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Sunnyglade Patio Umbrellas Reviews

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Sunnyglade Patio Umbrellas are one of the most affordable, highly rated, and trendy umbrella brands designed and manufactured by Sunnyglade Patio® Company.

Sunny Patio is owned by Tregards LLC based in Maoling Down 30, Diaomen Beichan Dinghai, Zhoushan, ZHEJIANG, 316000 China.

Sunnyglade 9′ Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella (Aluminum Pole)
Color: Beige, Buy at Amazon.

Besides patio umbrellas, replacement canopies, and bases, Sunnyglade also manufactures and sells artificial Christmas trees, garden furniture sets, awnings, popup canopy tents, or gazebos.


There are a total of five Sunnyglade market patio umbrellas (one 7.5 feet, three 9 feet, and one 11 feet) and one 10 ft. Sunnyglade cantilever umbrella (offset umbrella).

Of the 9 feet umbrellas, one has LED lights, and the other one is made with an aluminum frame (pole and ribs), while the last one has an iron frame.

Finally, you can also buy the 9 feet replacement canopy designed for any umbrella so long as it has eight ribs and the ribs measure 52 to 54 inches long.

Canopy fabric

All Sunnyglade umbrellas are made with 180g, 100% polyester that, according to the manufacturer, is waterproof, doesn’t fade quickly, and is waterproof.

Polyester is, without a doubt, an excellent choice of canopy fabric. It is strong, resistant to stretching or chemicals, and retains its shape. It is also easy to clean, dries fast, and affordable, and doesn’t grow mold or mildew.

However, in terms of colorfastness, it ranks behind Sunbrella and Olefin canopy fabrics. Also, it doesn’t naturally offer protection from UV. Fortunately, most materials used to make umbrella canopies are pre-treated with UV-inhibiting ingredients or sun-protective substances.

What we liked about the Sunnyglade polyester canopy is the extensive array of lovely colors. You cannot fail to get a colorful and charming canopy that will transform your patio, garden, deck, balcony, or wherever you intend to use any of these umbrellas.

On the downside, these polyester canopies fade quickly. The solution-dyed polyester fabric would have performed better.

Also, Sunnyglade doesn’t indicate how much UV protection they offer, and there are a few complaints that this fabric allows some mist when it rains, i.e., it isn’t thick enough to offer 100% water protection.

The frame (pole and ribs)

Sunnyglade patio umbrellas come in three frame material, and all have 8 ribs except the 7.5 feet umbrella with 6 ribs.

On frame material (pole and ribs), the 7.5 feet (with a 38mm or 1.5 inches diameter pole) and one 9 feet (with a pole diameter of 40mm) umbrella have an aluminum frame. The 9 feet LED lighted umbrella has a 38mm aluminum pole but steel ribs and while the third 9 feet has an iron frame (with a 40mm pole).

If you want the 10 feet cantilevers (with a 2-inch pole) or the 11 feet (38mm pole) umbrellas, they are both have steel frames (ribs and pole).

All the frames (pole and ribs) are powder-coated, ensuring they don’t peel, chip, corrode or rust easily.

a). Aluminum vs. iron vs. steel?

Aluminum frames (pole and ribs) are strong, light-weight, rust and corrosion-resistant, perform well in icy conditions where steel may become brittle, and is affordable. However, since it is malleable and elastic, it bends, dings, and warps easily.

Iron is stronger and cheaper than aluminum, but it is heavier and vulnerable to rusting and corrosion. However, with proper powder coating, rusting can be mitigated.

Finally, steel is the strongest, hardest, and heaviest of the three. It is cheaper than aluminum, doesn’t dent or bend easily. However, like but like iron, steel is vulnerable to rusting and corrosion.

b). Are they strong and sturdy?

Besides being vulnerable to rusting, umbrellas with iron or steel frame are sturdier than those made of an aluminum frame or pole.

