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Sunnyglade 9Ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella (Iron Pole) Review

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This Sunnyglade 9ft patio umbrella with a 40mm iron pole is a sturdy choice that can withstand wind gusts better than aluminum. It will provide a 57 square feet shade ideal for round, square, or rectangular tables measuring 42-54 inches and 4-6 chairs or two pool loungers.

You can use it on your deck, patio, garden, swimming pool, or even in commercial locations, and everyone will like its brilliant colors.

Sunnyglade 9Ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella (Iron Pole)
Color: Red

Details and specifications

TypePatio market umbrella
ManufacturerSunnyglade Patio
Size9 feet
Canopy shapeRound (octagon)
Fabric type 100% Polyester
Fabric colorBlue, red, tan, dark green, and grass green   
FramePowder-coated iron
Pole material and diameterPowder-coated 40mm diameter (1.5748 inches) iron pole 
Wind ventSingle vent
Ribs 8 powder-coated iron ribs
Base or standBuy separately
Opening mechanismCrank
Tilt mechanismPush-button tilt
Overall height8.16 feet  
Height to ribs6.5 feet 
Crank height44 inches (3.66 feet)
Price range$45.99

What we liked

  • The sturdy, strong iron pole is powder-coated to prevent rusting, chipping, peeling, or corrosion. It will not break easily.
  • 100% polyester canopies in five colors offer UV protection, are waterproof, and don’t fade quickly.
  • It is easy to open and close using the crank system, and you can block the sun throughout the day, thanks to the easy-to-use push-button tilt feature.
  • Easy to assemble (comes with standardized instructions) and maintain (clean)
  • It’s affordable


  • While more robust than aluminum, iron tends to rust more, especially if you live in places where things corrode a lot or the powder-coating comes off.
  • It fades much sooner during very sunny days

What people are saying

“I’ve only had my umbrella up for about a week, so that time may make a difference, but so far, I am impressed by the quality of this inexpensive patio umbrella. Less than half of what I paid for my last one – on sale! The color is very vibrant. It opens and closes easily. The construction seems sturdy…so far, no complaints about the cost of it. I figure if I can get a year or 2 out of it, it was well worth it. I’m thinking, though, that it will probably last longer than that. I would recommend to others if they want to spruce up their patio table without breaking the bank.” Amazon.com

I ordered 2 of these and 30 lb bases. On the 3rd day of use, a mildly breezy day in June in California, both knocked over, even while in their bases, and upon falling, the cheap metal frame that holds up the canvass bent enough that it eventually just broke and fell on my head (as I was sitting under it). I continued to try to use them for that one day (it was my birthday, and I was sitting in my yard celebrating), and they are both bent and broken to the point of unusable ridiculousness. I’m glad I didn’t get hurt, but I’m furious at the utter waste of money. Amazon.com

“I ordered two of these in blue to put around my new pool. I was very impressed with them, so I bought 4 more, 2 more blue and 2 tan/ beige. They seem to be well made and very sturdy. The attached tie straps were a nice surprise too! For the money, I believe these will be hard to beat, but time will tell…” Amazon.com


For less than $46, this Sunnyglade 9ft patio umbrella is a deal of the year. However, only buy it if you intend to use it in places that are not very windy and close it whenever it is windy.

Ideal stand

A wrong stand may be a reason why your umbrella tumbles whenever there is a small breeze.  We noticed the Sunnyglade patio recommends the Sunnyglade 18″ 30.2-lbs Heavy Duty Round Antiqued Umbrella Base for Patio, Outdoor – Bronze. Yes. This may hold this Sunnyglade umbrella when used with a table and in the absence of strong wind gusts.

However, if you use it as standalone or you want it to be more stable, consider a stand with a heavier weight like 90 pounds for standalone and 45 pounds when used through patio tables. The 40lb and 55lb Sunnyglade umbrella base can work if used with a table.

About Sunnyglade Patio

Sunnyglade Patio Umbrellas are sold by a Chinese company, Tregards LLC, whose address is Maoling Down 30, Diaomen Beichan Dinghai, Zhoushan, ZHEJIANG, 316000 China.

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