly. Unfortunately, Grand Patio is not clear on the kind of warranty that their Sunbrella canopies have.


They have essential features typical to most umbrellas of their caliber that include the following:

  • Air vent/wind vent: Allows hot air to escape (keep the area beneath the canopy cool) or wind to exit (prevents it from being blow away or lifted)
  • Crank lift: For effortless opening and closing
  • Push-button tilt: For tilting the market umbrella type
  • 360-degree rotation: This feature is in some cantilevers. It helps cover multiple places without moving it.
  • Sideway swivel: One 10ft cantilever has a sideway swivel feature that allows you to turn the canopy left or right to block the sun at different times of the day.
  • Tie strap: Some have this closure strap to tie the canopy when closed.
  • Vertical tilt: Helps you tilt cantilevers vertically to give protection at an angle.

None of the Grand Patio umbrellas have solar lights or auto-tilt (tilts using cranks lift making it more convenient).

Additionally, they don’t have the advanced features you would find on high-end or luxurious umbrellas such as a telescoping pole/arm, Bluetooth speaker, USB charging ports, and so on.


Grand patio doesn’t give any information on the warranty that their umbrellas have. However, they are ready to replace any defective or damaged.

Initially, through their website, the company allowed you to register for a new purchase. However, since their website went down, you cannot do that.

Size guide

Are you uncertain about the right umbrella size to buy? Worry not. Below is a simple size guide.

However, note that the exact number of chairs may vary depending on their bulkiness. Also, since all their umbrellas are round (hexagon or octagon), you can use a round, rectangular, or square table.

SizeShade area (sq ft)Table/pool lounger size
9ft5742-54″ inch tables with 4-6 chairs
10ft70Up 62″ wide table for 6-8 people, 3-5 people deep-seated or two pool loungers
11ft85Two pool loungers or up to 72″ wide tables with 6-8 chairs or two pool loungers.
11.5 ft93Up to 84″ inches wide table for 6-8 people or two pool loungers
12ft101 Tables that are up to 69″ wide for up to 10 people 4-7 people deep-seated.

Customer service

Grand Patio has a responsive customer service/support team to address your issues, especially missing or defective parts. Directly contact the vendor on the marketplace you purchased the umbrella, be it Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, and so on.

However, a few people have had a hard time getting a response, especially with their website down.

Replacement umbrella parts

There are no Grand patio umbrella parts on sale, whether you want the frame or umbrella replacement canopies.

However, if you have a defective or missing part, this company will promptly send you a replacement part.

We suggest they start selling replacement canopies and other parts since their umbrellas become usable garbage as soon as a part you cannot replace fails or spoils.

Installation or assembly

Their market umbrellas are easy to assemble. You don’t need any tools to piece them together.

However, their cantilever umbrellas, especially the Deluxe Napoli curvy aluminum cantilevers, are quite challenging to assemble. Furthermore, their assembly instructions are not so clear, and some people don’t even receive them.

Fortunately, if you go to Amazon, where they have these umbrellas, they have an installation/assembly video to guide you through the installation process.


Like other outdoor patio umbrellas, you can use them at various places, including on your garden, patio, yard, pool, deck, balcony, beach, porch, lawn, tea sitting, lawn, cafes, and so on.

They are ideal for residential places and low-traffic commercial settings, and those that have an aluminum frame will be best on poolside or beaches as aluminum doesn’t rust easily.


Are our Grand Patio umbrellas durable? Yes, they are durable so long as you don’t leave them overnight open, don’t open them when it is windy or heavily raining, and you don’t live in places that experience wind gusts. Also, pair them with suitable stands or bases.

Breakage is the most often complaint that most people have followed by defective or missing parts.


Grand patio umbrella prices range from $49.90 for a 9ft market type to $599.99 for a 12 ft Deluxe Napoli umbrella.

Their market umbrella prices are comparable to other vendors such as Best Choice Products, Sunnyglade, Blissun, Abba Patio, Tempera, etc.

