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Proshade Umbrellas Reviews –11′ Cantilever, 10′ Auto Tilt Aluminum, Bases

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Discover Proshade umbrellas like Proshade 11′cantilever umbrella, 10′auto tilt aluminum umbrella, 11′ LED solar aluminum market umbrella, or Proshade square cantilever umbrellas.

This review will also cover Proshade umbrella bases, replacement parts and covers, installation instructions, costs/prices, and everything you will like to learn. Are these umbrellas worth your money?

Proshade Umbrellas - Proshade 11ft Cantilever Umbrella with a Base
Spectrum caribou

Proshade and Costco

Proshade umbrellas are made in China and are distributed or imported for Costco in the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Spain, France, Iceland, Australia, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

While Proshade products an exclusive sold by Costco, you can also get them at their website, https://www.proshade.com.  

Proshade manufactures intuitively designed, professional quality outdoor umbrellas and folding canopies – folding shading products.

The company strives to give you durable, trendy, and beautiful products and constantly improve their products.


The frame is a crucial consideration in picking any patio umbrella. Proshade seems to do very well here, i.e., all Proshade umbrellas have a heavy-duty, no-rust, powder-coated aluminum frame, i.e., a pole with eight ribs. Powder-coating will prevent rusting, peeling, blistering, corrosion, or chipping.

They don’t use a flimsy pole or cheap plastic parts, including on their crank, that will get damaged or break after a few uses.

Aluminum is the most popular choice of umbrella frame material as it is corrosion-resistant and lightweight. However, it is not as strong as steel as it tends to ding, dent, warp, or snap a little more easily.

On the other hand, steel is heavy and vulnerable to rusting, making it not suitable for use near a pool or where there is constant wetting or salty water.

However, don’t worry about breakages because Proshade uses heavy aluminum gauge, a reason why their parasols are also very heavy.

Finally, while the frames are relatively strong, we recommend closing your umbrella during harsh weather or strong winds or when not used to avoid breakages or damage and increase longevity.


Canopy choice is another fact that makes Proshade umbrellas a great pick. They all have Sunbrella (solution-dyed acrylic), which has the best colorfastness (won’t fade quickly), offers 98% UV protection, and is easy to clean.

Their fabric feels soft, resists stains, doesn’t rip or fray easily, and doesn’t grow mildew or mold quickly.  

However, one of the reasons why Proshade umbrellas may seem expensive is that Sunbrella is costly compared to olefin or polyester. However, it is worth the money.


These parasols come with various features to make their operation very smooth and versatile. Depending on the choice, some of the features you will have include:

  • Opening and closing – Slide the handle up to open (commercial offset/cantilever), crank lift, or 4-piece pulley systems.
  • Wind-vent(s) – A single wind-vent or double (3-tier). They help let hot air and wind escape, ensuring the umbrella is cooler and stable.
  • Tilting mechanism: Tilting is by auto-tilt (crank controlled), sideway tilt (10ftx10ft cantilever), vertical tilt (11ft cantilever), rotate canopy to tilt (11ft market with tiers). The exact mechanism depends on your choice.
  • Lights – LED lights with on/off switch, solar panel, and external AC charging adapter. LED is an excellent choice of lights as they are durable, don’t burn hot or attract insects.

However, they expected them to have a USB port to charge your phone or iPads, but it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Installation/assembly instructions

Proshade has one of the most comprehensive and clear installations/assembly instructions or guides. These installation/assembly manuals are in English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese language.

The process is easy. You don’t need special tools except what they provide in their hardware packs, especially for cantilevers.

Additionally, there are Proshade installation/assembly installations online at their official website on their every umbrella.

Finally, each has a video instruction guide to help you through the assembly process.

Proshade umbrella replacement parts

Besides clear installation instructions, Proshade excels in availing all replacement parts for their umbrella.

Whether you want a 10ft Proshade replacement canopy or Proshade 11 cantilever umbrella replacement parts, you will find them. We have the respective replacement components under each parasol review.

However, if you buy Proshade 10ft x 10ft Commercial Cantilever Umbrella, it is good to know they don’t have all the replacement parts at the moment. Also, you can only buy a whole frame, not just ribs, as the assembly happens in the factory.

That is not all, to help you do the replacement, the company has detailed instructions or guides to enable you to do your replacement at home.

