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Sunnyglade 4pcs 200lb Square Patio Umbrella Base Stand Water Filled for All Cross Tiles Review

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Add vibe to your outdoor décor with this very appealing Sunnyglade Patio Heavy-Duty Water or Sand Filled Cantilever Weighted Umbrella Base with a total weight of up to 200 lb when filled with sand. It will work with most cross bases of cantilever umbrellas, is durable, and fade resistant.

Sunnyglade 4pcs 200lb Square Patio Umbrella Base Stand Water Filled for All Cross Tiles
Color: Black

Details and specification

Ideal forCantilever or offset patio umbrella with a cross base
Material of constructionHeavy-duty HDPE plastic
Weight200 lb when filled with sand and about 150 when filled with water
Dimensions20 x 20 x 4.7inch (L x W x H)

What we liked

  • It’s durable. The heavy-duty HDPE plastic is sturdy, waterproof, weather-resistant, has UV protection to prevent fading. It will last season after season without changing its color.
  • Very easy to fill with sand or water as well as use.
  • When filled with sand, the 200 lb weight is enough to hold even large cantilevers umbrellas in places with high winds and harsh weather.
  • It is lovely and will add a classy vibe to your garden, patio, poolside, deck, or commercial places where you will use it.
  • Easy to fill spout


  • This Sunnyglade patio umbrella base is not universal, i.e., it may not work with all cantilever umbrellas as stated.
  • It’s pricey

What users are saying

“Nice build quality with an easy-fill design. They look good with the umbrella setup, and I recommend them. The fill plug screws in for a nice seal (it’s not a little nub like other cheap design options.)” Amazon.com

“Support was the perfect stability of the umbrella. It withstood a 70-mile wind from a micro-burst we had in the area. Umbrella never moved.” Amazon.com

“This is a well-built umbrella base, but very hard to fill with play sand. I filled one, only to discover it will not even work with the cantilever umbrella I bought. Now how the heck to get the sand out, to return is beyond me. Worst $120 I have spent. Make sure it will work with your particular cantilever umbrella BEFORE purchasing” Amazon.com

Our verdict

This easy to use, durable and heavy base weights is all you need to stabilize your large cantilever umbrella. However, while marketed as universal, Sunnyglade Patio Heavy-Duty Water or Sand Cantilever Weighted Umbrella Base may not work for all cantilever umbrella cross base.

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