The Sunnyglade Patio aluminum poles used are flimsy and very thin. Expect them to bend, break or warp if you live in a windy place or placed under wind gusts. Perhaps, Sunnyglade should consider going for commercial grade aluminum frames.

On the other hand, while they hold a little better than aluminum, steel or iron poles used are still weak, making them not ideal for people who live in windy places.

c). Bottomline

All the Sunnyglade Patio umbrellas frames are not suitable for places that have high winds. Also, ensure you close them when it is windy or during storms to prevent breakages.


These umbrellas come with more or less standard features you will find in most brands that include the following:

a). Crank to open or close and push-button tilt

All the market or table type umbrellas are opened by cranking and tilted via push button tilt. However, cantilever, opening, or closing is via a crank system, but to tilt it, lift the handle and move it to various locking positions.

b). Air vent

They all have a basic air vent to allow wind or hot air to escape, which will help prevent overheating (air below the canopy) and breakages (would trap wind).

c). LED light

People who have parties, get-togethers, meetings, BBQs, dinner, and so on that may go beyond sunset can go for the Sunnyglade 9′Solar 24 LED Lighted Umbrella. The LED lights won’t attract insects, burn hot (will not damage canopy fabric), and lose long.

The LED lights will charge during the day, and once fully charged, they can run for about six hours.

However, their subtle light may not be suitable for reading or something that needs a more focused light source.

d). Securing straps

When not in use, you can close secure them well with the strap attached to its canopy.

e). What is lacking

All Sunnyglade Patio umbrellas don’t auto-tilt mechanism that uses the crank system. Some people will find it inconveniencing and cumbersome to use the push-button tilt.

Also, they lack advanced features you may find in a few brands, such as a USB port for charging, Bluetooth speakers, etcetera. 


These umbrellas are durable and will serve you for several years if you use them well. Get correct base weights, clean and store them during off-seasons, close and cover them when not in use and close them with it is windy or stormy.

However, their canopies will fade, and, in some instances, their poles may break, ding, or warp if open during high winds.

Sunnyglade patio umbrella Instruction and assembly

Sunnyglade patio umbrella assembly instructions are not only easy to follow but have been standardized to ensure you effortlessly assemble their umbrellas. You don’t need any special equipment to do so.

 Just follow simple assembly steps or instructions, which are more or less what you do when putting together any other standard patio umbrella.

Replacement parts

The only Sunnyglade umbrella replacement parts available are the replacement canopies. However, you can try your luck by contacting them to see if they can send or sell any to you.

However, if you bought an umbrella with missing or broken parts, ensure you return it to Sunnyglade for replacement.


The Sunny Patio umbrellas are among the most affordable brands in the market. Affordability is one of the main reasons they are very popular with one, the 9 feet with an aluminum pole, the best seller under patio umbrellas on Amazon.com.

On average, you will spend between about $37 to $75 for market umbrella type (price depends on their size), while the 10 feet offset or cantilever goes for $81.99. Isn’t this a great bargain?


Sunnyglade Patio umbrellas are an ideal choice for residential or commercial places with low traffic. Therefore, you can use them on your patio, garden, deck, balcony, poolside, outdoor restaurant, or café so long as they don’t have much traffic.

Otherwise, for high traffic or busy places, consider going for commercial brands, which lack some features like crank and tilt mechanism as they are susceptible to damages when overused.

What size suits you?

The size you will buy depends on the space available and the shade size you need. Here is the size guide:

Size (ft)Shade size (sq. ft.)Ideal for
7.53624 to 36-inch round, rectangular or square table with 2-4 chairs
95742-54-inch rectangular, round or square table and 4-6 chairs or two pool loungers.
1070Up to 72-inch-long tables with 6-8 chars or two pool loungers.
1185Up to 84-inch-long tables or two pool loungers.


We will strongly recommend Sunnyglade Patio umbrellas. They are well-made, have colorful canopies, and are very affordable.

They will indeed fade, and their canopies are a little thin. Note that they worth every penny you will spend on them and serve you well for several years. It will be unrealistic to expect them to perform the same as brands costing hundreds to thousands of dollars.