Finally, it is worthwhile noting the fact that some of their replacement parts are very costly. We don’t know how the prices are justified.


The 2018 Proshade umbrella versions came with a one year, and those made from 2019 have a two-year warranty.

This warranty covers manufacturing defects, blistering, cracking, or peeling of the finish, and for fabric, it covers separation of seems.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover improper assembly, damages from lousy weather, neglect, or abuse. It also doesn’t cover fading.

Customer service/support  

Proshade is a company that stands behind its products and will listen and assist you in the best way possible.

The company has excellent customer service, and their sales representatives or customer service team are very responsive and helpful.

If you have issues in the US and Canada, you can reach them via 1-877-730-1583 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday (EST). Alternatively, you can contact them via their email address, customerservice@proshade.com


Are Proshade umbrellas durable? The answer is yes. Proshade patio umbrellas are durable and come with a warranty. If you care for and assemble them well, they should give several years of service.

However, while they are a great brand, they are not the type of wind-resistant umbrellas that go for several thousands of dollars like Poggesi, Jardinico, Luxury Homecrest, Grosfillex, FIM, Source Outdoor Furniture, or some Frankford.

Therefore, close them when not in use or during bad weather. Also, ensure you have an umbrella cover and store during off-seasons.


Proshade umbrella price ranges between $239.99 and $1,579.99. The price may look high, but we believe it’s a competitive and fair price, considering the quality, durability, and the Sunbrella fabric.

Their cantilevers come with a cover and base, making them comparable to what Purple Leaf has if you include base umbrellas. It’s a fact that Purple Leaf also has good offset or handing. However, don’t forget that most have polyester canopy.

On the other hand, their Proshade market umbrellas are slightly expensive than EliteShade or California, with some with Sunbrella fabric.


Proshade umbrellas are durable, well-made, and very sturdy. The Sunbrella fabric, the best in the market, and heavy-duty aluminum frame will ensure they will give you years of service without breaking or fading.

Secondly, they have a 2-year warranty, and the company works each year to improve their products.

Some of these umbrellas may indeed seem a little expensive. However, they are worth every penny you invest in them. You don’t want a brand you will replace after each season.

We also love that they have replacement parts, making it possible to fix any issue without having to throw away the whole parasol, and their customer service is excellent.

However, a few issues we have include the following:

  • Proshade should put wheels on all their cantilever bases to make moving the umbrella much easier.
  • They should reconsider the replacement parts prices. These costs seem on the higher side. For instance, a complete base is way cheaper than buying components separately.
  • Improve LED lights as most people have issues.

Let us now review the various Proshade umbrellas they have.

Proshade 11′ Cantilever Umbrella with a Base Review

If you need a Proshade cantilever umbrella, look no further than Proshade 11ft Cantilever Umbrellas that come in two frames a finish, i.e., gray and coffee finish with a matching base color.

These stylish umbrellas with a curvy aluminum pole and durable aluminum ribs will go beyond your expectations.

Each of these two frame finishes come with beautiful canopy colors that transform the looks of your patio, restaurant, garden, pool, or wherever you will these offset or hanging umbrellas.

They come with replacement parts, and their canopy is easy to remove (unzip it off). Also, you can rotate it 360-degree. Just close the canopy, loosen the locking ring on the top of the base and turn it to your desired angle and tighten the locking ring again.

Besides the provided hardware packs, you don’t need any special tools or skills. Just follow everything in the Proshade 11 cantilever umbrella manual or use their video guide available online.

However, not everyone is happy with the 360-rotation feature as some find it cumbersome compared to cantilevers with a foot pedal.

Proshade 11ft Cantilever Umbrella - Indigo

Finally, curvy banana shade design predisposed these handing umbrellas to rock or wobble when it is windy. Nevertheless, it can stand up to moderate winds.