On the other hand, their cantilevers are slightly expensive, especially the deluxe Napoli cantilevers. However, we cannot ignore the fact that they come with bases.


Grand Patio umbrellas are beautiful, well-made, and long-lasting. They are worth every penny you put on them. You will love the shape of the unique curvy Napoli Deluxe. 

We recommend them, especially the 9 FT Enhanced Aluminum Outdoor Market and the Deluxe Napoli 10ft, 10.5ft, 11 ft, or 12ft Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella. The rest are not so good.

However, we don’t think they are the market’s best. You will find better market umbrellas from brands like Best Choice Products or Abba Patio at comparable prices.

If you want cantilevers, try Purple Leaf (square, round or rectangular but are slightly expensive), Bluu (Bayan, Sycamore or Sequoia, or Redwood), or Wikiwiki newer inventories.

Grand Patio Umbrellas Reviews

You know what to expect. It is time to look at the various table/market and cantilevers, starting from the best and most popular.

Afterward, we will look at the bases and covers this company has and tell you the ideal base weights to buy for each parasol size.

1. Grand Patio 9 FT Enhanced Aluminum Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella

This GRAND PATIO 9′ outdoor market umbrella should be your first choice if you need a market umbrella from this company.

It comes in adorable colors, and it is sturdy, durable, and worth every penny you spend on it. Also, it is easy to assemble, highly rated, and a majority of users recommend it.

However, not everyone is happy. A few people say it snaps/breaks because the pole is too thin. They say it fades quickly and doesn’t have a tie to secure the canopy with closed.

Also, some have issues with the crank not running smoothly, but most haven’t reported this issue. 

Buy it if you live in places that are not windy. It is lightweight, and you can even carry it to the beach.

Details and specs

  • Frame: Sturdy, rust-proof powder-coated frame in brown finish with a 1.5-inch enhanced aluminum pole and eight steel ribs. 
  • Canopy: UV protected, fade- and water-resistant 180g polyester canopy fabric.
  • Colors: 5 color stripes, beige, black and white stripes, blue, coffee, forest, and red
  • Dimensions:
  • Features: Crank lift, push-button tilt, air vent
  • Dimensions: 9ft wide by 7.87 ft high and 6.76ft to rib edge
  • Base: Not included
  • Price: $49.99-$69.99
Grand Patio 9 FT Enhanced Aluminum Outdoor Market Patio Umbrella
Multi-colored, striped

2. Grand Patio Deluxe Napoli 11 Ft Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella         

Grand Patio deluxe Napoli 11 ft curvy aluminum offset umbrella is one of the affordable and best cantilever umbrellas you will find in the market.

It is stylish, beautiful, and has superior quality, colorful heavy-duty canopy with a double PU coating for durability and to ensure the umbrella is waterproof. 

Also, it is easy to operate and has an innovative position auto-lock to enable you to tilt it vertically by up to 90 degrees

Unlike most cantilevers, this Napoli deluxe patio umbrella does come with a fillable base with wheels. Kindly fill it with water and sand/gravel and ensure it is at least 265 lb.

Many people are happy about its durability, price, have rated it well, and highly recommend it.

However, this Grand Patio Napoli parasol’s curved design makes it unstable and wobble or rock when the winds blow. Also, it isn’t effortless to assemble, i.e., the manufacturer needs more precise installation and ensures every piece comes with assembly instructions.

Finally, breakage is the most commonly reported issue, followed by the canopy wobbling. Buy it if you live in places that don’t have strong winds. Otherwise, it may not last long.