However, don’t buy them if you stay in windy places as they may break within no time. Breakages may damage your other valuables.

Finally, ensure you pair them with the right weights. On average, when used with a table, an ideal weight in pounds should about five times the umbrella size and, if used as standalone, ten times their size.

At glance

You have a general overview of the Sunnyglade patio umbrellas. Here is a quick overview of the including the replacement canopy.

Sunnyglade 9′ Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella (Aluminum Pole)

Sunnyglade 9′ Outdoor table patio Umbrella (aluminum frame) is the most selling of all their patio Umbrellas and Amazon.com ‘s best seller.

Choose from five solid colors, i.e., blue, red, beige, tan, dark green, or two striped colors, i.e., black and white striped, blue and white striped. See full review.

Sunnyglade 9′ Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella (Aluminum Pole)
Color: Beige

Sunnyglade 7.5’ Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Market Umbrella

If you need a smaller umbrella, Sunnyglade 7.5’ Patio Outdoor Table Market Umbrella is among the best 7.5 feet market patio umbrellas to buy and compete with other brands Blissun, Best Choice Products, and Abba Patio well.

It is available in beige, blue, red, tan, dark green, blue and white (striped), and black and white (striped) as it is made with an all-aluminum frame. See full review.

Sunnyglade 7.5’ Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Market Umbrella
Color: Dark Green

Sunnyglade 9′ Solar 24 LED Lighted Umbrella

For a magical, Christmas-like Solar-powered LED umbrella, look no further than this Sunnyglade 9′ Solar 24 LED Lighted. Your party, get-together, dinner, BBQs, or even will keep going long after sunset.

You can go for the dark green, teal blue, light tan, red, black, and white (striped) canopy colors, as an aluminum pole and steel rib. See full review.

Sunnyglade 9′ Solar 24 LED Lighted Umbrella
Color: Black and white striped

Sunnyglade 9Ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella (Iron Pole)

If you want something a little sturdier and more able to stand wind better aluminum without compromising so much on weight, an iron frame is, without doubt, a fantastic choice.

This 9-foot umbrella is available in red, tank, blue, grass green, and blue. See full review

Sunnyglade 9Ft Patio Umbrella Outdoor Table Umbrella (Iron Pole)
Color: Red

Sunnyglade 10Ft Outdoor Adjustable Offset Cantilever Hanging Patio Umbrella

Cantilever umbrellas allow for a more flexible sitting arrangement, don’t require a patio table with an umbrella hole, and cause no obstruction. If you need one, this 10Ft Outdoor Adjustable Offset Cantilever is an affordable choice that costs as little as $82!

You have the freedom to go for one with a red, blue, or beige canopy, and it has an all-steel frame. See full review.

Sunnyglade 10Ft Outdoor Adjustable Offset Cantilever Hanging Patio Umbrella
Color: Red

Sunnyglade 11Ft Patio Umbrella Garden Canopy Outdoor Table Market Umbrella

People in need of a little larger umbrella in the garden, lawn, patio, deck, or poolside should consider this 11 ft that comes in three vibrant colors, tan, blue and red. It has a steel frame (rib and frame, making it sturdier. See full review.

Sunnyglade 11Ft Patio Umbrella Garden Canopy Outdoor Table Market Umbrella
Color: Blue

Sunnyglade 9ft Patio Market Umbrella Replacement Outdoor Top Canopy with 8 Ribs

At times, you may need to change your umbrella’s canopy for one or the other reasons, including if it has faded, gets torn, you need a different color, and so on.

The replacement canopies are available in blue, red, tan, green, beige, blue and white (striped), black and white (striped), red and white (stripped), and green and blue (striped) and are designed for any 8 rib umbrella with ribs that are 52-54 inches long. See full review.

Sunnyglade 9ft Patio Market Umbrella Replacement Outdoor Top Canopy with 8 Ribs
Color: Black and White Striped

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