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PHI VILLA umbrellas Reviews – 15ft Patio, 10 foot 3 tier, offset LED lights

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Did you stumble across or someone recommended PHI VILLA umbrella umbrellas, and you would want to know if they are a good choice?

Worry not. This PHI VILLA umbrellas Review has everything you want to know. We have insight on PHI VILLA 15ft patio umbrella, PHI VILLA 10 foot 3 tier auto-tilt patio umbrella,  PHI VILLA 10ft offset hanging 32 pcs LED lights solar patio umbrella, among others.

PHI VILLA Patio Umbrellas


PHI VILLA designs and manufactures market and cantilever umbrellas intended for outdoor sites, including lawns, patios, porches, pools, yards, gardens, courtyards, and other outdoor areas.

You can use their umbrellas both in commercial and residential areas but if on commercial, use them in places with low traffic like cafes, restaurants, bars, and so on.

Besides umbrellas, PHI VILLA also has a vast collection of outdoor furniture, shade sails, canopies, roller shades, firewood racks. Also, they sell home furniture and office chairs.

We will be reviewing the PHI VILLA umbrellas to help you decide if they are a worthwhile brand or not.


PHI VILLA umbrellas have either a steel or aluminum pole, and the ribs are either steel or fiberglass. These frames are anti-rust painted or powder-coated. Therefore, they will not rust, chip, peel, or corrode easily.

Steel and aluminum are the two most commonly used materials for making umbrella frames, and each has its pros and cons. For instance, steel is heavier and stronger but vulnerable to rusting, while aluminum is lighter, doesn’t corrode easily but is not as strong (dents, warps, or dings easily).

We love the idea of fiberglass ribs as they are lightweight, can bend or flex without breaking, can withstand even salty water or humid areas, don’t splinter or warp, and are very durable.

The issue we have about these frames is not so sturdy, i.e., thin and flimsy. They easily break, and breakage is the most reported issue on their umbrellas.

This company needs to use more robust frame materials (thicker) or switch to commercial-grade steel and aluminum frame.


All PHI VILLA umbrellas have a 100% 180g polyester fabric except one, the 10 ft by 6.6ft with a 200g solution-dyed fabric. Their polyester is water- and fade-resistant. It has a high-density anti-shrinkage layer and is UV-protected.  

PHI VILLA Umbrella canopy

Polyester is the most popular umbrella canopy fabric. It is affordable, robust, chemical resistant, dries quickly, doesn’t shrink, stretch or expand, among many other properties. However, it does fade relatively fast, especially if not solution-dyed.

Also, note that it won’t perform as well as Sunbrella (with is much more experience) or olefin when it comes to colorfastness.

Besides fading, this company should address the fact that the fabric is very thin. They should consider the thicker material.


These patio umbrellas have basic features that include 3-tiers and wind vent (allows wind or hot air to escape), crank lift (opening and closing), auto-tilt, and push-button tilt.

Some also have the closure strap (to tie the canopy when not in use), and one cantilever has an LED light (with a solar panel and an ON/OFF switch).

We didn’t see any umbrella with advanced features such as USB charging ports, Bluetooth speakers, telescoping arm, or poles, which we wouldn’t expect, considering their price.

Perhaps they need to have more brands with LED lights and ensure all their umbrellas have closure straps.

Replacement parts

PHI VILLA will send you a replacement or the missing/defective part in case of any missing or defective part. However, they don’t sell any replacement parts for their umbrellas.

Lack of replacement parts is frustrating, and this company needs to sell replacement parts, especially replacement canopies or frames.

Customer service

Our experience with PHI VILLA is impressive and one of the best. Their customer service promptly addresses any issues you have, be it missing, damaged, or any other concern.

However, not everyone has a similar experience. A few customers complained about their customer service.


PHI VILLA umbrellas cost between $78.99-$179.99, which puts them on the affordable side. However, we bet you will find similar patio umbrellas or even better ones with the same price.

For instance, Wikiwiki has a 3-tiered umbrella with olefin fabric going at the same price as the PHI VILLA with polyester. Olefin is a superior canopy fabric when it comes to colorfastness.

Also, you will find umbrellas with similar specs from Abba Patio, Blissun, Tempera,  Best Choice Products, which are highly affordable.