Details and specs

  • Frame: Two-piece, heavy-duty no-rust aluminum pole (lower and upper) and eight strong fiberglass ribs in grey or coffee finish.
  • Pole diameter: 2.74-inch
  • Canopy: 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabric (Sunbrella fabric)
  • Canopy color for grey finish: Canvas abyss, indigo, ruby, cast shale, spectrum, spectrum caribou
  • Canopy colors for coffee finish: Spectrum mushroom and spectrum caribou
  • Features: Wind vent, 360-degree rotation, crank lift, vertical tilt for up to 90 degrees, hand crank lift, canopy unzips for easy removal
  • Colors:
  • Umbrella Dimensions: 11.22 ft (3.42m) wide by 9.51 ft (2.9ft) high
  • Base material: Poly Ethylene fillable base
  • Base dimensions: 32″ Length x 32″ Wide x 7.3″ high
  • Overall weight with and base: 76 lb. (before you add sand)
  • Umbrella weight: 48 lb.
  • Base weight: 28 lb.
  • Price: $949.99

Proshade 11′ cantilever umbrella replacement parts

You will find all the Proshade 11 cantilever umbrella replacement parts except for ribs since their assembly happens in the factory.

Proshade 11ft Cantilever Umbrella with a Base components
Umbrella, base, and cover components
Canopy fabricCastle shale, spectrum caribou, spectrum indigo, spectrum mushroom, and spectrum ruby colors$169
Crank handlebrown and grey finish  $29.99
Hardware packTwo screws, an Allen key, and a crank handle$29.99
Nylon ringPart of the crank mechanism/sliding arm assembly$29.99
Cover with rod supportCover and supporting rods$69.99  
Cover Support Rod4 linkable pieces for supporting cover$29.99
Clamp LightUses three alkaline AA batteries$39.99
Stopping Mechanism/gearBroken if the umbrella opens but doesn’t lock$39.99
Proshade 11ft cantilever base – fullHas fixed ring, standing tube, steel pole, and a complete base available in two finishes, grey or coffee$189.99
Base coverGray or coffee $69.99
Standing TubeCoffee or gray $59.99  
Black-strapTying canopy when closed$19.99
Fixed RingInstall while treads are facing up$29.99
Cover Support Rod4 linkable pieces for supporting cover$29.99
NutAvailable in grey and coffee finishes$29.99  
Upper frame without canopyAvailable in coffee or gray$499.99
Base bottom and coverAvailable in two finishes (gray and coffee)$99.99

Proshade 10′ auto-tilt aluminum umbrella review

There are two Proshade 10ft auto-tilt aluminum umbrellas, one with solar lights and the other one doesn’t have.

Details and specs

  • Frame: Powder-coated, no-rust aluminum frame with 1.5-inch pole and eight ribs
  • Fabric: Easy to clean, stain- and fade-resistant Sunbrella® fabric
  • Overall dimensions:  10ft (3m) x 8.53 ft
  • Features: Auto-tilt, wind vent, mid-section rotation, tie straps   
  • Base: Not included. Buy separately.

a). Proshade 10 aluminum umbrella with auto tilt (without lights)

Proshade 10′ aluminum umbrellas with auto tilt have a frame with either a rich grey or rich coffee finish.

The gray frame finish has auburn, brick, gateway (multi-colored striped), indigo, kiwi, pebble, regal, sand, cilantro, mushroom, and peacock canopy colors.

On the other hand, the coffee frame finish has canopies in spectrum ruby, daffodil, dove, peacock, and sesame.

Depending on the year you purchased it or the year manufacture, you could have one with rib pockets or rib screw ends. The latter helps secure the canopy to the ribs much better.

If you purchased earlier models, kindly note that the auburn, kiwi, regal, gateway indigo, and sand are New 2021 colors.

Finally, Proshade 10′ aluminum umbrella with auto tilt weights 16.5 lbs. and costs $239.99.

Proshade 10 aluminum umbrella with auto tilt - Peacock

b). Proshade 10 LED Solar Auto Tilt Aluminum Umbrella

If you want to party, get-together or dinner to go past sunset, this Proshade market umbrella with Led lights umbrella (solar-powered) is a perfect pick.

It comes in a rich grey finish and six lovely canopy colors, i.e., brick, indigo, kiwi, mushroom, pebble, and ruby. Depending on your choice, you will get one with a screw or pocket structure at the rib ends. 

Let us talk about its LED lights. It comes with a total of 40 LED lights, and each rib has five low profile, fully integrated LED strip that gives charming, Christmas like lights that everyone will find alluring.

Proshade 10′ LED Solar Auto Tilt Aluminum Umbrella also has an ON/OFF switch you can extend from the holder for easy access and a solar panel.

 We like their concept of having an AC adapter pack to help you recharge the lithium battery when using an alternative power source. Just plug it into the power source and to a port on one of the ribs.

