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Sunnyglade 9′ Solar 24 LED Lighted Umbrella Review

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With the Sunnyglade 9′ Solar 24 LED Lighted Umbrella, your party, barbecue, conversation, a moment of relaxation, or family dinner in your deck, patio, yard, poolside, or yard will go on after sunset, thanks to the magical ambiance and Christmas-like LED lights it has.

This beautiful-looking umbrella that is the #4 bestseller in Patio Umbrellas at Amazon.com will provide a shade of 57 square feet for 4-6 chairs and 42-54 round, square or rectangular tables. It is suitable for both residential and commercial places, and it comes in five great colors, i.e., red, light tan, teal blue, and dark green, as well as black and white (striped)

 Specification and details

TypePatio market umbrella
ManufacturerSunnyglade Patio
Size9 feet
Canopy shapeRound (octagon)
Fabric type 100% Polyester
Fabric colorRed, light tan, teal blue, dark green, black and white (striped)
FrameAluminum pole and steel ribs
Pole material and diameter1.5 inches (38mm) bronze aluminum pole 
Wind ventBasic vent to allow air to escape and help keep the air beneath the umbrella cool.
Ribs 8 powder-coated steel ribs
Overall heightAbout 8 feet
Crank heightAbout 44 inches (3.66ft)
Base or standBuy separately
Opening mechanismCrank
Tilt mechanismPush-button tilt
Extras24 LED lights with an on/off switch, white LED light, LiFePO4,3.2V,500mAh battery, and 4.5V,112mA solar panel on top of the umbrella canopy.
Price range$69.99

What we liked

  • The 24 solar-powered LED lights with an on/off, three on each rib, can be on for about six hours once the battery is fully charged. These lights don’t burn hot, won’t damage your fabric, attract insects, and will last for a very long time. You don’t have to struggle with codes and nearby power sources, thanks to the solar panel on top of the umbrella that will keep the battery for the lights charged.
  • Colorful, waterproof 100% polyester fabric will offer UV protection, ensuring you don’t suffer from any of the effects of long-term exposure to UV rays. 
  • The bronze-finished aluminum pole and eight steel ribs will ensure your umbrella remains standing even when there are mild breezes.
  • The crank makes opening and closing easy, while the push-button tilt will help you tilt your canopy to keep you in the shade throughout the day.
  • It is easy to assemble (has standardized assembly instructions)
  • Easy clean and maintain.
  • Value for money


  • The aluminum pole that this Sunnyglade 9ft patio umbrella is prone to warping or breaking when there are wind gusts.
  • The polyester canopy fades after some time.

User reviews – what are users saying?

“I am quite happy with this umbrella. It’s lightweight, making it easy to open and close. Very attractive. Water-resistant. Provides great shade for my deck. The solar feature is awesome I especially like the fact that there’s an on/off switch for the lights so that the lights won’t be on when the umbrella is down. It charges even when in the off position. The lights are not too bright and provide just the right amount of lighting without looking gaudy.” Amazon.com

“When I purchased this, my husband gave me the look of “why do we need another patio umbrella?” But I had to point out it was solar. We were both skeptical about how well the solar would work. We are shocked. We live in Vancouver, where the sun is a treasure. It still gets enough sunlight to power the lights all night. He turns the on about 9 pm to watch for our cat and says it is still on in the morning. I am going to pick up a second.” Amazon.com

“I really like this umbrella, and everything was going great until the second day of enjoying it. We had some moderate wind yesterday, and the pole kinked when the wind caught the umbrella! The pole is definitely a thin metal aluminum type material, so it bent so easily; however, I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly! Now, what am I supposed to do?! An inexpensive umbrella is only a good deal if you don’t have to buy replacement parts less than a week into using it. I’m definitely disappointed, but I guess you get what you pay for? I’m just glad no one was hurt.” Amazon.com


Buy this Sunnyglade patio umbrella if you fond of hosting parties, dinners, romantic dates, and so on that go beyond sunset. However, you must be ready to take outstanding care of it since it tends to be fragile and may break in windy conditions. Always close it during storms or when it is very windy.

Finally, suppose you need an umbrella with lights to allow you to continue working. In that case, you will go for those with light for reading, consider investing in a separate light source or buy patio umbrellas with disc lights or solar bulbs.

Matched weights

Sunnyglade Patio Company recommends Sunnyglade 18” 30.2-lbs Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Umbrella Base for Patio, Outdoor – Bronze. However, only use this Sunnyglade umbrella base with a table. Otherwise, you will need a stand with more weight.

More about Sunny Patio

Sunnyglade Patio Umbrellas are sold by a Chinese company, Tregards LLC, whose address is Maoling Down 30, Diaomen Beichan Dinghai, Zhoushan, ZHEJIANG, 316000 China.

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