  • Frame: Powder-coated, rust-free aluminum pole and eight ribs in a brown finish. The pole is 2.4 inches in diameter, while the upper sliding one is 1.9 inches
  • Canopy: Heavy-duty, UV-protected, fade, and water-resistant 240g polyester canopy with a double PU coating. 
  • Colors: Champagne, five color stripes, black and white stripe, circles and red
  • Features: Vertical tilt by up to 90 degrees, air vent, aluminum crank lift
  • Dimensions: 11 inches wide (canopy) by 9ft high
  • Base: Water and sand fillable polyethylene base with wheels measuring 37-inches long by 26 inches wide by 10 inches high
  • Price: $399.99
Grand Patio Deluxe NAPOLI 11 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella, Patio Cantilever Umbrella with Base

3. Grand Patio Deluxe NAPOLI 12 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Patio Cantilever Umbrella with Base

If you loved the Grand Patio Deluxe Napoli 11 ft curvy aluminum offset umbrella above, but you want something with a slightly larger shade or one with Sunbrella fabric, buy this 12 ft Grand Patio Napoli Umbrella.

Unlike the 11ft, here, you choose to go for one with a double-coated 240G polyester fabric available in champagne and red or double-coated SUNBRELLA canopy in gray, brick red, blue beige.

As you know, Sunbrella is the market leader for the best-performing canopy fabric, i.e., it has the best colorfastness.

Finally, did you know that both those with Sunbrella and polyester go for the same price? Get one today.

Price: $599.99

Grand Patio Deluxe SUNBRELLA NAPOLI 12 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella, Patio Cantilever Umbrella with Base, Brick Red
Brick Red

4. Grand Patio Deluxe 11.5 ft curvy aluminum offset umbrella

Grand Patio Deluxe 11.5 ft curvy aluminum offset umbrella is yet another fantastic choice to consider.

It has the same features as the above two brands we have seen. However, it has a 220G polyester canopy and not the 240 as in the case of the 10ft.

5. Grand Patio Deluxe 10 Ft Curvy Aluminum Offset Patio Umbrella with Crank Handle and Base

Finally, the Deluxe 10 Ft Curvy Aluminum Offset Patio Umbrella with Crank Handle and Base is the last NAPOLI hanging umbrella this company sells.

Like the 11.5 inches, it comes with a 220G polyester canopy. This Grand Patio cantilever umbrella is 8.6 (104 inches) inches high and about 10 ft (wide 118 inches)

Grand Patio Deluxe 10 Ft Curvy Aluminum Offset Patio Umbrella with Crank Handle and Base

6. Grand Patio 9 ft Outdoor Table Umbrella (Six Ribs)

Grand Patio 9 ft Outdoor Table Umbrella is the other market-type parasol you should consider buying. It is well-made, easy to assemble, affordable, and many people love it.

However, it breaks, fades, and is not any cheaper than the 9ft with eight ribs. We would advise that you go for the one with eight ribs as it is much sturdier and likely to last longer.


  • Frame: A sturdy 1.5-inch aluminum pole and six reinforced steel ribs, both rust-free and powder-coated
  • Canopy: UV-protected, water-resistant 180G coated polyester fabric with a double PU coating.
  • Colors: Green, red, and beige
  • Features: Crank lift, push-button tilt, wind vent,
  • Dimensions: 9ft wide by 7.87 ft high
  • Base: Buy separately
  • Price: $49.90 – $59.99 Red
Grand Patio 9 ft Outdoor Table Umbrella

7. Grand Patio 10Ft Offset 360° Rotation Outdoor Patio Cantilever Hanging Umbrellas w/Cross Base

If you do not like or prefer the curvy Napoli Deluxe cantilevers, go for this 10Ft Offset 360° Rotation cantilever. It is worth every penny you spend but not the best cantilever umbrella to buy if you live in windy places.

Instead, consider brands such as BLUU BANYAN 10 FT Patio Offset, which costs only 20 bucks more.

Did you know that you can rotate it by 360 degrees but to six locking positions? To rotate, push the button on the pole and turn the umbrella to the various locking positions.