It takes 8 hours to recharge the battery using the solar panel fully, but it will take only six hours if you use the AC adapter pack.

Once fully recharged, the lights will be on for about eight hours, which is enough time to have your party going for almost the entire night.

Proshade 10 LED Solar Auto Tilt Aluminum Umbrella - Brick Red

10 ft/10 ft LED Replacement parts

Replacement parts for both Proshade 10′ aluminum umbrellas with auto tilt without and with LED lights:

  • 10ft 45-inch grey extension pole: 59.99 (helps raise it high)
  • 9ft / 10ft bottom pole: $49.99
  • 9ft/10ft market umbrella cover: $49.99 (74″ long and Width 23″

Unique for 10ft umbrella without LED lights

  • Upper frame: $109.99
  • 9ft/10ft filial: $29.99
  • Canopy for 2017-20-2019 frame design: $149.99Auburn, cast ash, cherry, cilantro, crimson, daffodil, forest green, indigo, mushroom, peacock, ruby, regal, sand and dove colors
  • Canopy for 2020 frame design and Canopy for 2021 frame design: $149.99 (Auburn, brick, indigo, peacock, pebble, regal and sand colors)

Unique to 10 ft LED umbrella

  • Filial with battery: $39.99
  • Flat filial: $29.99
  • Solar panel: $39.99
  • LED rib ed cap (pack of 4): $29.99
  • AC adapter: 49.99 (indoor and outdoor options)
  • LED strip: $39.99
  • Upper frame without canopy: $209.99
  • Canopy for 2018-2019 frame design: $149.99 (has rib pockets and comes in cherry, indigo, mushroom, and ruby colors)
  • Canopy for 2020-2021 frame design: $149.99. Available in auburn, brick, indigo, pebble, regal and sand colors.

Proshade 11 ft market umbrellas (3-tier Wood-look Aluminum with Tilt) review

Proshade 11 ft market umbrellas are durable, elegant 3-tier double-vented patio umbrellas with a lovely wood-like looking beautiful aluminum frame and attractive canopy colors you will fall in love with immediately.

The 3-tier feature (three canopy levels with openings in between the levels that allow hot air or wind to escape quickly) and their 1.9-inch strong pole make them one of the best wind-resistant patio umbrellas to buy. Wind gusts won’t easily tip or break it.

Also, it has two tilt positions, and you can rotate it by 360 degrees. How do you tilt this Proshade umbrella? It is easy. Just tighten the base to ensure it firmly holds the pole and begin rotating the canopy. It will tilt into the two positions.

Unlike most brands with a crank-lift, it features a 4-piece pulley to open and close it and a 2-height pin position to decide the coverage or look you want (relaxed or fully open).

However, some people have found opening a challenge, especially if you are short and using it with a table.

Furthermore, they are easy to assemble, and you don’t need any tools to do so. Unfortunately, Proshade doesn’t recommend use with a table. However, if you have, ensure the umbrella hole on your table is at least 50mm. 

Finally, like the Proshade 10ft auto-tilt aluminum parasol above, these Sunbrella Proshade umbrellas 11 ft come in two versions, one has LED lights, and the other one doesn’t have these lights.

Details and specs

  • Frame: No-rust, powder-coated, aluminum frame with a 1.9-inch (48mm) pole and sturdy eight ribs.
  • Fabric: UV-, stain-, and fade-resistant solution-dyed acrylic fabric – Sunbrella 
  • Overall dimensions:  11ft (3.3m) x 8.66 ft
  • Features: Two tilt positions, 360-degree rotation, wind vent. 4-piece pulley, two-height pin position, tie straps, screw rib ends,
  • Base: It doesn’t come with a base/stand. Buy separately.

Here is additional information concerning each of these two Proshade 11ft patio umbrellas

a). Proshade 11 Ft Market Umbrella (without lights)

If you opt for the Proshade 11 Ft Market Umbrella without lights, you have eight canopy colors to pick from, i.e., auburn, cherry, flagship mist, indigo, mushroom, regal, sand, and cast shale.

The Proshade 11ft Wood-look Aluminum Umbrella with Tilt costs $419.99, and it weighs about 26.84 lb. (without the base).