Their umbrellas come with a 1-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects. It doesn’t cover fabric shading or damages that are not related to manufacturing faults. 4


The durability of most of the low-cost patio umbrellas is a thorny one that elicits mixed reactions. Also, since care and environmental conditions may influence durability, people have different opinions.

Our verdict on the durability of PHI VILLA umbrellas is that they can serve you for a couple of years and are worth every penny you spend on them.

However, they cannot stand strong winds, and they may fade quickly, considering they have a polyester canopy.


These umbrellas are very easy to install. Essentially how you install any other brand. You don’t need any special tools or skills. Just follow the provided instructions.

People with trouble figuring out how the auto-tilt functionality works should continue cranking after it is fully open and will begin to tilt.

Size guide

If you are uncertain about what size of umbrella to buy, here is a quick guide to help you decide on the correct size.

Please note that the exact number of chairs depends on the chairs as some are bulky than others.

Umbrella sizeShade areaIdeal table size
9ft57Five-piece dining set with 42-54 inches wide round, oval, or square tables
10×6.6 ft66Pair with up to 72-inch wide oval or rectangular tables with 6-8 chairs or use with two loungers
10ft70Square, round, or oval tables measuring up to 60 inches long for 6-8 people or two pool loungers
13 x 6.5ft84Ideal for three pool loungers or oval/rectangular tables that measure up to 100 inches long for 8-10 people.
15×9 ft135Use this extra-large umbrella with up to 120 inch wide tables perfect for 10-12 people or up to four pool loungers.


PHI VILLA has reasonably priced, well-rated, and excellent quality patio umbrellas that will serve you well. However, they are not designed for strong winds, but the 3-tier may hold well in areas with mild or moderate winds.

If you buy any of their umbrellas, our recommendation would be the PHI VILLA 10-Foot 3 Tier Auto Tilt, the 13ftx6.5ft, and the 15 ft x 9ft double-sided umbrellas. Their cantilever umbrella cover is also fantastic.  

Finally, their customer service is excellent, and don’t hesitate to request any missing or defective parts. They are more than willing to do a replacement.

PHI VILLA Market umbrellas

Market or umbrellas with a center pole require lesser weight (when used with a table), are portable, and work with patio sets with an umbrella hole. 

PHI VILLA has six market umbrellas, i.e., the 10ft 3 Tier, the 15ft and 13 ft 15ft Double-Sided, a 10ft with fiberglass ribs, a 9ft round, and a 6.5x10ft rectangular market umbrellas.

Let us look at what the company has. We will begin with the best.

1. Phi Villa 10-Foot 3 Tier Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella

PHI VILLA 10-foot 3 tier auto-tilt patio umbrella is one of the best 3-tier umbrellas ranked behind EliteShade Sunbrella and competes favorably with other brands such as BLUU, Wikiwiki, and ABCCANOPY.

The 3-tier venting system ensures that the umbrella resists wind better (wind gets out through the tiers faster), keeps the area below it cooler (allows for a quick escape of hot air), and looks amazingly beautiful.

This PHI VILLA 10-foot 3 tier auto-tilt patio umbrella looks impressive, has highly rated, and many users recommend it. The 3-tier design enables it to stand up to moderate winds, i.e., it is pretty wind resistant and a good buy.

Complaints about this umbrella are a thin fabric that fades fast, breakages, weak rope/string, rib pocks tear off quickly, the crank fails and doesn’t have a securing strap to tie it when not in use.

The manufacturer should consider getting a sturdier, commercial-grade pole and improve the quality of their fabric.

Finally, if you decide to buy it, yes, we have said it resist wind reasonably well. However, this doesn’t mean you leave it open when not in use or when there are strong winds.

Details and specs

  • Frame: Powder-coated 1.5-inch aluminum and eight sturdy powder-coated steel ribs.
  • Canopy: UV protected, fade, and water-resistant 100% 180g breathable polyester fabric that will last for a long time and offer water-splash protection.
  • Colors: Beige, dark blue, orange
  • Features: Crank lift, auto-tilt, 3-tier wind vent
  • Dimensions: 10ft wide x 8 ft high. The height to crank is 2.8 ft
  • Base: Not included
  • Price: $109.99
Phi Villa 10-Foot 3 Tier Auto Tilt Patio Umbrella

If you love this, go for the PHI VILLA 5 Piece Swivel Patio Dining Set with this umbrella, all at a very reasonable price.

