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Sunnyglade 9ft Patio Market Umbrella Replacement Outdoor Top Canopy with 8 Ribs Review

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Sunnyglade 9ft patio market umbrella replacement canopy isn’t just for Sunnyglade patio market umbrella but any other 9 feet, 8-rib frame with each rib measuring 52 to 54 inches long. It will work well with various frame and rib materials.

However, besides the canopies, there are no other Sunnyglade umbrella replacement parts available for sale, i.e., they don’t sale the frame (in case yours broke).

What we liked

  • These replacement canopies are beautiful. They come in blue, tan, red, green, beige, black and white (striped), blue and white (striped), green and blue (striped), red and white (stripped) colors that will make your patio, deck, garden, backyard, pool, and other residential areas looking great. You can also use it in your commercial locations.
  • It is universal, i.e., it can work fiberglass, wooden, aluminum, or steel frames so long as it has eight ribs, and each rib measures 52-54 inches.
  • The 180g per meter polyester fabric offers you protection from UV light, is waterproof, and will take a while before it begins losing its colors.
  • Easy to replace (follow simple assembly instruction)
  • Easy to clean


  • The stitching isn’t done so well, i.e., the craftsmanship isn’t up to the best standards.
  • The fabric quality is a little flimsy and thin.

What users are saying

“If I could give this product 10 stars, I would. Instead of having to purchase a new umbrella for $55+, I took a chance on this product, and it definitely delivered! Very easy to put onto the umbrella frame. My 9″ umbrella has ribs that measured 52,” and the canopy fit PERFECTLY. Very vibrant colors and quality material. I have now bought 5 of these canopies (yes, I have a lot of umbrellas!).” Amazon.com

“Nearly twenty years ago, my wife and I purchased a rather expensive set of Homecrest patio furniture. Inevitably, the fabrics, including the umbrella, rotted to the point that we had to replace all of the fabric parts. We couldn’t obtain a new umbrella top, so we purchased another rather expensive umbrella. It, too, fell apart and needed replacing the fabric. I searched for replacements and “cheaped out” by purchasing one of these replacement canopies. I was able to make the switch in less than ten minutes and now have, for all intents and purposes, a new high-quality patio umbrella for less than twenty bucks. Even if it only lasts for a couple of years, I can replace it again and again for less than the cost of a new fancy one. I like it!!” Amazon.com

“Stitch density is too far apart and sloppy. I ordered 2 of these, tan and blue. The blue one had torn threads. I asked for a replacement; it came quickly in 2 days. The replacement has two small holes in it. From the nylon polyester material, it could have been from cigarette burns. I keep both of them anyway. Quality Control was out. However, the material itself is of good quality. It should last 2-3 years under the elements.” Amazon.com

Our verdict

If you need a canopy replacement to serve you for a few years, this Sunnyglade is a good pick considering it goes for only twenty bucks. However, don’t just buy it because your umbrella is 9 feet. Measure each rib and ensure they are between 52-54 inches in length.

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