Proshade 11ft Market Umbrella - Cast shale
Cast Shale

b). Proshade 11′ LED solar aluminum market umbrella

People who prefer lights will find Proshade 11 ft market umbrella with LED lights an excellent pick. It comes in eight canopy colors, i.e., auburn, cast sage, cast shale, flagship mist, indigo, ruby, sand, and spectrum cherry.

Like its 10ft counterpart, it has 40 LED lights, with each rib having a low profile fully integrated LED strip with five lights. Also, it has lithium batteries, an ON/OFF switch on the rib (which you can extend from its holder), and an AC adapter pack.

The solar takes about eight hours to fully charge the batteries while using the AC adapter pack to charge the lithium batteries takes six hours.

Once fully charged, the lights will offer illumination for about eight hours. You will love the charming, subtle light enough to dinner but not too bright to disrupt your neighbors.

Proshade 11 LED solar aluminum market umbrella price is $519.99, and it weighs about 30 without the base.

Proshade 11ft Solar LED Umbrella - Ruby

Replacement components/parts

Proshade 11 ft market umbrellas share some components while others are unique to whether you will

Shared by both:

  • Tilt mechanism: $39.99
  • Canopy fabric: $189.99. The canopies are available in auburn, brick, cast sage, regal, sand, cast shale, spectrum indigo, spectrum mushroom, and spectrum ruby.
    Rib caps 9 Pack of 4): $29.99. You can choose aluminum or wooden rib caps.
  • Chain and pin: 29.99
  • Rope Pulley with Leather Pouch: $31.99
  • Cover (95″ long x Width 23.5″ wide): $59.99

 Unique for 11ft umbrella without light

  • Wood frame: $289.99
  • Aluminum frame: $299.99
  • Filial: $39.99 (for market and wood umbrellas)

Unique for Proshade 11 LED solar aluminum market umbrella

  • Filial with batteries: $39.99
  • Solar panel: $39.99
  • LED strip: 39.99 (version 2018, 2019 and 2020, 2021)
  • AC adapter: $49.99 (for the 10 and 11 ft LED umbrellas, outdoor and indoor options)
  • LED Strip Plug (Pack of 4): $29.99
  • Solar kit: $55.99. It has filial with battery, solar panel, and AC adapter
  • Frame: $369.99 (2018, 2021, with outdoor AC adapter port

Proshade 10′ Square Cantilever Umbrella with a Base review

Proshade 10ft x 10ft Square Cantilever Umbrella is another highly functional, sturdy, durable, and charming cantilever to buy.

it is versatile, comes in lovely canopy colors, has a gray frame with a matching base, and is very easy to assemble and use. However, being vast and heavy, you need a helping hand to install it.

Opening and closing are by a hand crank, and you can tilt it vertically (by sliding the arm up or down) and tilt it sideways using a right-left crank socket.

Also, you can rotate this Proshade square cantilever umbrella 360 degrees to cover multiple places without moving it. To rotate it, use the foot pedal.

Finally, the canopy is easy to remove as it unzips off, i.e., unzip it from the top part and remove it downwards.


  • Frame: Powder-coated lightweight but strong aluminum frame (pole and eight ribs) in gray finish.
  • Canopy: UV and fade-resistant Sunbrella 
  • Canopy colors: Auburn, canvas abyss, regal, sand, cast shale, spectrum indigo, spectrum ruby, spectrum sesame.
  • Features: Wind vent, crank lift for opening or closing, vertical tilt, 360-degree rotation, crank right or left tilting (sideways), tie strap, screw rib ends.
  • Umbrella weight: 82 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions: 10 ft wide x 10ft long x 9.08 ft high (3m W x 3m L x 2.77m high).
  • Extras: Full umbrella cover
  • Base dimensions: 33 long x 33 inches wide x 9 inches high.
  • Base weight: 36 lbs. before filling it.
  • Price: $1,049.99
Proshade 10ft x 10ft Square Cantilever Umbrella

Replacement parts

Proshade 10×10 Square Cantilever Umbrella replacement parts/components are as follows:

  • Proshade umbrella cover with support roads: $69.99 (97 inches long by 27 inches wide)
  • Connectable support rods for cover (3): $29.99
  • Steel wrench: $29.99
  • Canopy fabrics: $188.99 each; available colors are cast shale, spectrum indigo, ruby or sesame
  • Crank: $29.99
  • Inverted base stem: $29.99
  • Base hardware package: 29.99
  • Umbrella hardware package: $29.99
  • Base tube: $29.99
  • The rotation part of the base: $79.99
  • Base cover: $79.99
  • Complete base set: $239.99
  • Frame without canopy: $789.99
  • Upper frame without pole: $549.99
  • The plastic cover piece over base hardware: $14.99

Proshade 10ft x 10ft Commercial Cantilever Umbrella with a base review

This Proshade square cantilever umbrella will be an excellent pick for someone who needs a durable, reliable, and superior quality brand to use in their commercial spaces.

