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Sunnyglade 4Pcs, 176lb Square Water/Sand Filled Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base Review

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This Sunnyglade Patio Water or Sand fillable 4Pcs Offset Umbrella Base Cantilever Base Weights Plate/panel Set features four panels and U locking hooks for holding the panels together.  Each panel is 33 lb and 44 lb when filled with water or sand, sufficient to use with even more oversized cantilever umbrellas.  

It is charming, durable, heavy, will work with most cantilever umbrella bases, blend well with powder-coated steel bases, and transform the looks of your patio, garden, pool, deck, or commercial spaces. You don’t have to use concrete weights or pavers.

Sunnyglade 4Pcs, 176lb Square Water Sand Filled Cantilever Offset Umbrella Base
Color: Black

Details and specification

Ideal forCantilever or offset patio umbrella with a cross arm
BrandSunnyglade  Patio
Material of constructionHeavy-duty HDPE plastic
Weight176 lb when filled with sand
Dimensions39.7x 39.7 x 3 inches (L x W x H).

What we liked

  • The heavy-duty HDPE plastic is weather-resistant, waterproof, UV protected, and very sturdy. It will last for a long time and will not fade.
  • Very heavy. Since it weighs 132 pounds (60kg) when filled with water and 176 pounds (80kg) when filled with sand, it will help stabilize even large cantilever patio umbrellas.
  • It is beautiful looking
  • This Sunnyglade patio umbrella base works with many cantilever cross-bases bases. However, consider their thickness and height.
  • Easy to use and store. Just fill it with sand or water before using it and empty the plates when you want to keep them.


  • It doesn’t fit with some bases, especially those that are wider or higher. The wider will make it impossible to place the U hooks, while those with higher will make the hooks to float or enter shallowly.
  • Not easy to fill it with sand

What are users saying

“Super easy to use and does the job! It DOES fit on the ABBA 11-foot offset cantilever umbrella absolutely perfectly, though it’s a smidge larger than the one they use but hey, more stability.” Amazon.com

“Filled with water and used it with an 11ft umbrella. Saw a few that said they had leaks with these when they were delivered. I have not had any so far. Might fill with sand to bump the weight up a little more, however.” Amazon.com

“This product, unfortunately, has an improper description. It is advertised as universal and fits any cantilever-style umbrella base; however, that’s not true. The base that I have has a mechanism that allows the umbrella to rotate, and the base weight does not fit properly underneath this mechanism, therefore making one out of four of these weights useless.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

Sunnyglade Patio Heavy-Duty Water or Sand Cantilever Weighted Umbrella Base is without a double an excellent choice and buy. It is worth every penny you spend on it. However, ensure matches well with your umbrellas cross base (height and thickness).

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