Sunnydaze Patio Umbrellas and Bases Review

Sunnydaze patio umbrellas and bases are sold by Sunnydaze Décor, who are also vendors of fire pits, fountains, firepits, and several outdoor and indoor living products. Net Health Shops, LLC owns Sunnydaze Décor, situated at 5730 Venture Drive, Eau Claire, WI 54703 in Wisconsin. Finally, Sunnydaze Décor doesn’t manufacture their products, but rather their experts … Read more

Poggesi Umbrellas Review – Are They Worth the Price?

Poggesi cantilever umbrella

Poggesi umbrellas are well-made, high-end, and very durable commercial-grade umbrellas made by the finest Italian engineers and artisans at their Poggesi facility in Tuscany near Florence. These charming, luxurious umbrellas are wind resistant, feature innovative technology that makes them easy to use and very safe. Also, they are made with the best materials in the … Read more

Best 16 ft Patio Umbrellas – Extra Large Umbrellas

16 ft patio umbrellas - Shademaker 16 ft 4 inches Astral Market Umbrella

A 16 ft umbrella is an extra-large umbrella that will provide a shade of 181 sq ft (octagon) or 256 sq ft (square), perfect for four pool loungers, dining set with oval, round or rectangular table measuring up to 12 feet ideal for 10-14 people. You can also use it for about or 8-10 people … Read more

Best 4 Foot Patio Umbrellas with Reviews

Best 4 foot patio Umbrella

4-foot patio umbrellas are not easy to find since they are small, and not many people want them as they may be a little too small, even for a bistro restaurant or bar. If a narrow space is the main reason you are considering a 4 ft umbrella, we recommend trying some of the best … Read more

Best Tiki Umbrellas – Tiki and Palapa Thatch Umbrellas

Tiki Umbrellas

Add a rustic tropical seaside, beach, or resort appeal and vibe in your backyard, poolside, garden, patio, balcony, garden, outdoor bar, or restaurant with a thatched umbrella (a palapa or tiki umbrella).   These umbrellas are known as tiki, palapas, Tahitian thatch umbrellas due to their canopies’ striking resemblance with tiki huts, Mexican palapas, or … Read more

7 Best Half Patio Umbrella Bases and Stands in 2021 Reviews

Best Half patio umbrella bases or stands

Half patio umbrella stands or bases are designed to be placed flush against the wall like half patio umbrellas. Also, they are compact to fit in small spaces where you have put your half umbrella, including balconies, narrow or small alleys, patios, courtyards, backyards, restaurants, or farm markets on narrow streets where space is limited. … Read more

Best Half Patio Umbrella Stands and Bases

Half Patio Umbrella Base or Stand

If you have a half patio umbrella, you need a good half patio umbrella base or stand unless your vendor sold you a half patio umbrella with a stand. These two are designed to be used together. Usually, unlike other stands, a half umbrella stand sits against a flat vertical surface such as a wall, … Read more

Best Half Patio Umbrellas Reviews

Best Half Patio Umbrellato Buy

There isn’t much change in the best half patio umbrella in 2021, with most 2020 top brands ranking highly this year. A few newcomers are much or less similar to what was in the market last year, perhaps with a few improvements here and there. Top picks  Before we go into details, here are our … Read more

10 Best Half Patio Umbrellas in 2021 Reviews

Half patio umbrellas are a perfect choice for anyone with a small space where the standard square, round or rectangular outdoor umbrellas cannot fit or would cramp, clutter, or congest the available area. You can use them on your small patios, backyards, gardens, courtyard, balconies, decks, pools, terraces, on glass doors (sliding doors), boathouses, lanais, … Read more