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Sunnyglade 18.9″ 4Pcs 13L Fan Shaped Water/Sand Filled Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base Review

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This decorated fan-shaped four pieces of base weights (plates) for the cantilever umbrella is an alluring and excellent choice for cantilever umbrellas. It will work with most cross-bases is heavy enough to hold down even a large cantilever umbrella.

Sunnyglade 18.9″ 4Pcs 13L Fan Shaped Water Sand Filled Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base
Color: Black,, Buy at Amazon

Details and specifications

Ideal forCantilever or offset patio umbrella with a cross base
Material of constructionHeavy-duty HDPE plastic
Weight132 lb (each 29 lb) when filled with water and 176 lb when filled with sand
Dimensions18.9 x 2.95 inches (Diameter x Height)

What we liked

  • This Sunnyglade patio umbrella base for cantilever umbrellas is affordable, sturdy, and durable. The heavy-duty HDPE plastic used is durable, sturdy, and long-lasting.
  • It offers sufficient weight to stabilize large cantilever umbrellas, including those that are 11 feet in size.
  • Beautiful fun-like design and decoration. It will be a great addition to your patio, backyard, poolside, deck, or commercial spaces.
  • Easy to use. Just fill it with water or sand and place the weights on your cross-base.


  • It lacks connectors or hooks to link the four pieces together. These connectors would ensure the four plates of weights stably hold your umbrella’s cross-base.

What users are saying

“These weights look fantastic. Much better than the water bag system that came with our offset umbrella. Because the weight is split up into four compartments, it is so much easier to move the umbrella when needed. Do not expect to fill these with water if you live in an area that has freezing temps. This took about 2.75 50lb bags of sand in total. Use a funnel. Make sure your stand has a lip extending from the crossbars as these weights need something to set on top of. I only wish there was a connector between the weights to hold them together. I am afraid the wind pushing on the umbrella will cause them to shift. We shall see.” Amazon.com

“Fits perfect on our cantilever umbrella vase. Picked location for an umbrella, pulled hose to location and then filled each of the four units. Unfilled pieces are very light but very heavy when filled. We used only water (no sand or gravel), and it works fine.  I would buy this again.” Amazon.com

“The overall idea and product are ok, but this product has a major design flaw. There is another model on amazon that allows you to connect the weights with a sturdy wire bar that connects two weights and also goes over the cross-base bar so that if the wind blows hard, the base weights don’t slide off the crossbar and the umbrella falling over.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

This base is one of the best and most charming cantilever umbrella bases that will work with most cross bases. It will provide enough force to stabilize your umbrella down even in windy places.  However, since it lacks connectors, their weights may slide off the cross-base as the wind shakes them.

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