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Sunnyglade 30 lb Central Pole Umbrella Base Stand with Wide Rattan Design Review

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People with a small to medium market patio umbrella, 9ft or below, will find this stand with a wide rattan design a charming attraction to their outdoor décor, be it in your patio, garden, pool, deck, or even in commercial locations. You can fill it with water, and it will be about 30 lbs, while if filled with sand, it will weigh more.

Sunnyglade 30 lb Central Pole Umbrella Base Stand with Wide Rattan Design
Color: Black, Buy at Amazon

Details and specifications

Ideal forMarket patio umbrellas and half market patio umbrellas
Pole diameter1.5″ or 1.9″
BrandSunnyglade Patio
Material of constructionUV Stabilized polymer plastic 
Central pole materialHardened steel umbrella pole with two hand-turned knobs
Umbrella holderSteel with one hand-turned knob
Weight31 lb when filled with water (can hold 14 liters of water)
SizeAbout 18 inches diameter
Overall height11.8″ when with the holding pole with the plastic 3.54 inches high

What we liked

  • This Sunnyglade patio umbrella base or stand is aesthetically appealing and will transform the look of where you place it. Its wide rattan design (woven-like) and black color is something you will like.
  • The strong still holding tube and the UV protected polymer plastic will ensure this stand lasts a long time without fading or getting damaged.
  • The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee and a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Easy to assemble and use. Once you have put it together, you can fill it with either sand or water.


  • Some users have reported that their center pole that holds your umbrella spins and wobbles a little bit.

What users are saying

“Great umbrella stands that I use under my bistro table. Very clear instructions with hardware made it a snap to put together. Lightweight when empty, it is hard to move when filled with water. Highly recommended!” Amazon.com

“I did blow over in the wind and ended at the bottom of the pool. Not so good. I guess the base is not weighted down enough with water. It was gusts of wind up to 40 mph. It will hold up for most daily use. I have not replaced it. I did move it further away from the pool. It looks nice and holds up to most breezes.” Amazon.com

“This did not secure my 8-foot umbrella. The whole stand tipped while completely filled with water and smashed my glass table. Luckily a few of us only had a couple of small cuts, and no children were hurt. I believe this is meant for smaller umbrellas, and that should be stated. Now I have continual pieces of glass being found even after using a shop vac multiple time. Customer service is not available due to covid-19, and I need a refund! Use at your own risk!!!” Amazon.com

Our verdict

Buy Sunnyglade 30 lb Central Pole Umbrella Base with Wide Rattan Design with Steel Umbrella Holder Water Filled Umbrella Base Stand if you have a small umbrella, not more than 9ft feet and you intend to use it with a table (through a table). Otherwise, it cannot weigh down a free-standing umbrella without tumbling.

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