It is ideal for commercial usage as it features a heavy-duty, simplistic design with very basic features. It doesn’t have a crank lift (for opening or closing) or even a tilt mechanism.

The opening is pushing the button on the handle and lifting while 360-degree rotation is by use of a handle designated for this job.

Details and specs

  • Frame: Powder-coated, heavy-duty aluminum frame (pole and eight ribs) silver finish,
  • Canopy: UV and fade-resistant 100% solution dyed acrylic fabric  
  • Canopy colors: Natural or toast.
  • Features: Wind vent, lift handle to open, 360-degree rotation to 10 fixed positions using a handle, tie strap, screw rib ends.
  • Umbrella weight: 131 pounds
  • Overall dimensions: 10 ft wide x 10ft long x 8.59 ft high (3m W x 3m L x 2.6m high).
  • Extras: Full umbrella cover
  • Base dimensions: 37 long x 37 inches wide x 9 inches high.
  • Base weight: 66 lbs. before filling it and about 400 lbs. when filled with sand and water.
  • Price: $1,579.99
Pro Shade 10ft x 10ft Commercial Cantilever Umbrella - Natural

Replacement parts

Unlike others we have seen, this commercial umbrella doesn’t have all its replacement parts, i.e., there are no replacement canopy or frame.

The available Proshade 10×10′ commercial cantilever umbrella replacement parts or components are:

  • Hardware pack: $29.99
  • Base hardware pack: $29.99
  • Base: $69.99

Proshade Umbrella bases and other accessories

All Proshade cantilever umbrellas come with a base, i.e., there are Proshade 10x10ft commercial, 10ft x 10ft, 11ft, and 11ft cantilever umbrella bases with the 11ft base having wheels. Also, you can buy them separately.  

On the other hand, their market umbrella types don’t come with bases and you need to buy them separately and currently, there are no Proshade bases for your market or center pole brands.

Our first pick of a base is Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand w/ Easy Rolling Base (up to 125lb) which can accommodate the two, i.e., can hold 1-3/8-inch to 2-1/16-inch poles.

Alternatively, you can buy Best Choice Products Fillable Heavy-Duty Market Stand w/ 4 Wheels, 2 Locks, 123lb Capacity. There are many other excellent brands too.

However, if using your market umbrella with a stand, you need bases that are 50-55 lb. in weight and ensure they can accommodate the pole diameters.

Besides the above, additional accessories are:

Proshade clamp light

Compatible with any of the Proshade umbrellas without LED lights. It uses three alkaline AA batteries which are not included. Buy them separately.

Price: $39.99.

Proshade 11ft Cantilever Umbrella – Full Base Set with Wheels

If you have a Proshade 11ft cantilever umbrella and you would like a base with wheels, this is an excellent choice, available both in gray or coffee colors to match your frame.

Price: $359.99

Proshade umbrella covers

While looking at each, we did mention covers and we don’t intend to repeat them. The only issue we would like to insist on is that the Proshade cantilever umbrella cover and those for a market type are different. Also, each cover fits a certain umbrella size.  

How to tilt Proshade umbrellas?

We have seen multiple issues on how to tilt Proshade umbrellas, and it depends on which exact one you have.

The 10ft market types are tiltable by auto-tilt, where you continue cranking it after it has fully opened, and it will begin to tilt.

On the other hand, the 11ft market type has only two tilt positions, and you will tilt them by holding the canopy at one rib and turning it. Doing so makes them tilt and rotate 360 degrees.

What about cantilevers? Can you also tilt them? Yes and no. The 10ft square commercial umbrella isn’t tiltable, while the 10ft square cantilever is tiltable sideways using a crank and vertically sliding it along the pole.

Finally, if you have Proshade 11ft cantilever umbrella, you can only tilt it vertically using the crank.

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