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Sunnyglade 40 lb Half Moon Shaped Water Filled Patio Umbrella Base Stand Review

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This stylish, decorated market patio umbrella or half market patio umbrellas stand by Sunnyglade Patio will add allure to your outdoor décor in your garden, patio, deck, pool, or even in commercial spaces like hotels, villas, water park, barbecue bar, beauty salon, or any other rest and leisure areas. It is ideal for 1.5″ or 1.9″, and you can fill it with sand, wet cement, or water.

Sunnyglade 40 lb Half Moon Shaped Water Filled Patio Umbrella Base Stand
Color: Black

Details and specifications

Ideal forMarket patio umbrellas and half market patio umbrellas
Pole diameter1.5″ or 1.9″
BrandSunnyglade Patio
Material of constructionHDPE Plastic
Umbrella pole holderSteel with two hand-turned knobs
Weight40 lb when filled with water
Size45.5 cm diameter.
Overall height14″ when with the holding pole with the plastic 6.3 inches

What we liked

  • This Sunnyglade Patio umbrella base features a half-moon revolutionary design allows you to put it so close to the wall. Also, it takes very little of your space.
  • Durable and great looking. The decorative patterns and a nice finish that doesn’t fade quickly, thanks to the sturdy HDPE Plastic.
  • The adjustable piston will accommodate a 1.5″ or 1.9″ umbrella pole diameter.
  • Affordable


  • The metallic umbrella holder on the stand doesn’t securely hold to the plastic base. Therefore, it tends to tilt and spin inside the plastic container, making it not suitable for windy places

What users are saying

“Bought this stand to go with my half umbrella to use on my balcony. So far, it’s done a wonderful job keeping the umbrella put on windy days, and we haven’t tripped over it. It’s lightweight when empty but once filled, is just heavy enough not to move. I’ve already recommended it to my neighbors.” Amazon.com

“Heavy-duty. I thought it was going to be cheaply made but, after it arrived, we were so glad that I paid for this better quality one. It was pretty easy to install. The sand was a little bit of a pain to pour, but, all and all, it was a great purchase. The tree design is just an added bonus. I would recommend buying this one over the many I looked at.” Amazon.com

“By far, the worst umbrella stand I have ever used. Good concept, awful execution. The base is solid when filled with water; however, the pole is a sloppy mess that tilts and spins in the plastic container. There is no way to secure the pole to the base. It just sits on the ground and flops all around.”

Our verdict

People have a half market patio umbrella you intend to use through a table, should take advantage of this great looking stand will serve you well,

However, if you want to use it for free-standing umbrellas, it won’t hold up well and may topple from time to time since it has a smaller base area.

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