2. PHI VILLA 15ft Patio Umbrella Double-Sided Outdoor Market Extra Large Umbrella with Crank and Base

PHI VILLA 15ft Patio Umbrella is a well-rated, priced, and highly recommended double-sided umbrella that comes with a base. It is among the best extra-large double-sided umbrellas and the irks of AECOJOY, Iwicker, Patio Festival, and Lokatse Home.

It has a lovely canopy and will work best with a large oval or rectangular tables measuring up to 120-inches long perfect for sitting up to 12 people or up to four pool loungers.

However, being enormous, don’t use it when it is windy or heavy rains as the pole may snap, the most commonly noted issue.

The other issue is fading, and the base takes a big space. Also, when it’s breezy, the upper piece with the canopy may spin at the point where the upper pole piece joins the lower via a locking button. A screw-in design may help overcome the problem.

Finally, note that although the manufacturer says the pole has a 1.9-inch diameter, it is the upper part. The lower part is 2-¼ in diameter, and many do not fit patio tables intended for 1.9-inch poles.

Details or specs

  • Frame: Powder-coated steel frame – two-piece 1.9-inch pole (upper part) and 12 rust-proof ribs featuring a 5+2+5 rib design.
  • Canopy: Water, fade-resistant 100% 160g breathable polyester canopy that offers UV protection
  • Colors: Beige, blue, red, and dark red
  • Features: 3 wind vents, crank lift, closure strap
  • Base: Cross base with two oxford sandbags and a polyester base cover. Buy sand separately if you intend to use the sandbags.
  • Dimensions: 15 ft long x 9 ft wide x 7.5 ft high, and the crank height is 3.8ft.
  • Price: $169.99-$179.99
PHI VILLA 15ft Patio Umbrella Double Sided

3. PHI VILLA 13ft Outdoor Market Umbrella Double-Sided Twin Large Patio Umbrella with Crank

If you need a slightly smaller and narrower double-sided umbrella with exact features, this 13 ft work so well.  

It is beautiful, affordable, and highly recommended by many people. However, there are complaints too. It breaks easily, is narrow (the 6.5ft width), lacks ventilation (the space beneath it may heat up and be blown by wind quickly), and doesn’t have a closure strap. 

Buy it if you have a narrow oval or rectangular table that is up to about 100-inch wide with 8-10 chairs. However, ensure to close it when it is raining, windy, or not in use.

Details and specs

  • Frame: A 1.5-inch pole aluminum pole and 12 rust-resistant steel ribs
  • Canopy: Water, fade-resistant 100% 160g breathable polyester canopy that offers UV protection
  • Colors: navy blue, beige, and orange-red.
  • Features: Crank lift
  • Dimensions: 13ft long x 6.5 ft wide x 7.8 ft with a crank height of 3.8ft
  • Base: None. Buy separately a heavy base like this EliteShade 160 lb.
  • Price: $119.99
PHI VILLA 13ft Outdoor Market Umbrella Double-Sided Twin Large Patio Umbrella with Crank
Navy Blue

4. PHI VILLA 9 FT Patio Table Umbrella Table with Push Button Tilt and Crank

People in need of a smaller shade for round, square or horizontal 38″ to 48 ″ tables wide table with chairs for 4-5 people should consider this umbrella.

It is well-made but not one of the best you can get at that price. Instead, consider other 9ft market umbrella brands such as Sunnyglade, Blissun, Abba Patio, Best Choice Products, among other brands

Details and specs 

  • Frame: 1.5-inch aluminum pole and eight steel ribs, both with a powder-coated finish.
  • Canopy: UV-, water-, and fade-resistant 100% 180g polyester fabric
  • Color: Beige, orange-red, navy blue
  • Features: Push-button tit, wind vent, crank lift
  • Dimensions: 9 ft wide x 8.2 high, crank height is 2.53 ft while the height to rib edge is 6.4
  • Base: Buy separately. At least 40 lb. base when used with a table or twice the amount if freestanding.
  • Price: $79.88
PHI VILLA 9 FT Patio Umbrella Table Umbrella with Push Button Tilt and Crank

5. PHI VILLA 10ft Rectangle Outdoor Patio Umbrella with 6 Steel Ribs and Crank Handle

People with narrower, more extended tables or space will find this 10ft by 6.6ft rectangular umbrella an excellent pick.