  • Frame: Power-coated, rust-free aluminum frame (pole and eight ribs)
  • Canopy: UV-protected, fade, and water-resistant polyester fabric with a double PU coating. It offers 99% UV protection.
  • Colors: Beige
  • Features: 360-degree rotation, crank lift, air vent, vertical tilt, closure strap
  • Base: Cross base, buy weights separately.
  • Price: $129.99, color champagne,
Grand Patio 10Ft Offset 360° Rotation Outdoor Patio Cantilever Hanging Umbrellas w Cross Base

8. Grand Patio 10Ft 360° Rotation Outdoor Patio Offset Cantilever Hanging Umbrellas w/Cross Base

This Grand Patio 10Ft Offset Patio Umbrella features an arm below the canopy and not above like most standard cantilevers.

You can rotate it by 360 degrees, tilt it vertically and use the tilt swivel function with slide and lock switch for adjustment to the right or left.

While some people say it is great, some note that it breaks easily. Therefore, this umbrella isn’t one of those we would recommend to anyone unless they like them.


  • Frame: Powder-coated, rust-resistant aluminum pole and six steel ribs. The pole is 1.9 inches, and the arm is 1.7 inches in diameter.
  • Canopy: 250G UV protected, fade, and water-resistant polyester canopy fabric
  • Colors: Red
  • Features: Air vent, vertical tilt, sideway tilt via tilt swivel function, 360-degree rotation, closure strap, crank lift
  • Dimensions: 10ft wide by 8.3ft high
  • Price: $149.99
Grand Patio 10Ft Offset 360° Rotation Outdoor Patio Cantilever Hanging Umbrellas w Cross Base


We strongly recommend that you have an umbrella cover to protect your umbrellas. If you need one, here are the two from this company:

1. Grand Patio Deluxe Patio Umbrella Cover for 9 to 12 Curved and Straight Pole cantilevers

This cover is for you if you have a curved cantilever and straight main pole or banana style cantilever or banana style main pole, measuring 9-12 feet wide.

The cover features a durable, waterproof, stain-resistant, UV protective, fade-resistant PVC coated 600 D Oxford Fabric, 1200 G/M2, fabric that won’t shrink, crack, or deform.

Also, it has a 50-inch zipper and an elastic hem code with toggle and hook & loop, which you can adjust adjustable to prevent it from being blown by the wind.

Finally, it measures 81 inches long, and its top width is 7″ bottom 19″ and the widest part 24″. Ensure you measure your umbrella before buying this durable, highly rated, and recommended cantilever cover.

Price: $29.99

Grand Patio Deluxe Patio Umbrella Cover for 9 to 12 FT Offset Umbrella

2. Grand Patio Weather-Resistant Market Patio Umbrella Cover for 9 to 10.5 FT Umbrellas

This cover for a must-have if you want to protect your 9 to 10.5 FT market umbrellas from dust or rain when closed or not in use.

This 63″ long x 12.6″ diameter cover is UV protective, waterproof, scratch and water-resistant cover made with double PU coated 150D Oxford Fabric, 300G/M2 will protect your market umbrellas from dust or moisture.

Additionally, it has a fire treatment, two tie straps and will not crack, deform, or shrink. Also, it has double-stitched seams to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Price: $19.99

Grand Patio Weather-Resistant Market Patio Umbrella Cover for 9 to 10.5 FT Umbrellas

Grand Patio umbrella base

All the Grand Patio Deluxe cantilever/offset umbrellas come with a base. However, the other two cantilevers and their market umbrellas don’t have.

Fortunately, Grand Patio sells two bases, 50 lb. Eco-Friendly HDPE Fabric Fill with Water 50lbs Stand Pole Holder for market umbrellas that fit 1.5” to 1.9” pole diameters and a 240 lb. 4 Piece Square Premium Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base for cantilevers with a cross-base.

However, if you happen to find any of the above bases, check for Abba Patio, Best Products Choice, Sunnyglade and EliteShade have affordable ones.

When choosing, go for bases at least 240 pounds for the 10 ft cantilevers, and for the market umbrella, go for stands that are ten times their width if you intend to use them as a standalone and about half the weight if used with a table.

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