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Sunnyglade 18″ 22-lbs Outdoor Living Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Patio Umbrella Base Review

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The 18″ 22lbs Sunnyglade Patio Umbrella base is a charming stand ideal for small umbrellas used with a table. Don’t use is a standalone (not heavy enough).

It has a beautiful decoration, an attractive bronze finish, and can work for umbrella poles measuring 1.5 and 1.8 inches (38mm and 48mm diameter).

Sunnyglade 18″ 22-lbs Outdoor Living Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Patio Umbrella Base
Color: Bronze
Ideal forMarket patio umbrellas and half market patio umbrellas
Pole diameter38mm and 48mm with couplers for these two pole sizes.
BrandSunnyglade Patio
Material of constructionDecorated cast stone bronze finish
Weight22 pounds
Size18-inch (46.5cm) diameter
Overall height13.5 cm
PriceStarting $89.99 for new

What we liked

  • The beautiful decorations and bronze finish make a stand to look great anywhere you will use it.
  • Since it is made using cast concrete, it won’t corrode or rust. Expect many years of service.
  • Besides the securing hand-turned know on the holder, it has two couplers, each for 1.38″ and 1.8″ pole diameters size to help secure your pole to the base firmly.
  • Has a broad base for increased stability


  • It’s light in weight, making it unsuitable for large umbrellas.
  • It’s costly. The cheaper ones are used.

What users are saying

“Heavier than I expected, but I was able to assemble it easily inside and carry out on my deck. I needed something attractive to replace the green plastic, water-filled one I’d been using under my dining table the past couple of years. I didn’t need to use the plastic inner ring for the pole- good enough with just the outer ring. Looks good and is holding my umbrella strong in high winds and rain.” Amazon.com

“It doesn’t hold up our sunny glade umbrella without tipping over from time to time. When the umbrella is closed, it doesn’t tip over, but if the umbrella is open and there is a breeze, it can tip over. We have it poolside in our backyard, and we always have a slight breeze back there. I ended up giving it three stars for sturdiness and stability because it doesn’t ALWAYS fall over…” Amazon.com

“This worked great at first. About a month in half in the piece that holds the umbrella broke off the base. It seems to have rusted out. I need to tell you that I am diligent in taking down my umbrella and covering the patio furniture before the rain. The umbrella base was covered as well. It was not exposed to a lot of water, so I believe it may have been already weak.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

While it is quite attractive and has a broad base for extra stability, This Sunnyglade base is not heavy enough to hold down the umbrella without toppling. Buy it if you have a small umbrella (six feet or below), and you intend to use it through a table.

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