It has a Velcro closure for securing the canopy when not in use and a heavier 200g solution-dyed polyester fabric (request for the newer version) which won’t fade quickly.

However, it is not tiltable. Other issues reported are breakages and a faulty cranking mechanism.

Details and specs

  • Frame: Anti-rust paint steel 1.5-inch pole and 16 steel ribs
  • Canopy: Canopy: UV-, water-, and fade-resistant 100% 200g breathable, outside grade solution-dyed polyester
  • Colors: Beige, orange-red, and navy blue
  • Features: Crank lift, air vent, closure Velcro strap
  • Dimensions: 6.6ft long x 10 ft wide x 8.5ft high with the height to ribs and crank are 7.4ft and 3.1ft, respectively.
  • Base: Buy separately
  • Price: $89.99
PHI VILLA 10 x 6.6 ft Patio Umbrella with 6 Sturdy Ribs, Rectangle Outdoor Market Table Umbrellas with Crank Handle

6. PHI VILLA 10ft 16 Fiberglass Ribs Patio Umbrella with Push Button Tilt & Crank

This charming 10 ft umbrella comes with very sturdy and flexible 16 reinforced fiberglass ribs, making it bounce back even if the wind turns it inside out.

It has a lovely shape and looks very sturdy. However, it is not one of the trendy choices from this company and has issues of the pole breaking when it is windy. Also, the polyester fabric fades quickly.

Details and specs

  • Frame: 1.5-inch powder-coated aluminum pole and 16 reinforced fiberglass ribs
  • Canopy: UV, fade, and water-resistant 100% 180g polyester fabric
  • Colors: Beige and navy blue
  • Features: Crank lift, push-button tilt, wind vent.
  • Dimensions: 10ft wide x 8.4 ft high. The crank is 3.9ft high, and the height to ribs is 7.15ft
  • Base: Buy separately, about 50 lb. when used with table or 100 if used as a standalone.
  • Price: $99.99

8. PHI VILLA 9ft Fiberglass Patio Outdoor Printing Auto-Tilt Market Umbrella With 8 Sturdy Ribs

PHI VILLA and California umbrellas seem to be among the few companies that have embraced fiberglass ribs, giving these ribs an edge when it comes to flexibility. Fiberglass ribs will not snap even if the wind flips the canopy inside out. 

This umbrella has a lovely navy blue with a white printing canopy, which will transform your backyard, garden, patio, poolside, or wherever you use it. Also, it is easy to operate, including tilting, and it will take you a few minutes to assemble it.

Details and specs

  • Frame: 1.5-ich aluminum pole and eight fiberglass ribs that will offer the best wind resistance.
  • Canopy: UV-, water-, and fade-resistant 100% 180g outdoor quality navy blue polyester fabric with a unique printing pattern.
  • Colors: Navy blue with a printing pattern
  • Features: Crank lift, auto-tilt, wind vent
  • Base: Buy separately
  • Price: $119.99
PHI VILLA 10ft Outdoor Patio Umbrella 16 Fiberglass Ribs with Push Button Tilt & Crank
Navy Blue

PHI VILLA cantilever umbrellas

Cantilevers have some edge over market umbrellas if you are looking for something that allows you to have any sitting arrangement (no center pole).

Also, they don’t cause obstruction, have no need for unique furniture with an umbrella hole and are versatile.

Therefore, if you need a cantilever, this company doesn’t have some of the best cantilever umbrellas in the market. They are two PHI VILLA 10ft Offset Patio umbrellas, one with LED lights and the other without lights.

Instead, try superior and latest brands from Grand Patio, Purple Leaf, Sunnyglade (latest brands), or go for expensive luxurious brands. Our best recommendation would be Purple Leaf cantilever umbrellas as they are reasonably priced and of superior quality. Alternatively, you can go for BLUU, especially Redwood, Sycamore, Sequoia, if you need something more affordable.

Don’t look at reviews alone since there are initially the best brands, but now there are newer and superior ones. Alternatively, look at when the rating or reviews were given.

Nevertheless, let us take you through these two offset umbrellas:

1. PHI VILLA 10ft Offset Patio Umbrella Outdoor Hanging Umbrella with Crank Handle & Cross Base

This PHI VILLA, 10ft umbrella, is affordable, comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and will provide enough shade for 6-8 people on 54″ to 66″ wide round, rectangular or square tables.

The canopy colors look lovely, and it has most of the basic features you would expect. However, it cannot withstand wind and wobbles even at the slightest breeze. Strong wind makes it snap at the arm and pole joint. 

It is a good purchase for a price of $119.99 if you are willing to care for it well and you don’t leave it in windy places.

Details and specs

  • Frame: 1.9-inch and 1.6-inch diameter steel pole and arm, eight steel ribs with a sturdy iron core. All these metallic parts are painted with anti-rust paint for maximum durability
  • Canopy fabric: UV, water-splash 180g polyester fabric that will not fade quickly.
  • Canopy colors: Beige, navy blue, and red
  • Dimensions: 10ft wide x 8.7ft high and 7.6ft when closed. 
  • Base: Cross base without weight. Most of the cantilever umbrella bases that weigh at least 150 pounds and above will work fine.
  • Features: Crank, closure strap (to tie the canopy), vertical tilt, and wind vent.
  • Price: $119.99
PHI VILLA 10ft Offset Patio Umbrella Outdoor Hanging Umbrella
Navy Blue

2. PHI VILLA 10ft offset hanging umbrella with 32 pcs LED lights solar powered patio with cross base

PHI VILLA 10ft offset hanging 32 pcs Led lights solar patio umbrella is what you need if your outdoor garden, patio, poolside, etc., events go past sunset.

It has exact specs as above except for powder-coated aluminum pole instead of steel (arm and ribs are steel), 32 LED lights, solar panel ON/OFF switch, and about 8ft high, not 8.7 ft.

The 4 LED lights on each rib are romantic and will create that Christmas-like or romantic dinner. And powder-coating will ensure the frame will not chip, peel, corrode, or rust.

However, expect it to break if it is windy, it has weak plastic parts, and a heavy gauge metal frame would work much better.

Price: $156.99

PHI VILLA 10ft offset hanging 32 pcs Led lights solar patio umbrella

PHI VILLA Patio Umbrella Cover for 9-13 Feet Outdoor Cantilever Offset Umbrellas

Besides umbrellas, PHI VILLA has one highly-rated and recommended cantilever umbrella cover. It will fit most of the banana-styled cantilevers and frames up to 13 ft or square ones that measure up to 9ft.

This cover has a waterproof, dust-, weather-, UV-resistant heady duty 600D Oxford fabric and a vinyl backing. It is lightweight, quick-dry, easy to clean, and remain. We bet it will stay the same season after season.

Additional features of this cover include:

  • Air vent to avoid moisture condensation and allow air to escape, preventing ballooning when it is windy.
  • Reinforced padded handles for easy removal
  • A durable and high-quality zipper to close and open the cover
  • Double-stitched seams to create a charming style and strength and a matching webbing for aesthetics.
  • A bottom adjustable hem cord for tightening and tight and custom fit to any umbrella

Price: $29.99

PHI VILLA Patio Umbrella Cover for 9-13 Feet Outdoor Cantilever Offset Umbrellas
Cantilever Cover

PHI VILLA umbrella bases

This company doesn’t have other bases except for the sandbags that come with the 15 ft double-sided twin umbrella. Therefore, you have to buy bottoms separately.

Below are ideal base weights to buy for the various PHI Villa umbrellas. Don’t use lighter ones as they may topple, cause injuries, get damaged, or damage other things.

Umbrella sizeAn ideal base when used with a table (lb)Perfect base without base (lb)
15ft double-sided75150
13ft double-sided twin65130
10 ft 3-tiered50100
10ft x 6.5ft50100
9ft market4080
10 ft cantileverNot applicable150+ cross-base cantilever weights

If you find challenges in finding heavy enough bases, we recommend trying the various EliteShade umbrella bases, Best Choice Products, or Abba Patio. However, ensure they fit the specific pole diameter.

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